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- R.H. Canada

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Emini Support and Resistance - How To Trade The Zones



Emini Support And Resistance -

How To Trade The S/R Zones And Levels

One of my first mentors in the world of Technical Analysis and Emini Futures Trading had a proprietary method for creating Support and Resistance levels in the S&P, Russell and other Emini markets. I begged, pleaded, cajoled, tried to reverse engineer, (you know - the same stuff you do to try and get my recipe), but he would never crack. Not even close.

Turns out... it didn't matter. Once I accepted the fact that he was never going to tell me how he did it, I took another approach. I humbly asked, "Since you won't teach me how to cook them up, will you at least show me how to trade them so I can get profitable?" You see, in my desperation to figure out the how, I completely overlooked the why. I mean, whether you string them together yourself, or someone else does, they only make you money (the reason we trade), if you can somehow use them in your trade setup and / or overall methodology. Right?

The reason I missed this up front was, another friend who automated the process on a daily basis for us, just kept telling me they were the most accurate levels in the world. I heard it and read it in emails so many times, I just believed. After all, these guys had been at this for years and I was a brand new noobee. I surrendered, submitted and decided that while he might be able to divine the most accurate levels in the world (I wasn't quite sure what that even meant), I was going to become the very best at trading them.

I tried, I strained, got up early, stayed up late, meditated, medicated, calculated and repeatedly asked him to please show me how to take the "most accurate Emini Support and Resistance Levels" in the world... and turn them into cash. Wasn't looking to be greedy, just a few points a day... the siren song of the S&P.

Just 2 points a day (or 1 Russell Point). He tried. I believe with all my heart he gave it his best shot. He tried to explain it, but I never quite got it. He spoke my language (English), yet I never understood a word of it. Hearing it and understanding it, worlds apart. I believe to this day he still uses them, same method and formula, but I'm pretty sure he's still the only one who can turn them into money.


CFRN Weekly Trading Zones

Years passed (after I gave up on them), but I never forgot. In my mind's eye I could clearly see how it should look. Price moving freely and elegantly from areas where Buyers were anxious to hit the Ask, to the spot where Sellers were equally as anxious to hit the Bid. Although I never actually saw this in my friends work, I somehow knew it was there. Somewhere, buried among the tickets littering the exchange floor, amidst all the hopes and dreams, fortunes made and lost, there was a rhythm, a vibration, some form of numerical connective tissue that wove it all together.

Not a silly combination to the bank. Not an ancient secret, hidden for centuries in a cave somewhere. Inscribed on a wall, or tucked away in a clay jar. Not the fan, not the wave, but something concrete. Something real. Something that could be used not to predict the future, but to peer just far enough over the horizon, based purely on mathematics, that could and would guide me in my quest to succeed. The fact that it would make me look really cool as well, never once entered my mind (seriously).

It's difficult to discover anything if you're not quite sure exactly what it is. What it looks like, how it moves or behaves. Not to be deterred, I was always on lookout - 24/7. One afternoon, amidst my normal routine, preparing for the day to come, I saw it. One minute it was simply a sheet of paper with an enormous jumble of numbers and then - there it was... At this point I was pretty sceptical of everything. I had been down so many blind alleys, tripping over things that weren't even there, I almost discounted it. I came this close (~) to brushing it off, crumbling it up and tossing it away... but I didn't.

I held on to it. I watched it. I spoke not a word to nary a soul. I was amazed, baffled, curious and a tingle ran down my leg (I may have thought I had met the President). It was better than that. As anxious as I was to put it to work, I (a tinkerer) needed to know the how. How was this possible? It was everything I had imagined. Every thing I had searched for. I held it in my hand and could not simply accept the gift. I poked and prodded. Twisted and turned. Eventually, I just said - OK.

All the work, the midnight oil, the turning and burning, the eureka moments followed by a blur of despair as the light of day blew away what just hours before (after 7 Vente' Wet Late's latter) and a day or two without REM, had made perfect sense. Somehow, in that moment in time, as the world stood still causing cars 'round the Globe to bump the fender in front of them... it jelled, came together. The stars aligned, all the pieces of the puzzle slid together as if by magnetic attraction and suddenly it looked exactly like the picture on the box. Except I never had the box. Only a vague recollection of what it should look like if I had it.. and now I did.

The rest as they say... is Emini History. Oh, over time it started to make sense. The rhythm I had always known was there, really was. Tangible. I embraced it and have never let go. Like the smile of the Mona Lisa I was staring at something unchangeable by human hands. Immutable. A gift from above. Enlightenment delivered on Angels Wings. Wisdom of Solomon. Hand crafted by the Ancient of Days, knowledge that had always been...  and always would be. Far bigger in scope than all markets combined (yes #FX too), a tattered and worn... anointed fragment, from the very fabric of the universe.

I could only wonder if anyone else had ever seen it, embraced it, understood it? From that day forward I wove it into everything I thought and did when it came to the markets. It was more than a turning point. It was, the dawn of a new day and the beginning of a bright future, not just for me, but for those who would come to be known later, as CFRN Partners.


How To Trade Support And Resistance

This brings us back to a familiar spot. All the knowledge in the world, today's high price or low, tomorrow's open or close, has zero value unless you have a method for trading it. Such information, handled haphazardly, can actually be dangerous. Costly. Even Deadly.

Trading any form of Support and Resistance can be as simple as buying the Support and Selling the Resistance. As I wrote over the weekend on the Google Plus Emini Blog, I believe trading Support and Resistance is the single most powerful and reliable method for everything from Stocks, to Bonds, To Emini Futures, Metals, Grains, Softs, Currencies and whatever else I missed.

There are many methods and criteria for gathering these data points based on many men and women's interpretation of what qualifies as good S&R. Any good book on technical analysis will show you their way. Even when Buyers fail to complete their job, or Sellers fail to complete theirs, they almost always "give it a shot". As long as they "give it a shot", price will typically move up or down at least enough, to allow you to meet a "realistic" daily goal. If you can't grab it all in 1 trade, simply wait for the next one to come round. It plays out in every market in every time frame, every day, day in and day out, again and again, over and over. Once you understand it, all you have to do,  is show up.


Why CFRN Weekly Trading Zones
Beat All Other Support And Resistance Levels

Our "formula" for lack of a better term, identifies areas that are important and not always visible to the naked eye. When visible they often seem out of Synch with regular levels as they may appear above or below the ordinary level. Buyers or Sellers worried about missing the next big move, will often move in early. This leaves some Traders at the station, and often when coming in early either on the Buy or Sell side, once can find themselves alone at the station. Just you, the brisk night air and the sketchy dude kicking the can who seems to have more interest in you than the can.

Buyers and Sellers often come in early to prevent being left behind. When there's crowd funding for the trade, that's a sweet spot. When the crowd doesn't show and you do? Run! The Good News? Our Zones tend to possess an intuitive insight into the areas that represent, volume - participation and volatility.

Following are articles that describe how price behaves in and around our Weekly Tradng Zones. Reasd the articles, study the charts. Go through our blog here on the site to see more charts. Also visit http://twitter.com/CFRN.

Dow - Zone to Zone to Zone - Consilidation


S&P 500

S&P 500 Part 2

A years worth of Charts are on the Google Plus page and 2+ years on Twitter. Step back over 3 years to see Zones @ http://archive.cfrn.net our old site and now a basic curation station.


Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alerts, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





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Trading Emini Support and Resistance


S&P 500 Posts All Time Historic High

S&P 500 Posts All Time Historic High Against Backdrop of Global Economic Woes

Cash flows in from all points... It's the beginning of a new quarter, we have a loose cannon threatening the world with his thermo-nuclear pop gun and Europe is broke. Historically April is a strong month for stocks and both US and Global investors desperate for a return, are putting their money to work and fund managers couldn't be happier.

We watch the hubris with a cautious eye, a steady hand.. and a hard stop. This house of cards could come tumbling down faster than a DDOS attack on the Bitcoin mint. Exactly. We called it, it happened, but honestly officer.. we had nothing to do with it.

Click to read more ...


Weekly Trading Zones | 20 Point Round Trip

S&P 500 Rallies 10 Points To Next Higer Zone And Back Again

For CFRN Partners who rely heavily on the Weekly Trading Zones as a cornerstone of their Emini Trading Strategy, this has been a stellar week. You can browse charts from the last few years right here on the blog, you can also watch a slide show Emini Futures - 2012 The Year In Pictures (be sure to use the slide show option for optimum viewing). Either way, you will see the beauty of the Zones. I could create creepy analogies like it's a "symphony", wait... I may have said that in the past, anyway - my real point is this > However you choose to use the Zones, it's a heck of a tool to have in your trading toolbox.

Click to read more ...


Range Breakout Leads To Next Weekly Zone

Market Gains Another 10 Points On Zone To Zone Move

We've watched the 1548/1549 Weekly Trade Zone serve as resistance for 2 days now. We watched price channel between the Upper Zone I just mentioned and the Lower Zone @ 1542/1543. The last 2 blog posts have the charts in case you missed the trades and or the price action as it unfolded. Price made the Zone to Zone round trip, a total of 9 times over 3 days. We knew this wouldn't last forever, nothing does.. at least not in this lifetime. The total of what the market made available (not us - the market), was 45 points.

We talked last night about how some traders were horribly frustrated by the 5 point range, while other traders (Partners perhaps?) were basking in the glow and wearing a "cat ate the canary" grin. Think for a moment about where you fall in. Was it nerve breaking, nail biting hell..? Or did you wear it like Mr. Rogers cardigan or your favorite pair of tennis shoes (the stinky ones)? Well, whether it was torture or a treat, we finally broke to the upside. That stubborn resistance @ 1548/49 (Weekly Trading Zone), finally gave way and within a couple of hours became the new support.

Click to read more ...


20 Points Available Between The Zones

Weekly Trading Zones Offer 4 Trades | 20 S&P Points Available

Price action was constrained nicely between the 1548/49 Weekly Zone on the upside and the 1542/1543 Zone on the downside. In a recent post Live Trading Room - Best Week Ever! we discussed what an important role our Weekly Trading Zones play in our overall trade strategy.

On the charts below you will see 4 well defined legs, each with 5 points of potential from Zone to Zone. Picture if you will, a caged animal pacing back and forth waiting for an opportunity to break and run. You will hear this referred to as "consolidation" or "coiling", others will call it a range, I suppose everyone can be right on this one. 

The case for the Bull Run which we discussed in The Biggest Triple Top In Trading History gained even more credibility in the eyes of some today as perma-bear Richard Russell issued a "Buy the Dow" recommendation to his subscribers. Just when we thought it couldn't get any stranger... it did.

Click to read more ...


Introducing The Emini Pop Up Chat For Traders

CFRN "Pop-Up" Chat - Neighborhood Outreach For Emini Traders

Tonight was our first impromptu, random gathering on the web and quite frankly, it went rather well. As someone who by nature is organizationally challenged, what better way to fulfill my calling without having to adhere to some rigorous schedule rubber stamped by The Man. Thanks to those who Popped-In and made it possible.

Click to read more ...


Weekly Trading Zones Frame Emini Market Action

Listen to Wednesday's Emini Radio Broadcast by clicking the headphones above.

Weekly Trading Zones Frame Emini Market Action

As a new trader the markets often seem like nothing more than utter chaos. The purpose of our Weekly Zones are to give you a structure or framework to work within. Before the market opens on Monday we email and post our projections for the entire week. We post the highest level we expect the market to reach (resistance) as well as the lowest (support). We also cover the levels in between where we believe the market will consolidate as the week progresses.

Rarely do we see the week close outside of the zones. You can review 2 years of charts on the blog or click the button on the toolbar below "CFRN Charts" where you will find some 700 charts many of which show how we use the Zones week in and week out. After reviewing the charts you can APPLY and put our Zones to work in your own Emini Futures Trading.

Many of our Partners state the value from the Zones alone have more than offset the cost of our 90 day comprehensive training program and proprietary indicator set which you keep for life. We understand that in tough economic times pursuing an education can be difficult. In response we are proud to announce that we now offer complete financing for those who wish to become a partner. "18 Months Same As Cash" is just one of the many options now available to those who wish to make an investment in their financial future. To learn more email support@cfrn.net or call us at 415-857-5654 for full details.

The chart below is just one more week (this week) between the Zones.

Click to read more ...


The Week Ahead In Emini Futures

Friday the S&P 500 Emini Futures made a stunning recovery at our lowest Weekly Trading Zone as discussed in the Thursday night Partner's Meeting.

The Week Ahead In Emini Futures

Last week we discussed just how close we are to all time historic highs in the S&P 500. Friday's closing price of 1410.50 (inside a Weekly Trading Zone) puts us roughly 140 points away from the highest levels ever reached. Some would suggest that given the anemic economic conditions which currently exist world wide, something is a little off with this picture. 

We wrote an article Trading The Golden Cross earlier this year. It stated that from a historical perspective markets do rally in Presidential election years. Over the past 112 years (28 election years) the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA) has produced an average gain of 7.3%. Toss out 2008 when we were already in the midst of a recession and it jumps to 8.8%. Two-thirds of the periods were positive for the market, while election years with major losses were rare. Election years that showed double-digit gains outnumber those with double-digit losses by nearly 3:1 – and only one of those double-digit losses occurred after 1940.

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