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CFRN emini people

My 1979 accident totally changed my life. Then one day my dad brought me the Wall Street Journal, pointed out the Options page and said, 'You can make a lot of money from a little if you know what to do with those.' My interest was piqued and this began my obsession with the market! I totally enjoy day trading and now love teaching others how to cross the minefield too and how to really profit in the market.

- Mike Reed

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CFRN emini day trading team | Founder

Dewayne Reeves | emini trader and emini trading mentor

A former equities trader, DeWayne has focused primarily on the S&P 500 Emini Futures Market for the past 5 years. His insights and emini trading methodology are a blend of traditional technical analysis and the strategic use of proprietary indicators.

DeWayne Reeves is the founder of CFRN and host of a popular radio program heard daily in over 20 countries.

DeWayne is the founding director of New Hope Orphanage and Primary School in Kampala Uganda East Africa which is home to over 800 orphans. Mr Reeves currently resides with his wife in Phoenix.  Google+

CFRN emini day trading team | Daily Guests

Michael B | senior trader - instructor

A child prodigy, Michael placed his first trade at the tender age of 12. His career began as an equities trader and his first portfolio consisted of Chrysler - National Patent - Telex and Publicker. He still owns Publicker. Positive performance allowed him to create his first "Mutual Fund" in prep school and after making over 300% in the first year, his path was set. After prep School Michael went on to earn degrees in Math, Computer Science and Avionics. After being stung by a CEO in 2001 who had lied to the SEC, he decided to ditch Equity(Stock) trading and now seldom holds a trade more than 30 minutes. While looking for another way to take advantage of his skills and his desire to hold short term, he turned to Futures. After analyzing the futures training providers and software available to the public, Michael decided to put his computer science degree to work and began to create his own software. After meeting Dewayne in 2005 and broadcasting a weekly 1 hour radio show together for 5 years, they decided to open up what they had discovered, to fellow like minded believers. The rest is Emini History. Together they have literally written the book on how ordinary people can actually "learn how to trade" and change the world in the process. 

NEW SCHEDULE: 12noon - 1pm EST - Friday

Christian Robinson | trader, broker, ag expert

Christian Robinson has over 25 years experience as a trader/broker. He’s traded in multiple markets from Stock Index futures, Ag Complex, as well as the entire yield curve. Currently, Robinson works with producers and end users to help manage market risk across the board.

Robinson is also a regular contributor to Fox Business News, Thestreet.com, RFD TV, Sirius Chanel 80, and weekly CME video updates. Subscribe to the Robinson Review.



Mike Reed | professional emini trader, teacher, and mentor

Mike is the author of "Read the Greed Take the Money", and publishes a nightly market report focused on emini trading. In 1979 Mike was attending college on a full baseball scholarship and being scouted by Major League Baseball when a diving accident abruptly ended his career chances. Since then Mike has worked full time as a professional trader, teacher, and mentor.


Burwell Pike| the armchair historian \ on hiatus

Originally from the state of Maine.  For the last 20 years, I've resided in San Antonio, TX. Upon graduating from high school, I joined the US Navy and served from 1971-73.  I am also a Vietnam veteran. Graduated from University Of New Hampshire in 1978 with a BA in Political Science.

Retired in 2010 having worked mostly in the engineering and environmental fields. Long-time student of the stock market. My approach is mostly grounded in technical analysis and have been investing mostly in stocks for approximately the last 25 years.


Jonathan Rarig | resident market profile specialist

Started in 2004 with a teacher familair to this audience and left him after a rocky road and $25K down the drain. Jumped from idea to idea.

 In 2007 set out to find myself and trading that would work as I believed trading was a path both to personal, financial and spiritual growth. Became a profitable trader and opened a trading room in 2008. 

Built the room to 47 clients through 2009; but had to return to the corporate world due to extended family issues and an offer that was just too big and good to pass up. 

Returned to trading in 2012 and continue to do so on an individual basis with a few friends (trading can be lonely and everybody needs accountability) through today. 

Wayne Jett - Author "Fruits of Graft"

Thank you for your interest in the effects of U. S. government policy on Americansand other societies in the world today. My interests involve understanding, applying and explaining principles of classical economics as they relate to public policy and resulting living conditions. Unfortunately, with federal officials almost universally captured by elite influences of the financial sector, nearly every government action and observable current event are most notable, not for their consistency with classical economic principles, but for violation of those principles.

Classical economic principles worked hand-in-glove with increasing political rights of common people to empower the new Middle Class and deliver human society out of the Dark Ages. The 500 years of Dark Ages measured the duration of elitist influence over public policy under a political-economic system historically called "mercantilism." The name originated because the influential circle around the monarch or other head of government gained great personal wealth, usually by obtaining monopolistic charters, licenses or land grants to deal in necessary goods and services. Common people, of course, were kept impoverished.

Garrett Jones | long cycle explorer

Garrett initially entered the industry as one of only ten people annually accepted on a worldwide basis for Merrill Lynch’s prestigious JET program in 1970 – where he had an opportunity to work in the technical analysis department of the legendary Robert Farrell. He was involved in building up four successful money management firms during his career. All four of these firms were recognized for robust performance, aversion to risk and strong performance in down markets. Mr. Jones is a recognized expert in gold, technical analysis and the long wave economic cycle. 

During the 1980s, Mr. Jones formed Evans & Jones with Don Evans. Their management company was a pioneer firm in market timingutilizing mutual fund switching. Evans & Jones primarily managed funds for large pension accounts and wealthy individuals. In 1990, Mr. Jones assisted in the founding of FX 500, Ltd., a firm utilizing S&P 500 futures contracts as an investment and hedging vehicle. In a matter of a few years, FX 500 Ltd. became the largest domestic firm trading exclusively in S&P 500 futures contracts – trading as many as 4,000 contracts per trade when the full size contract traded at $500 per point.


Over the years, he has been a featured speaker at a number of international monetary conferences both domestically and abroad. Mr. Jones has written numerous articles for domestic and international financial publications and participates in radio, TV and media interviews when time permits. He is currently associated with Peter Eliades in Stockmarket Cycles Management, Inc. and is a founding principal in ESP Capital Management, Inc. 

Ben Lichtenstein | ex pit trader, broadcaster and mentor

Ben Lichtenstein is President of TradersAudio.com and has worked on the CME trading floor for over 15 years. He is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg radio and has been featured in numerous periodicals including Futures Magazine and Stocks and Commodities. He is dedicated to the development of audio product for traders and has committed himself to providing traders with a unique data service devoted to the distribution of factual content.

Robin Dayne | trading coach

Dedicated to a traders overall well being, coupled with 20 years of experience focusing in a variety of professional trading arenas.

Robin Dayne’s first-hand experiences provide a unique approach and expertise to educate traders on "How-To" master their mindset to attain peak performance.