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My 1979 accident totally changed my life. Then one day my dad brought me the Wall Street Journal, pointed out the Options page and said, 'You can make a lot of money from a little if you know what to do with those.' My interest was piqued and this began my obsession with the market! I totally enjoy day trading and now love teaching others how to cross the minefield too and how to really profit in the market.

- Mike Reed

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CFRN emini day trading team | Founder

Dewayne Reeves | emini trader and emini trading mentor

A former equities trader, DeWayne has focused primarily on the S&P 500 Emini Futures Market for the past 5 years. His insights and emini trading methodology are a blend of traditional technical analysis and the strategic use of proprietary indicators.

DeWayne Reeves is the founder of CFRN and host of a popular radio program heard daily in over 20 countries.

DeWayne is the founding director of New Hope Orphanage and Primary School in Kampala Uganda East Africa which is home to over 800 orphans. Mr Reeves currently resides with his wife in Phoenix, where he actively trades his personal account.  Google+

CFRN emini day trading team | Daily Guests

Michael B | Senior Trader - Instructor

A child prodigy, Michael placed his first trade at the tender age of 12. His career began as an equities trader and his first portfolio consisted of Chrysler - National Patent - Telex and Publicker. He still owns Publicker. Positive performance allowed him to create his first "Mutual Fund" in prep school and after making over 300% in the first year, his path was set. After prep School Michael went on to earn degrees in Math, Computer Science and Avionics. After being stung by a CEO in 2001 who had lied to the SEC, he decided to ditch Equity(Stock) trading and now seldom holds a trade more than 30 minutes. While looking for another way to take advantage of his skills and his desire to hold short term, he turned to Futures. After analyzing the futures training providers and software available to the public, Michael decided to put his computer science degree to work and began to create his own software. After meeting Dewayne in 2005 and broadcasting a weekly 1 hour radio show together for 5 years, they decided to open up what they had discovered, to fellow like minded believers. The rest is Emini History. Together they have literally written the book on how ordinary people can actually "learn how to trade" and change the world in the process. The record speaks for itself and can be seen in recorded weekly workshops and daily live trading rooms from the past few years.

Mike Reed | professional emini trader, teacher, and mentor

Mike is the author of "Read the Greed Take the Money", and publishes a nightly market report focused on emini trading. In 1979 Mike was attending college on a full baseball scholarship and being scouted by Major League Baseball when a diving accident abruptly ended his career chances. Since then Mike has worked full time as a professional trader, teacher, and mentor.

David Williams | emini trading product system developer

David Williams while a daily guest on CFRN for the purpose of financial market commentary and world events, operates his own company Page Trader. CFRN and Page Trader have no financial or monetary arrangements. We utilize our own proprietary methodology for trading and do not use either the Road Map or Reflected Wave in our Live Trading Room or Concierge Trade Alerts.

For the past 20 years Mr. Williams has pioneered a number of original, breakthrough market forecasting techniques, including Reflected Wave. David Williams is the originator of an emini trading product that uses the forecasting methodology called Spatial Relationship Forecasting. To learn more about David Williams and his trading methodology Visit Page Trader today.

Robin Dayne | trading coach

Dedicated to a traders overall well being, coupled with 20 years of experience focusing in a variety of professional trading arenas.

Robin Dayne’s first-hand experiences provide a unique approach and expertise to educate traders on "How-To" master their mindset to attain peak performance.

 Visit Robin Dayne today.

Ben Lichtenstein | ex pit trader, broadcaster and mentor

Ben Lichtenstein is President of TradersAudio.com and has worked on the CME trading floor for over 15 years. He is a regular guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV, Bloomberg radio and has been featured in numerous periodicals including Futures Magazine and Stocks and Commodities. He is dedicated to the development of audio product for traders and has committed himself to providing traders with a unique data service devoted to the distribution of factual content.