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What happens in your E-Mini Live Trading Room?

For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
Ask questions and learn the most important trading lesson of all: WHEN, HOW, and WHY you should get in or out of a trade.


This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Emini - Understanding The Daily Chart


Emini Futures -

Understanding The Big Picture Daily Chart

Emini Training School a CFRN Company of Excellence - Emini Futures Traders quickly understand they only need a "few points" a day to make the money they desire. The key is not "more points", but in fact, more Contracts. 

With this understanding, they begin to reduce the time-frame they observe in an attempt to "tighten it up" to the point where there is "no room for error".  Right?
Well, those who last long enough eventually realize if there is one thing you really need when trading Emini Futures it is "room for error". Uh-oh. See the dilemma?

Simple By Design Emini Methodology

Our Simple by Design methodology addresses this issue by using multiple time frames. In this "excerpt" from the Daily Show, I cover the Daily Chart and also our Weekly Trading Zones. After watching this video, you can see the Recap of the Live Training Room for the day, and also both the Concierge and LOGIC247™ Alerts by going to the recording of the Daily Show for October 10, 2019.

Longest Running Daily Live Emini Brioadcast On The Internet

Tune in M-F from 12-2:00pm Eastern for the longest-running Daily Live Emini Broadcast on the Internet. We are now in our 2nd Decade of Broadcast History. Watch Live each day at 12 Noon EDT https://YouTube.com/CFRN/Live. While you're there be sure to click the SUBSCRIBE button and leave us a review please. Deal?

The Emini Journey - You're Not Alone

Have questions about Trading? Bring 'em. 
  • Our Panel of Emini Experts are standing by every day to answer YOUR questions.
  •  We recap every trade taken in our Live Emini Trading Room. 
  • We recap our Concierge Trade Alerts sent out the previous evening and our LOGIC247 ALERTS which are posted around the clock 24/7, in our Private Telegram Channel as opportunity develops in the Global Futures Markets.
We do pause during each broadcast for our "Good Word for the Day".
Live Charts / Lively Discussion 

We're Emini Traders but we Invest in people.

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To spend 1 Week in our Live Emini Trading Room Visit EminiTrainingSchool
CFRN Emini Method™ / Fluid Across All Markets and All Time Frames

We trade:
  • Emini Futures
  • S&P 500
  • Gold
  • Crude
  • Euro
  • Bonds
  • Russell
  • Natural Gas
  • Copper and much more.
Questions? Support@CFRN.net or 949-42-EMINI 


Emini - Understanding the S&P 500 Daily Chart


CFRN Review - Emini Opportunity


Emini Opportunity - Please Don't Screw It Up

This video is an excerpt from our Daily Live Emini Broadcast. In this clip you will see a recap of our Concierge Emini Trade Alerts (CTA). Our Traders receive this "static report" Sunday through Thursday shortly after the Globex Open. The numbers published are good for the entire trading session.

Emini Trial Members

I hope you are enjoying your Trial. It has been another awesome week so far!
You have seen in real-time exactly how the Concierge Alerts work, you've seen the underlying strategy and principles traded and explained in the Live Room. On the daily live Emini broadcast, I go over all the Alerts, day by day, and teach each day how to use the Weekly Trading Zones. Also, each day on the show, I show how it all comes together to present an obvious, high probability trade setup. I also cover how to execute and manage the trades.

Why Are You Here?

I assume you're here because you want to become a consistently profitable trader. Is that correct? Is there anything you have seen or heard this week that you don't understand? Is there anything you have seen or heard that doesn't represent high probability trade set-ups and/or the potential for you to become what you want to be: A Consistently Profitable Trader?

Are Emini Futures Your Opportunity?

If so, with 3 days left, now is the time to ask questions. You have (at no charge) for the remainder of the week, unfettered access to the Founder and Developers of the CFRN EMINI METHOD.
Our methodology is Simple by Design.
There are many ways to trade the market. Most are complicated and expensive. There is nothing you could add to my chart (indicator /oscillator) that would improve current performance on a consistent basis.

No Emini Guru Can Tell The Future

When God created the universe, he decided not to give us the ability to change the past, or know the future. Anyone on the way to Wall Street who tells you THEY, can tell the future, that they can tell you with certainty what will happen next in the market, they are sadly... lying to you.
All you have to do is stick around them for a few days and $10k later, you'll see, they're as human as the rest of us. No magical powers. We would never insult you in such a manner. The truth is - We can tell you, across all markets and all time-frames, what the next "highest probability move is".

Do You Have A Future In Futures?

More importantly, we're going to teach you to SEE these opportunities yourself, as they develop. According to Futures Magazine, 9 out of 10 aspiring traders fail. You know why? NO TEACHER.
You probably can't fix your own plumbing, fly an airplane, or do surgery. WHY? No on taught you.
If you want to learn how to trade - 
  • No more gimmicks
  • No more parlor tricks
You are in the right place at the right time. We have a special bonus this week for everyone who becomes a Passport Holder with a real value of $2K. Email Valerie for a spec sheet and price list. Support@CFRN.net

Whatever we can do over the next 3 days to help, just ask. Got questions? Just ask!

Not On The Trial Yet?

Spend 5 Days in our Live Emini Training Room. No Credit Card Required. You need a definable edge, we have one. Learn our Strategy, use our Indicators. Group and Private Training. EminiTrainingSchool.com


CFRN Review - The Emini Opportunity


Emini News - Ministry Costs Money


Ministry Costs Money - Exploring the Emini Solution

If you've ever been actively involved in any type of ministry, you know exactly what the title of this article means. If you're new to the faith, your day is coming when you will be asked to join in and pitch in. While the brick and mortar building we call the "Church" does require consistent capital infusion to pay for everything from electricity to staff salary, we'll get to that in another article. 

Today I want to talk about the costs involved when you, or a group of 'you', decide to do something big for God outside the walls of the Church. Jesus was always big on feeding the hungry, reaching the lost, teaching salvation. While anything Jesus did is a good example for us, we seem to encounter an issue he never did. In fact, because Jesus understood the power of money and as God had power over money, he never showed up a day late and a dollar short. Unlike us...

When you decided to launch the Bus Ministry the first cost you were confronted with was the cost. Right? OK then. Let's keep it simple, we'll feed the hungry. In fact, keeping it real simple, we'll feed them simply. Hot Dogs. Everyone loves Hot Dogs. Right? Let's say your outreach is a mild success and 200 people turn out. Doing fast math in my head I see a $200 price tag. Oh to be young and naive again...

Let's look at the REAL cost. Ready?


400 Hot Dogs (2 per person)
400 Hot Dog Buns
6.1 20 oz Bottle(s) Ketchup
3.8 14 oz Bottle(s) Yellow Mustard
4.4 12 oz Bottle(s) Deli Mustard
3.4 30 oz Container(s) Mayonnaise
8.8 Pound(s) Onions (minced)
9.9 Pound(s) Tomatoes (diced)
3.8 Head(s) Iceberg Lettuce (finely shredded)
12.5 Pound(s) Cheddar Cheese (shredded)
25 8 oz Can(s) Cheese Topping
3.6 14.5 oz Can(s) Sauerkraut
7.1 15 oz Jar(s) Relish
28.2 16 oz Container(s) Coleslaw
Used as both a topping and a side
10.6 15 oz Can(s) Chili (no beans)
7.4 20 oz Jar(s) Dill Pickle Spears
Other Sides
52.1 16 oz Can(s) Baked Beans
22.4 15 oz Bags(s) Potato Chips
39.7 Pound(s) Potato Salad
Total $600+

Want to serve water and soda? Kick in another $200 bringing the total to closer to $800 than $200. Unlike "Medicaid For All" (a good idea), the Good Steward in us recognizes we have to figure out how to pay for it before we can buy it. You passed the hat, collected $200, felt "on-fire", now spirits have dampened. Put the cook-out on hold. How about the Brother in your Church who feels God calling him to the Mission Field?

Did you know many missionaries spend 9 months in the US "fund-raising", so they can spend 3 months in the mission field? That's 9 months of fetching and stepping with hat in hand in front of corporate America begging for a handout. Corporate America often looks like the most financially successful guy in your Church. Either way, until the funds are raised, he's not going back to Africa, Asia, wherever. 

Imagine a life, created with divine destiny and purpose, preaching the Gospel, reaching the lost, missing the mark of the "high calling" because he never quite perfected his "pitch". Sad right? No, it's a tragedy. For all of recorded history (since Jesus split time), that's how most Christians have gone about building God's Kingdom. Living a hand to mouth existence based on the often impulsive generosity of someone who may not even share the same belief system.

Does this make sense? God of the universe, architect of all, creates you, forms you in your mother's womb, on the off chance you do the right song and dance at the right time in front of some rich dude, or corporation that just happens to need to max out their charitable contributions for the year. He hung the stars, tells the tides how far to come in and when to return, but He can't fund his own vision. Can't equip the ones He's called to go out. A high-level spiritual crapshoot.

Does that sound right to you? I don't think so. I think it is we the believers who got it wrong. Not God. 

What Does This Have To Do With Emini Trading?

For most people nothing. However, for the ones who know they were "Born to Trade", and called to ministry outside the Church, the implications are huge. The difference between trying to serve hot dogs when you could have bought everyone groceries for a week. It's the difference between 9 months of pitching vs. a lifetime of serving. When we show up in the third world as impoverished as they are, it doesn't make a good case for getting their attention or winning them to salvation. They need to see something in us beyond starry eyes and hope that never gives up. However, visit a third world nation, build relationships, create jobs, change lives, now everybody wants to hear your message. You have their undivided attention. Why? You have something they want. Which give you the opportunity to share with them what they need. For eternity.

Again: What Does This Have To Do With Emini Trading?

Everyone of us needs to tap into our God given talents and build from there. Whatever God gave you, find it, hone it, let it become your provision. Some will sing, others act, you might be gifted to play football, or run a Fortune 500 company. Your gift is your strength. Play to it and dance under God's anointing. 

Now there are a few, called to this business of Trading. In particular, Emini Futures Trading. It would appear "many are called but few are chosen", but that's another topic for another day. In the Old testament, how many prophets or men of God made it rain? Heard the call, had the gift, BAM!, cats and dogs. How many? you're not even sure are you? The number is that small. 

The modern day equivalent of the "rain maker" just might fit into the mold of the prophet of old. Only in regards to making it rain. A successful Trader is called a "rain maker" because the literally pull money out of thin air, and not a cloud in the sky. Not every rain maker is a believer, and certainly not every believer can make it rain, at will. Can you?

Why Try Emini Futures?

Not everyone who tries their hand at trading Emini Futures will succeed. 9 out of 10 without a teacher will fail. Those with a teacher at least have a high probability shot. Emini Futures can be traded from anywhere in the world (with a fast reliable Internet connection). Futures trade around the clock from Sun 6PM until Fri 5PM. Being awake and alert for the Wall Street open is no longer a requirement.

The barrier to entry is relatively small when compared to the start up costs of most small businesses. Even Stock Traders who open and close more than 3 positions in a 5 day week must maintain at all time a $25k account balance. With Emini Futures, there is no minimum requirement for the Day Trader, and one can typically fund an account with $5K. Keep in mind, it is this "low barrier to entry", that gives aspiring traders the erroneous idea that if it's easy to start, it must be easy to do. It isn't. Nothing about Trading is easy, but it can be simple. 

Can Emini Futures Really Be Simple?

Depends. The strategy, the teacher, and the aptitude of the Trader must all work together to find simple. A strategy that required many months or years to learn may not be realistic from a time perspective. Software that costs $20K and Training at $30K may not be feasible from a treasure perspective. The key is finding a teacher who has a strategy that can be taught in days and learned in weeks. You don't want too complicated and you can't afford too expensive.

Where Do I Find Simple?

CFRN has spent the last 14 years perfecting an Emini Trading Methodology that is simple to understand because it's not based on esoteric alchemy, or treacherous trigonometry. The cost to learn is affordable. Support and ongoing training is lifetime. It can't tell the future, can't avoid getting stopped out, requires you to think and make decisions along the way, but it can be replicated day after day. Week after week. Year after year. The "Simple by Design" methodology works across ALL markets, and ALL time-frames.

Too Good To Be True?

Certainly sounds that way. I personally would never believe it without some hard facts to back up those statements. Which is exactly why CFRN offers every aspiring new Trader an opportunity to join the family at ZERO up front costs. Zip - Nada - Not a dime!

You are invited to spend 5 Trading Days with CFRN. This includes 2 hours each day in the Live Emini Training Room. Full access to the CFRN Emini Indicators. Private "one on one" mentoring and coaching. Concierge Trade Alerts and even access to LOGIC247™ the pre-eminent choice of both professional and retail traders world-wide. LOGIC™ runs from 6PM Sun until 5PM Fri. CFRN analysts are scouring the market 24/7 is search of "high probability" opportunities in the Global Futures Markets. 

If you've ever wondered what the "magic sauce" is that allows Hedge Fund Managers to earn in a day, often times, more than the average American earns in a year... I'll share one of the key ingredients. First you need a talented Trader of course, but here's the rub... the "best" trader out there will spend 80% of their time "looking" for the next high probability trade setup. that's 4 days out of a 5 day week.

Obviously that's not the best way for "talent" to be used. To increase their Top Traders ability to produce, Hedge Funds hire each Trader their own very talented Analyst. Now an Analyst and a Trader are two very different animals. One carries an umbrella even on a sunny day, just being cautious in case it should rain. The Trader on the other hand has no fear of the rain, as he or she is the "Rain-Maker". Hedge Funds eagerly invest $175K+ in a talented Analyst, because the Trader can now spend 5 days out of 5, Trading not looking!

Secret Sauce For The Retail Trader

Let's face it, for the aspiring Trader, missionary or not, $175K just isn't there. In fact, that figure would probably support most missionaries to the third world and their entire family for a couple of years, maybe even three. It was this very fact that became the genesis of LOGIC247™. Imagine focusing all of your energy on trading high probability opportunities. A steady stream of vetted trade setups where all you have to do is what you were born to do: TRADE!

It would not be possible for a group of Traders to "share" an Analyst in the world of equities for a number of valid reasons. However, in the world of Futures, specifically electronically traded Emini Futures, it is possible. Due to the enormous volume traded, the variety of markets, and around the clock trading opportunities, Traders right now, even aspiring new Retail Traders just like you, are taking advantage of LOGIC247™ and the CFRN EMINI METHOD™.

Your Invitation

Spend 5 Days in our Live Emini Training Room. No Credit Card Required. You need a definable edge. We have one. Learn our Strategy, use our Indicators. Group and Private Training. EminiTrainingSchool.com


Emini Solution - Ministry Costs Money


Emini Psychology - The Problem With Message Boards


Are You The Average Of 5 People?

It is said the people we choose to surround ourselves with may have a much bigger influence on our behavior, attitudes and results than you ever imagined. Who you hang out with — what they think, say, and do, may set the course for your life.

In the words of motivational speaker Jim Rohn:

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

The people you spend the most time with shape who you are. They determine what conversations dominate your attention. They are the attitudes and behaviors you are regularly exposed to. Eventually you start to think like they think, behave like they behave, and ultimately do what they do.

As Darren Hardy writes in The Compound Effect:

“According to research by social psychologist Dr. David McClelland of Harvard, [the people you habitually associate with] determine as much as 95 percent of your success or failure in life.”

That’s huge.

And it has important consequences.


What Does This Have To Do With Emini Trading?

A lot! Aspiring new Traders quickly find out, trading Emini Futures can be a lonely business. Hunger for human contact and more importantly, the desire to become a consistently profitable Emini Trader, leads most Traders at some point to the Message Boards and Chat Rooms. However, instead of what they expect to find (successful Emini Traders), they find the polar opposite.

Consistently profitable Traders have very little time for Emini Message Boards and Chat Rooms. They are either busy Trading, or enjoying life. The successful Trader quickly learns time is a non-renewable resource. As long as you have your health, you can always make more money. Time on the other hand is a much different issue.

Profitable Traders are known for being extremely generous with their profits, but Scrooge-like stingy with their time. That explains part of why there are so few qualified teachers available. It's also why 9 out of 10 new Traders wash out in the first year. Which brings us back to the Boards and Rooms. If successful Traders are scarce, guess who you will find there?

Meet the Angry Trader

Why so angry? Most are desperately trying to find a way to Trade Emini Futures for a Living, and are rapidly running out of both Time, and Treasure. They are quick to share their anger and frustration with any willing ear. Because they've been around awhile, they know the lingo and buzz words, which to an unsophisticated, untrained new Trader, sounds like just what they were looking for. It's more of a wolf in sheep's clothing scenario. Knowing how to "talk the talk", does not mean they've ever walked the walk. 

In some cases the anger may be justified. If you just paid $20K for software, or $30k for training, and you still can't "grab your points" every day as promised, that's bad. However, not everyone there was lied to or misled, some simply don't have the self-discipline to achieve consistent profitability. Not even if you gave them tomorrow's newspaper today. Truth is, without self-discipline, you will never succeed as an Emini Trader. Even if you do posses a will of iron, unless you've been taught how markets work, your shot at consistency is still slim. Remember, it's a documented fact 9 out of 10 new Traders do fail. 

Meet the Solution

Even though each has his own tale of woe, even if it's justifiable, is that really where you want to spend your time? Even if you do pick up a valid tid-bit here and there, is it worth the moaning, and groaning, vitriol and hatred you have to suffer through to get to it? NO!

Misery loves company and failure begets more failure. If Jim Rohn and our Harvard psychologist are correct, by surrounding yourself with failed Traders, you are charting your own course for disaster. You need to find a way to surround yourself with successful Traders. The ones who had a teacher, Emini Traders who will encourage you and lift you up, not rip your dream to shreds.

CFRN offers you the aspiring Emini Trader, just that. A positive environment. A place where you can connect with like minded Traders. Traders who have not only tasted success, but dine on it daily. You won't find doom and gloom, you'll find a place where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. A place you can learn what works, instead of what doesn't.

Make the Switch

If you're serious about building an Emini Trading business, you need to be very careful who you surround yourself with. There is such a place, a place you can call home, and you're invited. Watch the video above, then head over to Telegram. You'll find us here: CFRN BREEZE. Make the switch before it's too late.


It's fast, free, and secure. Grab it here: Telegram.org.


Spend 5 Days in our Live Emini Training Room. No Credit Card Required. You need a definable edge. We have one. Learn our Strategy, use our Indicators. Group and Private Training. EminiTrainingSchool.com

Emini Psychology - The Problem With Message Boards


Emini Trade Alerts / Historic Unemployment Rate


Live Emini Daily Broadcast for Friday October 5, 2019

Historic unemployment numbers set the stage for a broad based rally on Friday. U.S. job growth increased moderately in September, with the unemployment rate dropping to near a 50-year low of 3.5%, assuaging concerns the slowing economy was on the brink of a recession.

U.S. short-term interest rate futures traders on Friday pared bets the Federal Reserve would cut rates at both of its two upcoming meetings.

“The Fed is still expected to cut at least once more this year, but the December meeting remains a toss-up. The economy is not falling off a cliff and gold could see some softness, but the overall bullish trend should remain intact,” Edward Moya, a senior market analyst at OANDA, said in a note.

Gold had risen to a one-week high of $1,518.50 per ounce in the previous session. Persistent weakness in global economic indicators on the backdrop of the U.S.-China trade war has led to a 17% rise in bullion prices so far this year.

Investors will be closely watching the U.S.-China trade talks which resume next week.


5 Day Free Trial

Spend 5 Days in our Live Emini Training Room. No Credit Card Required. You need a definable edge. We have one. Learn our Strategy, use our Indicators. Group and Private Training. EminiTrainingSchool.com

Emini Live Broadcast






If you're trying to learn how to trade Emini Futures without a corresponding Emini Alert Service, you're doing it the hard way. Learning "theory" from historical charts and videos can't hold a "candle" to learning Live in Real Time. With the CFRN EMINI METHOD you get the best of both worlds. Live daily instruction from a CFRN Certified Emini Professional and Live Emini Alerts delivered around the clock by our premiere serivce LOGIC247™. In addition, our Concierge Trade Alerts will help you stay on the "profitable" side of the market.

The CFRN EMINI METHOD is fluid across ALL Markets and ALL Time Frames.



Concierge Trade Alerts are a static report issued each evening shortly after the Globex open and good for the entire session. CTA's are based on previous price behavior.
Long Alert - trade to target is always the WTZ above.
Short Alert - trade to target is always. the WTZ below.


Logic247™ Alerts are delivered around the clock from 6PM Sun. through 5PM Fri. Profitable Traders still spend 80% of their time looking for the next "High Probability" trade setup. 80% equals 4 days out of a 5 day week. Based on current price behavior, you will be instantly messaged whenever opportunity presents across global markets. All you have to do is log in and trade.

5 Day Free Trial

No Credit Card required. Vist EminiTrainingSchool.com today and learn the "best way" to trade Emini Futures. We cover the S&P 500 / Dow / Russell / Nasdaq / Gold / Crude and much more.



Call 949-42-EMINI or email us Support@CFRN.net.




Emini Futures - Get Started Today!



New to Trading? An old pro? Somewhere in between? Either way, you know you were "Born to Trade".

Have you invested Time and Treasure in Courses and Indicators that promise the moon and deliver squat? Give us FIVE DAYS to show you what really works. Emini Trading is not easy, but the CFRN EMINI METHOD makes it Simple!


Your FREE - 5 DAY ALL ACCESS PASS will take you behind the curtain where you'll learn How Markets Really Work. You will not find this level of training anywhere else. Whether you're brand new, or a seasoned trading veteran, I guarantee what you see over the next 5 days will change the way you look at markets FOREVER!

You're about to watch a professional Trader execute a strategy you've never seen before. Once you see this, no other method will ever make sense! What do you get during your FREE trial?


#1) 2 hours a day in a Live Training Room with other aspiring Emini Traders plus Live instruction from an Emini Trading Professional, Monday - Friday from 9:30 -11:30 AM EST
#2) Access to our Proprietary Emini Indicators.
#3) Direct access to a team of Professional Emini Traders.
#4) A Private training session during your trial.
#5) Exclusive access to our 24/7 Emini Alert Service and Concierge Trade Alerts.


Spend 1 Week in our Live Emini Training Room.

Visit EminiTrainingSchool.com and reserve your spot.

We trade:

  • Emini Futures
  • S&P 500
  • Gold
  • Crude
  • Euro
  • Bonds
  • Dow
  • Russell
  • Natural Gas and much, much, more. 

 Questions? support@cfrn.net or 949-42-EMINI


Emini Futures - Get Started Today!


Emini Futures Getting Started - Orientation Class



Getting Started w/Emini Futures - Orientation Class 

Perhaps you took our Emini Trial or someone else's and it all seemed a bit overwhelming? Odd colors, strange buzzwords that did not look or sound like the type of trading you were accustomed to? Then this is the perfect video for you. 


A Simple Method For Trading Emini Futures

CFRN -Emini Method™ Orientation Class

Below is a recording of today's Orientation Class with Burt. He covers everything from how to install the indicators, to how to read them and how to trade them.

Is your goal to be a 20 Contract S&P 500 Emini Trader?

The CFRN 24/20 Blueprint® if followed properly, can take you there. like a slow boat to China. She may be slow, but she's no Titanic.

Why blow up another account if you don't have to? 

The Good News? ...   You don't have to!

Which Emini Contract Do You Want To Trade?

The trading method Burt teaches in this Emini Video will put you on track to trade:

  • S&P 500 Emini
  • Dow Emini
  • Russell Emini
  • Nasdaq Emini


Am I Limited To Trading Just Emini Futures?

Absolutely not. The CFRN -Emini Method™ can also be applied to other markets:

  • Crude
  • Gold
  • Natural Gas
  • Soybeans
  • 30 Year Bonds

Using the same Indicators, Time Frame and Methodology, you can trade All Markets with one simple method.


Can I Trade Currencies With Your Method?

Of course you can. The CFRN -Emini Method™ works great on the following: 

  • Euro
  • Yen
  • Swiss Franc
  • Canadian Dollar
  • US Dollar
  • Australian Dollar
  • Mexican Peso


How Do I Start Trading Emini Futures?

  • Watch the Orientation Class Video below.
  • Take the 5 Day Live Training Room Trial.
  • (No CC Required) https://EminiTrainingSchool.com
  • Use Our Indicators and Platform (We also do Ninja and much more).
  • Request a Private Mentoring Session. 

By the end of Day 5, you'll see the consistency.

Start Your Emini Education Today

If our server identifies you as having registered for the Trial before, email us support@cfrn.net and I'll get you in. If not this session, the next. We do have limits, one trial every 6 months. Tell me your story, complete with extenuating circumstances. Take action today, trade with us tomorrow.


Getting Started With Emini Futures


Never Miss Another Show - 

Subscribe to our Daily Broadcast on iTunes Watch every episode on YOUR schedule, not ours!



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Getting Started w/ Emini Futures


Emini Fibs Made Simple - For FREE


Don't Waste $20k on "Special" Fib Tools and Training!

Fibonacci made simple is akin to Jumbo Shrimp. In other words, "Is that really possible?" For the uninitiated, let's turn first to the man and then the math.

Who? - Fibonacci, or more correctly Leonardo da Pisa, was born in Pisa in 1175AD.

What? - Fibonacci is perhaps best known for a simple series of numbers, introduced in Liber abaci and later named the Fibonacci numbers in his honour.

The series begins with 0 and 1. After that, use the simple rule:

Add the last two numbers to get the next.

1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, 987,...

Why? Does this matter to an Emini Futures Trader...


You could spend years attempting to unravel the mystery of the seashell, the flowering artichoke, multiplying rabbits or DNA. At the end of your exhaustive study you will be confronted with the following as it applies to Emini Futures Trading -

  • After price has made a significant move (subjective)
  • There will be a retracement of 23.6% or 38.2% or 50% or 61.8% or somewhere in between
  • If the retracement exceeds 61.8% it is then deemed a reversal and all bets are off

Fib Retracement Levels
Fib Retracement Levels


Given the above facts, how does one know if price will retrace 23.6%, 38.2%, 50%, 61.8% or 100%? One doesn't. Therein lies the conundrum. The fact is, price will end its retracement at one of the listed levels or somewhere in between based not on mathematical formula, but on the actions of market participants.


As a standalone tool some say it's no better than flipping a coin. I heartily disagree as the coins in my pocket have only two sides. Flipping a 2 sided coin suggests that I could potentially be correct 50% of the time. The Fib coin as outlined above has a minimum of 4 sides with even more "space" in between. Does that mean it has no value at all?

Placed in the proper context and used simply as a tool versus a Holy Grail, it can indeed help a trader spot potential turning points in the market. Most of the time, when you draw fib retracement levels on a chart, you will notice that the fib levels line up with support and resistance areas that you would see anyway without drawing the lines. So while you really do not need to draw the lines in, seeing the area of confluence between the Fibonacci retracement level and fixed support and resistance such as the Weekly Trading Zones, a previous swing high or swing low, or even dynamic support and resistance as displayed by one of the CFRN Indicators - CF_SR / CF_MA1 / BBC can turn a subjective concept into a useful tool that may actually help you become a better Emini Trader.

Visit us this week in our Live Emini Training Room and we will share some charts to help you better visualize how these areas of confluence come together.

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Visit us this week in our Live Emini Training Room and we will share some charts to help you better visualize how these areas of confluence come together.





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