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This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Emini Futures - Geometric Magic w/ Garrett Jones



Emini Futures Trading and Geometric Magic


Garrett Jones just published his latest copy of Observations and joined the show to discuss some things you'll find quite fascinating if you're an Emini Futures Trader, have an interest in Emini's or just plain love the market with all it's intricacies.

We opened with Michael doing a complete recap of every trade set-up from the Live Emini Training Room this morning. John (rapidly becoming on the shows new stars), arrived at 12:40pm EST for a "Big Picture" look and after Garrett shared his "Geometric Magic", I brought it home with a complete recap of every single Concierge Emini Trade Alert emailed to subscribers Monday night for the Tuesday Session 01/17/17.

To watch videos of the Concierge Emini Trade Alerts going back years, go to

To watch today's show, simply click the headphones above or the link below.


Here's a peek at Tuesday's Concierge Trade Alerts - 


Concierge Trade Alerts for Tuesday 0/17/17


Observations by Garrett Jones

I find it fascinating that almost everyone I speak with is in a "wait and see" mode.  Not long ago we were waiting to see  who would win the election.  Then we were waiting for year-end.  Now we are waiting for the Inauguration and next we will be concerned about the First 100 Days.  The reason for this 'wait & see' approach is simple. 

The bulls have now seen the market move to a level where market sentiment is now fully in the 'take defensive action' mode which will keep the smart bulls from any further exposure.  At the same time, the bears have been penalized for taking positions and are, therefore, reluctant to take further risk with downside bets.  This stagnation has been in play since mid December and, more recently, from the end of the first week of this year.

This is interesting because when bulls aren't buying and bears aren't selling, something has to give. Today it was the banking sector.  The entire group was down hard today and many issues closed below recent support.  Could this be the start of the correction that has been anticipated for so long?  Well, it was banking stocks that led the rally and banking stocks that went much higher than anyone expected, so it isn't that much of a stretch to assume they may lead any correction. Most of the bank stocks have not advanced since the first week of December.  While they haven't fallen much, they haven't advanced either.  Smart money may have decided to take profits as opposed to waiting and possibly seeing their profits diminish.  By selling in 2017, the expectation is for the tax burden to be significantly less.

Every Republican president since Teddy Roosevelt has dealt with a recession/correction in his first term.  When a Republican president has replaced a Democrat president, the corrections have been rough at least in the first couple of years.  Examples: Nixon (1968-70), Reagan (1980-82) and George W. Bush (2000-02).  We may have a case of "Buy the election, Sell the Inauguration" -- and that selling may have just begun. GJ

A very special thanks to Garrett for making a copy available to the CFRN audience of Observations #86. To download your Free Complete Copy just Click Here!

If you have questions or comments for Garrett email him Just put Observations in the subject line to make sure he gets it.


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Emini Futures - Geometric Magic


Garrett Jones - New CFRN Co-host / Emini Commentator



Meet Garrett Jones -

CFRN's New Emini Commentator

Garrett initially entered the industry as one of only ten people annually accepted on a worldwide basis for Merrill Lynch’s prestigious JET program in 1970 – where he had an opportunity to work in the technical analysis department of the legendary Robert Farrell. He was involved in building up four successful money management firms during his career. All four of these firms were recognized for robust performance, aversion to risk and strong performance in down markets. Mr. Jones is a recognized expert in gold, technical analysis and the long wave economic cycle. 

After reading Harry Browne’s classic, How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation, Jones was captivated by gold and international economics. He began buying gold stocks for clients when gold was selling at $35/oz. and sold near the highs in late 1974. In 1978, he became vice president with Guild Investment Management, Inc., one of the first money management firms in the U.S. to specialize in international asset allocation including gold, currencies and foreign markets, in addition to the U.S. markets. While with Guild, he again caught the move in gold and currencies and was instrumental in providing the technical opinion resulting in selling gold at $864/oz. on the precise day of its all time high (at that time).


Trading Large In The 80's

During the 1980s, Mr. Jones formed Evans & Jones with Don Evans. Their management company was a pioneer firm in market timing utilizing mutual fund switching. Evans & Jones primarily managed funds for large pension accounts and wealthy individuals. In 1990, Mr. Jones assisted in the founding of FX 500, Ltd., a firm utilizing S&P 500 futures contracts as an investment and hedging vehicle. In a matter of a few years, FX 500 Ltd. became the largest domestic firm trading exclusively in S&P 500 futures contracts – trading as many as 4,000 contracts per trade when the full size contract traded at $500 per point. 


U.S. Trading Championship

Mr. Jones developed a proprietary trading system that received national recognition in the US Trading Championship with a return of 98.6% for the 4th quarter competition in 1989. He traded exclusively in the S&P 500 futures, but found the system to be highly effective in the currency and precious metals markets, as well. He later developed a long term indicator for the stock market that has proven to be very effective in its goal of keeping the investor in for the trend (both in up and down markets) with a minimum of whipsaws. Jones entered the business during a bear market period and has an uncanny ability in spotting approaching bear markets.


Market Timing

He forecast the 1987 collapse at the ISI international monetary conference in August of 1987 – two weeks prior to the market top. He is on record for calling the top in the stock market in 2000 (the all-time valuation top) and the all-time market top in October of 2007. He called the orthodox top in July 2007 to the exact day and then called the October 2007 top, as well. He has continued his focus on the refinement of trading systems and research on technical and other indicators for defining turning points in the markets. 


International Guest Speaker

Over the years, he has been a featured speaker at a number of international monetary conferences both domestically and abroad. Mr. Jones has written numerous articles for domestic and international financial publications and participates in radio, TV and media interviews when time permits. He is currently associated with Peter Eliades in Stockmarket Cycles Management, Inc. and is a founding principal in ESP Capital Management, Inc.


He is working on a follow up publication to his 1988 audio tape presentation of An In-Depth Analysis of the Long Wave Cycle. The original work was highly acclaimed for its content and coverage of the sequence of events in the economic cycle. Mr. Jones states that “by knowing the sequence of events in the cycle, one can determine where we are in the cycle and know what is next to come. Such information allows one to plan for coming events as opposed to being surprised and victimized by them.”



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Garrett Jones New CFRN Co-host and Emini Commentator


Garrett Jones Special Alert - SP500 Critical Juncture

Garrett Jones Special Alert / S&P 500 - Next 2 Days Critical!

Garrett is no stranger to CFRN and it was a great pleasure to have him back with us today. If you missed the Live Broadcast, simply click the headphones above and follow along on the charts below. The charts are large and the blog is small so you will need to click each chart to enlarge it. Our discussion with Garrett begins at the 1 hour mark. Don't miss the part where he talks about trading the equivalent of 40,000 Emini Contracts in the large S&P 500. (that's why he's smiling)

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Emini Futures Trading / Will The Market Ever Drop Again?

I've officially given up my vainglorious quest to be the smartest guy in the room. Today, I'm quietly content just knowing which one he is. Here's what he thinks...

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