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This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Bitcoin Magazine Interview w/ CTO Tyler Evans


by DeWayne Reeves


Emini Futures or Bitcoin?

We've taken on a keen interest in not only #Bitcoin, but #Ether, #Etherium and the entire field of #Blockchain Technology. With Bitcoin trading at $3,500 per coin, or token... it takes stone of steel to step up to the plate. Even then, you better wear a cup.

Yes, we are the Emini Radio Show that introduced you to Bitcoin back @ $2.00, however... being so busy teaching our global community to trade E-mini Futures, we failed to give it the full attention it deserved. Did we miss the boat? Is it too late now to step up to the plate? Maybe not! Answers to those questions and more are available in today's interview with BTC Media and Bitcoin Magazine CTO Tyler Evans. Click the headphones above for audio and video of the broadcast.

BTW - CFRN has been streaming 24/7 since 2005. Join us live M-F from 12-2pm EDT for Live Charts, Lively Discussion and answers to all of your trading questions. Our staff of Emini Trading Specialists are standing by, ready to assist you. 949-42-EMINI or 866-928-3310.


Emini Futures Daily News - 08/11/17

The sell-off in the S&P 500 Emini Futures which we alerted subscribers to Wednesday night, began @ 10:30pm EDT 08/09/17 and our entry price emailed to subscribers2468, is highlighted on the chart below.  

From the 50% retracement highlighted on previous charts, the move appears to have bottomed for now at 2432/2433 which is a 62% Fib Extension based off the 50% Fib retracement @ 2472/2473 down to the swing low at 2442.75 and the retracement back to  2453.50 . 

Prepare for a bounce when Globex opens for trading Sunday night at 6pm EDT.


Fibonacci And The Emini Traders Toolbox

Always remember, what we Traders refer to as Fibonacci (was actually a man). It is woven into our DNA, a flower, a seashell, the very fabric of the universe. The tiny sliver we have managed to harness for the purposes of trading, are but a very small part of something much larger that modern science may never fully understand.

While it is an integral part of a Trader's Toolbox, it IS NOT a standalone trading methodology for Emini Futures, Stocks, Options, Bitcoin, or anything else. It works beautifully as a confirmation tool, and is quite powerful at determining both short and long term price targets.

What makes me so certain? I spent several years and thousands of dollars chasing my own tail because I was told (and believed), that it was all one needed to be a consistently profitable trader. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

It is a foundational part of Technical Analysis as you've seen from the many charts we've posted over the years and the many articles we've written such as Fibonacci Tips For Emini Futures Trading . Which is part 1 of a 3 part series you'll find on many major finacial sites as well as our own. You'll also find an e-book on our web site Fibonacci for Emini Futures Traders.


S&P 500 Emini Futures Charts

Here's the initial 50% Retracement:

S&P500 Emini Futures - 50% Fibonacci Retracement


Here's the 62% Fibonacci Price Extension:

S&P500 Emini Futures - 62% Fibonacci Extension


Emini Futures Weekly Trading Zones

We have published the Zones every Monday Morning @ 6:15am EDT since December 14, 2009 for all CFRN Partners. Each Thursday we reveal the current weeks Zones for the S&P 500 / Dow and Russell Emini Futures, plus Crude Oil, to the entire CFRN Community. 

We have some Partners who simply use the Zones to reach their trading goals on a daily basis. Most CFRN Partners use them as a backdrop to the Rules Based Trading Methodology we teach M-F (2 hours a day) inour Live Emini Training Room.

After 6 to 9 months of publicly publishing the zones, we noticed a unique phenomena. Almost without fail, by the close of business each Friday, price on the S&P 500 Emini would either be, at or below the highest weekly zone, or.. at or above the lowest weekly zone.

A quick Google of CFRN Emini Weekly Trading Zones will provide you with numerous articles of varying length. Also, clicking the 'images tab' at the top of the Google Search Page will show you charts reaching back as far as our first posting on 12/14/09.

This week was no different. While price did manage to break below the lowest weekly zone for a number of hours Thursday night and into Friday morning (perfectly normal), by the close of the session, we were back above the lowest weekly zone, true to form as you can see on the Emini Chart below.


CFRN Emini Weekly Trading Zones


Perhaps our Weekly Zones can make a difference in your trading?

Spend the next week in our Live Emini Training Room and receive this week's Zones on Monday along with the CFRN Partners. Just visit Apply.CFRN.net .  If you do not receive an email with both the Link and Password for the coming week, please email us support@cfrn.net


Interview w/ Tyler Evans CTO Bitcoin Magazine

Tyler Evans @tylev is a Bitcoin early adopter, entrepreneur, and investor. He manages business development and product for BTC Media, the world's leading Bitcoin media group, and is an editor at Bitcoin Magazine.

Tyler patiently answered questions Friday from the great unwashed (me). You'll find this interview both informative and entertaining. Just click the headphones above. Remember, we are discussing what has possibly been the greatest performing asset class, in the shortest amount of time, ever. Send him a Tweet and thank him for his time and honesty.


Stop the madness!

Wall Street has a new address - YOURS!

Visit Apply.CFRN.net or Call 949-42-EMINI (36464)




CFRN Emini Radio

YouTube Live Stream 12noon Eastern M-F


 Live Charts / Lively Discussion / Participate in the discussion...



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!©




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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IBitcoin Magazine - Interview w/ Tyler Evans CTO


John Lee Dumas - CFRN Emini Daily News 08/10/17


by DeWayne Reeves


S&P 500 Emini Futures  - Volatility Is Finally Back!

Last night we posed the question as to whether or not the markets would see a rebound or another down leg after the picture perfect 50% retracement. We drew the lines in the sand and with or without a Bad Korean Actor, you simply needed to recite your lines.


Today's Special Guest - John Lee Dumas

From leading a platoon in Afghanistan at just 23 years old, to law school, to corporate finance, @JohnLeeDumas seems to have finally found his home behind the microphone of one of the most popular Podcasts on the Internet - Entrepreneur on Fire or simply EoFire to his many ardent followers. 

In the 60's or 70's it might have been called a Cult, but in today's audio hyped world it's simply called "Building Your Tribe" and it seems no one has done a better job of it than JLD. So popular in fact, he has shared air space with some of the biggest names in today's Entrepreneurial World and was the recent focus of a special article in Forbes Magazine. 

If you missed today's Live Show, click above or below. John Lee comes on at the beginning of hour 2. This was a fun diversion from our normal daily programming, don't miss it! We have produced a daily show, 5 days a week since 2005. JLD does 7 shows a week. He's on our heels...


How Low Can the Emini Go?

Great question. In theory it could see zero, but that would require 500 companies going belly up. So for now, we're going to look to the long side while still trading  every short opportunity that presents itself. What's our prediction? Come on, you can't trip us up that easy.

Last night we laid out a perfect argument for the daily 50% retracement continuing higher, or giving us another leg to the downside. No need to prophecy, sit back, relax and follow the bouncing ball. Today it bounced lower, much lower and took virtually everything on the street with it other than Gold.


The Trading Solution Is Always In The Chart

The post below this one shows yesterday's (08/09/17) sell-off and perfect 50% retracement. Tonight's S&P 500 Emini Chart shows exactly what that "next leg down" looks like. We've dropped through the lowest Weekly Trading Zone, however based on historical observance, by close of business tomorrow - Friday August 11th, the S&P Emini should be back up to 2439 or higher.


S&P 500 Emini Futures - 08/10/17



Emini Double Bottom or Friday Rally?

2432/2433 does present the opportunity. If it fails to hold, watch 2428/2429 and if the bottom falls out we could even see 2420/2421. Join us in the Live Training Room tomorrow and we'll walk you through the process, step, by step, by step. Remember, as intraday Emini Futures Traders, whether we rally or drop, matters not. As long as we have liquidity like we've seen the past 2 days, the world is our Oyster.


Open House Friday

Join us Friday 08/11/17 @ 9:30am for Live Markets and Live Trading!

Register Here     

Password is -  futures


Stop the madness!

Wall Street has a new address - YOURS!

Visit Apply.CFRN.net or Call 949-42-EMINI (36464)




CFRN Emini Radio

YouTube Live Stream 12noon Eastern M-F


 Live Charts / Lively Discussion / Participate in the discussion...



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!©




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Interview w/ John Lee Dumas Founder EoFire.com


Emini Futures Daily News - 08/09/17


by DeWayne Reeves


Emini Futures Recover 50% of 30 Point Sell-Off!

The S&P 500 Emini tumbled from a new all time high at 2488.50 which was put in place Tuesday 08/08/17 @ 12 noon EDT, to a fresh low of 2459 Wednesday morning 08/09/17 @ 5:30am EDT on Globex. This bottom happened 4 hours before Wall Street was even awake.

Start watching Globex. You might be surprised to learn who has the keys many days to the engine that drives global commerce. It's no longer who you think it is, at least not all the time.

Just prior to the Chicago Futures Market closing for the session this afternoon 08/09/17, buyers were able to bid the price back up to 2474.50, an exact 50% retracement of the previous day's rout. (see chart and video below)


Dead Cat Bounce Or Next Leg Up?

The chart below shows both the sell off from Tuesday, as well as today's 50% rally off the bottom.


S&P 500 Emini Futures


How To Trade The Coming Move

If we break above 2480, the door opens for a retest of the highs @ 2488.50. However, don't expect price to get there the first time up. Why? Sellers just whacked the market down almost 30 Points. Don't forget, Monday we spent most of the day session, locked inside a 4 point range. Is this a big deal? Yes.

As price approaches 2488.50, Seller endorphins will begin to flow (along with a bit of drool). Not wanting to be left at the altar, Sellers will begin to hit the Offer just before it reaches the previous high. Can they knock it down 30 points again? That depends on the COB (Commitment of Buyers). For price to rise it takes financial commitment. Buyers must step up to the plate and dig deep. However, once Buyers can see the whites of the Seller's eyes, all it takes for price to collapse is for Buyers to simply stop buying. No financial commitment required.


Is There Another Leg To The Downside Coming?

Possibly. If we see a break of 2465, then most likely we will head down to test the Wednesday morning lows. Buyers, just like Sellers, will probably front run the touch of 2459. Can they drive it 20 points putting it above 2480 reaching the safety zone we've pointed out? Only time and the COB can answer that question.

You can't throw a stone without hitting an Analyst who will tell you exactly what's going to happen tonight, tomorrow, even next week. If you throw 2 stones, chances are one of them will be right (might even be the same guy). However, it will be their day to crow because fate is fickle and their lucky guess will probably fail them by Friday. Men in expensive suits taking turns being the Prophet. One day their dancing like FredAstaire on their desktop, next day they've gone fetal uner the desk afraid to answer that damn phone. It just won't quit ringing (it's the boss).


Here's My Teeny Weeny Emini Point

We ourselves, solve the market equation not with more points, we use the "lazy man's way to riches" (lol) by trading more contracts. Of course, anything beyond 1 Contract, must be funded entirely by profits you earned in the market. Otherwise, you're not working with us. This means in the beginning you will use very aggressive risk management if you ever hope to stand with our Partners in the 10% line. Well do you?


The Take Away

The take away is this, once you've established the battle lines, based not on what might, could, or should happen, based on the delusional discipline preached by the prophet in the pulpit who currently has your attention span, but based on something concrete - what actually did happen. Once you understand what I just explained to you (no one gets it all the first time), it becomes quite obvious how all those Lizard Brains are going to function.

Even what action they'll take and even when they'll take it. A self-fulfilling prophecy. Now you, armed with the facts, not someone else's fanatical fiction, you don't have to worry if they'll take out the high, or the low.

Just simple evidence that they are willing to defend their position (Buyer or Seller), will create a sufficient bounce under normal range and volatility conditions to insure that no matter what they do, you can at least grab your goal for the day and go embrace life. Isn't life more than staring at charts all day? Well, isn't it?

I hope so, because Jesus and Ding Dong, I mean Kim Jung, say we have no promise of tomorrow.


Emini Futures Daily News - 08/09/17


Want To Be The Profit Instead?

Stop guessing, there's a better way. Let the chart tell you what's happening and take appropriate action. There you go guys. I've gone and unmasked Wall Street again. I suppose tomorrow my Karnak card will be revoked again (just got it back). Now all things considered, with no talent at all, even the worst Analyst should be right 50% off the time. Right? So why aren't they? Why aren't you? Because our Lizard Brains get distracted by all the shiny things the world of trading has to offer. 

I got an email last night offering to sell me a Flux Capacitor to Enhance my Trading. At the same time he was damming the Charlatans who steal your magic beans. I'm sure it was all tongue in cheek. Wasn't it?

That's way too deep a topic for this post, but give me a call and I'll share a few things with you. I talk with guys every day who've been trading 5 / 10 / 15 years and they absolutely know, they are really (I mean really, really) close to becoming profitable. Wow!

They could have gone to Med School instead and made their mothers proud.

If you really want to learn how to trade, give me a call some time. Not now, all this typing made my head hurt. If I can teach you I will. Just convince me you really want to learn how to trade. Not learn some Flashy Vegas Illusion that's used to separate honest folk like yourself from your hard earned cash before you even get to Wall Street. Heck most are still in Jersey.

Seriously, call me some time. Maybe I really can help.


Stop the madness!

Wall Street has a new address - YOURS!

Visit Apply.CFRN.net or Call 949-42-EMINI (36464)




CFRN Emini Radio

YouTube Live Stream 12noon Eastern M-F


 Live Charts / Lively Discussion / Participate in the discussion...



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!©




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Futures Daily News 08/09/17


Garrett Jones - New CFRN Co-host / Emini Commentator



Meet Garrett Jones -

CFRN's New Emini Commentator

Garrett initially entered the industry as one of only ten people annually accepted on a worldwide basis for Merrill Lynch’s prestigious JET program in 1970 – where he had an opportunity to work in the technical analysis department of the legendary Robert Farrell. He was involved in building up four successful money management firms during his career. All four of these firms were recognized for robust performance, aversion to risk and strong performance in down markets. Mr. Jones is a recognized expert in gold, technical analysis and the long wave economic cycle. 

After reading Harry Browne’s classic, How You Can Profit from the Coming Devaluation, Jones was captivated by gold and international economics. He began buying gold stocks for clients when gold was selling at $35/oz. and sold near the highs in late 1974. In 1978, he became vice president with Guild Investment Management, Inc., one of the first money management firms in the U.S. to specialize in international asset allocation including gold, currencies and foreign markets, in addition to the U.S. markets. While with Guild, he again caught the move in gold and currencies and was instrumental in providing the technical opinion resulting in selling gold at $864/oz. on the precise day of its all time high (at that time).


Trading Large In The 80's

During the 1980s, Mr. Jones formed Evans & Jones with Don Evans. Their management company was a pioneer firm in market timing utilizing mutual fund switching. Evans & Jones primarily managed funds for large pension accounts and wealthy individuals. In 1990, Mr. Jones assisted in the founding of FX 500, Ltd., a firm utilizing S&P 500 futures contracts as an investment and hedging vehicle. In a matter of a few years, FX 500 Ltd. became the largest domestic firm trading exclusively in S&P 500 futures contracts – trading as many as 4,000 contracts per trade when the full size contract traded at $500 per point. 


U.S. Trading Championship

Mr. Jones developed a proprietary trading system that received national recognition in the US Trading Championship with a return of 98.6% for the 4th quarter competition in 1989. He traded exclusively in the S&P 500 futures, but found the system to be highly effective in the currency and precious metals markets, as well. He later developed a long term indicator for the stock market that has proven to be very effective in its goal of keeping the investor in for the trend (both in up and down markets) with a minimum of whipsaws. Jones entered the business during a bear market period and has an uncanny ability in spotting approaching bear markets.


Market Timing

He forecast the 1987 collapse at the ISI international monetary conference in August of 1987 – two weeks prior to the market top. He is on record for calling the top in the stock market in 2000 (the all-time valuation top) and the all-time market top in October of 2007. He called the orthodox top in July 2007 to the exact day and then called the October 2007 top, as well. He has continued his focus on the refinement of trading systems and research on technical and other indicators for defining turning points in the markets. 


International Guest Speaker

Over the years, he has been a featured speaker at a number of international monetary conferences both domestically and abroad. Mr. Jones has written numerous articles for domestic and international financial publications and participates in radio, TV and media interviews when time permits. He is currently associated with Peter Eliades in Stockmarket Cycles Management, Inc. and is a founding principal in ESP Capital Management, Inc.


He is working on a follow up publication to his 1988 audio tape presentation of An In-Depth Analysis of the Long Wave Cycle. The original work was highly acclaimed for its content and coverage of the sequence of events in the economic cycle. Mr. Jones states that “by knowing the sequence of events in the cycle, one can determine where we are in the cycle and know what is next to come. Such information allows one to plan for coming events as opposed to being surprised and victimized by them.”



Catch Garrett Every Monday @ 1:30pm EDT Here On CFRN


Live Training Room Trial

Spend 5 days in our Live Emini Training Room. Use our Platform dtPro, or Ninja. Learn our Methodology and use our Indicator Set. Spend 22 hours a day practicing what you learn in our State of the Art Real Time Simulator. 


Never Miss Another Show - 

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Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Garrett Jones New CFRN Co-host and Emini Commentator


Emini Trading Made Simple



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!


Many would have you believe that to become a Successful Emini Trader you must first earn your stripes by spending many months and tens of thousands of dollars on magical or mystical solutions. You also need to know every Emini Guru on the planet by first name and last, but not least, you must blow up at least two 2 fully funded emini brokerage accounts (3 is better).

It simply isn't true. At least not any more...


Emini Futures Trading Made Simple

While I'm the first to tell you "nothing about trading or daytrading is easy", it really can be simple.

If you visit our Podcast and Blog Archive, use your Browser to search for the word "Simple". You'll find quite a number of articles and posts I've written over the years in an attempt to get the point across.

One of the first things you have to do is grow beyond the common myths:

  • They control the market. (we've never met "they", but our doors are open)
  • They run your stops.
  • They flush you out.
  • They have rigged the market in their favor.
  • They created a zero sum game to take money from the retail trader.


E-mini Lies, Hoaxes And Claptrap

The list I began above, goes on and on.  They (different they), say I only have 37 seconds to capture your attention so pardon the brevity.  For starters, we should define "Professional Trader". You may be higher on the food chain than "they", would have you believe.

You will be told (often by well meaning people), you must memorize a certain number of chart patterns, candlestick patterns, pay for Trix, Tix and Trin data, possess real time Advance/Decline numbers for the NYSE when you're actually trading Gold, Crude or even the Euro. 

Why all the confusion? Unless you can be convinced you're lost, you'll never buy a map. 


E-mini Treasure Map

If you're going to buy a map, make sure it takes you to a place called Clarity, not just deeper inside the House of Mirrors. Once you understand the very Simple (there's that word again) manner in which the markets (all markets) operate, you'll giggle like Timothy Leary.  You'll also be very ticked off (pun intended) at the "trip guides" who fleeced you on the way to Wall Street. 

Like a runaway teenager who winds up at Greyhound just off Times Square, so you arrive at your destination (Wall Street), both chasing a dream that doesn't exist, both broke and vulnerable, easy prey for the Worst of the Wolves. There's a thousand tales in the naked city and without someone to speak truth into your life, your naked tale will end up on some con artist's spreadsheet while the runaway ends up on another kind of sheets.


I'm Not Sheeting You 

We've seen the movies, bought the books and scanned the screaming headlines.

"Teenage Runaway falls into hands of human trafficker, becomes Junkie."

How many Junkies are reading this post? You go to every free webinar or class offered, because that's the only traffic you can afford now. You're still chasing the dragon, believing one more hit (hype) will take you to Clarity. You've given up on the Rush, but you do remember there was a place on the map called Clarity and if you could just get back there again (read: Dorothy and Kansas), maybe things will be better.

The only difference between Hope and Hype, is Y did I fall for it?


60 Minutes - Your Ticket Out Of Emini Hell

Give me 60 minutes and I'll take you to Clarity. I'm going to wash your windows (clean your screen) and show you how the market really works. I understand how ridiculous that sounds. After all, you've spent months even years and tens of thousands of dollars learning Indicators, Oscillators and Strategies with names so common they are to trading what Kleenex is to a runny nose.

I won't name names, just look at your cluttered screen.

In 60 minutes I will vaporize every false truth that's holding you back. I will show you in a Private GoTo Session exactly how the market ticks (pun intended). I will answer every question you have and I will give you the directions to get the heck out of, Emini Hell.


Purchae Your "Get Out Of Emini Hell Free" Ticket Here

Well if I charged you for it , then it wouldn't be free would it? 

The average span of a human life is 27,375 days. Based on a 24 hour clock we get an average of 657,000 hours on Planet Earth. I will GIVE you one of my 657,000 hours. Give!

Why? I wasted 912 days of my life kissing the toes of a Guru who not only failed to teach me how to trade, he wouldn't even let me watch him trade. Say what? True story. Now listen up, he's not that evil, I was that stupid.  Period!

I was dirty, tired, cold and shivering at the Greyhound Station. Easy prey...

O.K. - Truth is I was semi-famous (whatever that means) and had a large following. In other words... Once upon a time there was a land of One-Eyed Jacks and somehow I became King.  As a result my relationship with said Guru led more than 2 down a primrose path to Emini Hell. I'm sorry. 


My Best Emini Offer

To make amends, I'll give you one of the 175,200 hours I have left to bring you to Clarity. I'll get you out of the hands of the Emini Human Traffickers, off the Junk and show you what elegant simplicity looks like. 

It doesn't look like a Bentley, a Fur Coat, a Gold Tooth or Bling. It looks like an office downtown or upstairs, a spouse, 2.5 kids, a mortgage, college tuition, affordable health care (lol) and an awesome retirement. 

The fact that I can show you all that in 60 minutes is either scary, disgusting, encouraging, or maybe you threw up in your mouth a little bit. I'm sorry, but wasn't it worth it? At least know you know...

To arrange your No Cost / No Oligation, 60 minute slice of the rest of my life, email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-Emini. As I write this late on a Saturday night, I have a slot open at 4pm EDT on Tuesday 06/16/15. 

The entire upcoming week is busy, but if you really want to be set free, I'll find time. Email or Call me. 


Full Disclosure

After your FREE hour, you will have an opportunity to take our 1 Week Free Trial and after that, become a CFRN Partner via our 90 Day Mentoring Program. Yes, it costs money. Is it half as much and 12 times longer than the guys on late night TV? Yes.

Before you get your head spinning like Linda Blair with how much you'll earn, let's spend an hour finding out if you can let go of the past. Some people can't.  Let's get you out of Times Square and see how well you clean up. If you want to be forever free of Gurus, Crystal Balls, Magical Indicators, Mystical Oscillators and Secret Time Frames, I can help.


Do You Want To Get Well?

During our 60 minutes together I will listen. What I hear is more important than what I say. Fear not, I have plenty to say. Ultimately, if you "want to get well", I can help. 

What will it cost? Can you really put a price on financial freedom?

The answer is yes and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised. Invest an hour and find out if you agree.


Every Sunday Night Globex Q&A Session

Let's get to know one another in a public setting. Join me every Sunday Night at the Globex Open.

This week - 

Sunday Night June 14th, 2015 - Register Here >  https://goo.gl/yS3SjG


Never Miss Another Show - 

Subscribe to our Daily Broadcast on iTunes Watch every episode on YOUR schedule, not ours!



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Trading Made Simple - Live Broadcast


A Simple Method for Trading Emini Futures



Trading's Not Easy, but it can be SIMPLE!

M-F from 12-2pm EDT we bring you our Live Training Room Results, our Concierge Trade Alert Results and much, much more.  Our Panel of Emini Experts are standing by to answer any trading questions you have.

We've removed the clutter and confusion from trading Emini Futures. We've put a few thousand lines of code behind 2 indicators. We color coded the indicators for your convenience. If you have basic computer skills, can do a little math in your head, are sick and tired of standing in the 90% line, longing to be a 10%'er. We have the answer. We are the answer.


Change Your Thinking - Change Your Emini Trading

We are going to teach you how to think in probabilities. We're going to GIVE you the best book ever written on the subject. We teach you how to take down your ego which cries out desperately, "I must be right" and help you understand that being "stopped out" is very much a part of trading. Traders spend years and tens of thousands of dollars seeking that which based on the laws of God, Science and Physics, can not exist.


Stop Guessing - Know Every Emini Entry, Target and Stop "to the tick"!

Should I be Long? Short? Where do I enter? When do I enter? With our methodology, the guessing game is over, forever. Once you understand the methodology and own the CFRN Emini Indicator Set, whether you're in Brooklyn or Bangladesh, your Entry, Target and Stop Loss is identical to every other CFRN Partner. 


24/20 Emini Blueprint

Follow the CFRN Emini Blueprint, learn the rules, exercise discipline... and you could be a 20 Contract Emini Trader in just 24 months. 


Live Training Room Trial

Spend 5 days in our Live Emini Training Room. Use our Platform dtPro, or Ninja. Learn our Methodology and use our Indicator Set. Spend 22 hours a day practicing what you learn in our State of the Art Real Time Simulator. 


90 Day Emini Mentoring Program

Stay tuned for details...



As part of the trial you will receive:

  • The CFRN Weekly Trading Zones
  • 5 Days In The Live Training Room
  • 5 Days Use Of Our Platform And Proprietary Indicators 
  • 5 Days Of Our Concierge Trade Alert Service
  • Unlimited Private Mentoring

 We will spend 30-60 minutes your first day in Orientation to make sure you understand how to trade the Alerts and to allow me to answer any questions you have. When you sign up for the Trial I will reserve you a spot in the next class. The Concierge Trade Alert Trial will cost you $1US for 5 Trading Days. Get started here.  The Concierge Trial includes everything. If you are more interested in our Live Training Room Trial,that's still absolutely free for 5 Trading Days as well



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




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CFRN Emini Live Daily Broadcast 06/10/15


Emini - Watch A Professional Emini Trader At Work



Watch Professional Emini Traders At Work -

        plus much more...

Learning to trade Emini Futures, or any commodity or stock from a book, is almost as difficult as learning to swim from a book. Watching a trading video is certainly a step up from simply reading about it, but to truly grasp what you really need to become a Professional E-mini Trader, you must move beyond both books and videos.


Historical Charts And The Genius Trader

While books and videos leave a trader at a significant disadvantage, they can also serve as props for deception. It is extremely easy to use a historical chart (found in both books and videos) to give ones ability and methodology an unfair advantage. They say it's easy to walk on water if you know where the rocks are.

Please don't get me wrong, I believe (I want to believe), that most Emini Teachers, Trading Coaches and Market Mentors, want to do a fair and honest job. Unfortunately, it is very easy for the instructor himself to become somewhat hypnotized by how beautifully it all lies out, after the music stops.


Live Markets Are The Deep End Of The Pool

One thing that can never be faked, is a Live Chart traded in Real-Time. Also, it is much more difficult for the Emini Trainer themselves, to fall under the illusion that he or she might have actually performed better than the reality which was churned out, tick, by tick... by tick.

I was a non-swimming 10 year old "husky" child who after an entire summer of daily visits to the pool, could still not swim. Yes it was depressing, but at least it was over, or so I thought... As the final whistle blew, I was busily exhaling a huge sigh of relief when my compadres(?) tossed my frightened look into the deep end of the pool and left. I'm talking, "got in the car and drove off - left". Luckily at the tender age of 10, the whole life flashing before your eyes business is over pretty quickly and survival mode kicks in.


How To Survive The Deep End Of The Market

There is only one way, get in. There's no problem with reading a book or two regarding the history of the markets you plan to trade and even some introductory information as to margin requirements, position sizing etc... Beyond that, it will serve no greater purpose than to confuse you. Most certainly you don't want to digest any material written or otherwise which creates a false illusion that the journey upon which you are about to embark is easy and / or a fast or lazy man's way to riches.

If you're going to survive the deep end of the market and actually learn how to trade for a living, you must steer clear of any and all unrealistic expectations. Together with your Emini Teacher it is important to define a clear set of goals based on realistic expectation before you stick so much as a toe in the water. Survival at the deep end (trading real money) is accomplished by learning proper techniques in the shallow end. A few basic market truths, coupled with realistic expectations and a set of goals you can actually achieve, are the proper foundation for building your very own Emini Trading Business.


Watch An Emini Professional Trade

This is how you truly learn. In the market with a Professional Trader as he calls out the trades and places them himself. No Trader is perfect. Along with profitable trades, you will be taught how to aggressively manage your risk, and how to deal with the "agony of defeat". You will learn more, on a deeper level, when your Mentor gets stopped out, than when knocks one out of the park. 

If you simply learn to handle the trades that don't work out mentally, keep your emotions at bay, and be prepared for the next textbook opportunity that comes down the pike... you yourself become a high probability opportunity. Based upon the software you use, trade entries and exits may be displayed on the screen for you "to the tick". 

An entry in the Emini Market or any other market for that matter, should never be nebulous. With a rules based system you either have a trade or you don't. If you understand the rules and apply them properly, your entries will be seamless. It's what happens next is why you need to watch the Professional Trader at work. Over time you will learn to think in probabilities and quickly learn to understand that no one trade, or series of trades, defines you as a Trader. Instead, you must learn to define the trade.


Emini Charts

Our first chart so far this week is the S&P 500 Emini Futures


SP500 Hourly Chart For Week Ending 07/18/14S&P 500 Emini Futures Hourly Chart - 07/13/14 through 07/14/14







Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Podcast for Monday 07/14/14


How CFRN Emini Method® Profits From Flash Boys



Forbes Says...
The Only Way To Beat The Flash Boys Is Not To Trade

A little piece of me died when I read that headline and the article that followed. The same little piece that smokes a pipe, wears a Mr. Rogers sweater and drives an Oldsmobile. 

S&P 500 Traders Use CFRN Emini Method® To Smoke The Flash Boys

Now to prove I'm not making this up, let me quote directly from the article written by John Wasik a contributor to Forbes and published today:

“How do you beat Wall Street at trading?”

“Don’t trade.”

That’s my advice in a nutshell because it avoids the mostly true, but old news of Lewis’s book. You can’t beat robotic high-frequency trading programs unless you have what the big boys have: High-speed fiber optics lines to exchange servers, precise algorithms and the budget to finance all of the latest software and hardware. (Source: Forbes)

Flash Boys Crank Up Printing Press For Scalpers Who Can Think

I agree with John, I'll never beat the Flash Boys in a foot race down to the exchange and back. More importantly... I don't need to! I also don't need high speed fiber optic cable tied directly to exchange servers. The same fiber my kids watch Saturday morning cartoons on is the same fiber I use to transmit sensitive data around the world. Granted, I do pay my bandwidth henchmen (Cox Cable) an extra $150 a month to "goose me" when I need a little extra pipe to get the job done. As for software, I use dtPro which is free from Daniels Trading.

Last but certainly not least, I do need some hardware to run my software, to get my S&P 500 Emini order into the pipe. We do recognize the need for a "rock solid" machine to bring all the magic together. You've been told to spend $4k for a "trading computer", haven't you? In fact, you've been told that to be a Professional Trader you need a "special" machine. What you need is simply a fast, reliable computer. Google the search term "Emini Trading Computer" and check out the top result. CFRN Emini Trading Computer.

When you do the Google search, I'm not referring to the expensive advertisements at the top and by the way, unless you're really serious, don't click those ads. Why? Those keywords run the advertiser about $12.00 per click. However the first organic result you get, yes that's us. Click away... it won't cost us a dime because that's not an ad, that's Google's choice for the best search result for an Emini Trading Computer. Yes we're humbled and honored to be in the #1 spot, but more importantly, we're excited to be able to sell you a "rock solid" machine, hand built, right here in America.

Will the $4k computers in the ad above us outperform us on some benchmark tests? Sure. It's akin to owning a car that will go 160 mph when the top speed limit is 70. In other words, you could be paying for stuff you'll never need. Can we bump you to an i7 chip? Add umpteen video cards? Sure. We prefer to give you what you need at a price you can afford. Don't get me wrong, those other computers are awesome, but if you think they are going to make you a better trader, forget about it. Our machine will send your order down the pipe and bring you back confirmation in the blink of an eye. Whether you're trading 1 contract or a 1,000. 

Back to the Flash Boys and how we trade emini futures

So before we all loose our train of thought drooling over our need for speed,  let me get back to the point. If we get a Slingshot setup that tells us to buy the ES Emini at 1882.75, we enter a limit order. Sometimes we get filled, sometimes we don't. That's been going on forever. The S&P, above and beyond every other market out there, channels back and forth and back and forth, whether it's in an uptrend or a downtrend. So why am I a "Fan of the Flash Boys"?

It's the liquidity st_ _ _ d. That's an old joke, on an old play on words, by an old politician. If you don't get it, forget it. If the ask is 1883 and the bid is 1882.75 and my limit order is 1882.75, that means I'll pay 1882.75 and not a penny more. Unless, I click MIT which means "market if touched". Now as desperately as I want to buy at 1882.75, in the S&P, someone else is most likely just as hot to trot to sell 1883. Now if he thinks the Flash Boys are going to beat him to the exchange... what might he do? He might click "market if touched" or better yet he just drops his offer a tick because the new best seller on Wall Street tells him "if you want to play, you gotta pay".

Flash Boys - New Kidz On The Block? 

For those of us who earn a living pulling 2 points (8 ticks) a day out of the most liquid market around - the S&P 500, we've been thinking fast on our seat for a long, long time. If my 1882.75 order doesn't get filled that's ok. I'll wait for the next train. However, with all the buzz about  SPEED SPEED SPEED, I'm no longer waiting on a train, my ship has come in. Straight up.

Why? While everyone is focused on being the first to the table, we're already at the table. We still have time to think. We still have time to wait for everything to come together just the way we like it. Worse case scenario? We get more opportunities every single trading day. Once the initial shock wears off, and everyone comes back out to play, us dirty rotten scoundrels, "the scalpers", we're about to have it better than we've ever had it before. 

Don't Forget Your Algorithm Flash Boy

We have some pretty fancy math here at CFRN. We don't tout it as an Algo, but we could I suppose. We've color coded things for simplicity and we honestly hide all the dirty work behind the scenes. The heavy lifting, the grunting and squealing... all you hear are Michael's dulcet tones. Cool, calm, collected, pointing you towards the next trade. 

Our math is fluent in over 7 languages. 


  • S&P500
  • Russell
  • Gold
  • Crude
  • Soybeans
  • Natural Gas
  • Euro


and those are just the ones we discuss outside the family office. Our math was never designed around speed, the cornerstone of what we do is called opportunity. At some point, the car moving so fast the driver can't see is bound to crash and burn. At our speed, we still have time to think, to analyze, to make decisions that are in our best interest. 


Don't Take my Word For It

I'm just another voice on the internet. Why should you believe me? You shouldn't... not yet. First, come see what I've just told you. Watch our Lead Trader in action as he puts on and takes off trades in real time, with real money, in front of real people. 

Once you see it, we'll even let you try it. Take the controls and go for a spin around the track. In fact, take 5 days. At the end of 5 days ask yourself which makes more sense:


  • Skimming a penny off a million trades in a week? ($10k profit)
  • Making 2 points a day (8 ticks) as a 20 contract trader in a week? ($10k profit)


Remember now, according to the writer at Forbes, choice #1 requires:

High-speed fiber optics lines to exchange servers, precise algorithms and the budget to finance all of the latest software and hardware.

While choice #2 simply requires you to come hang out with us for a week at no charge. Chances are you already have a computer. In fact, if you're reading this... thank a teacher, if you're reading it in English, thank a soldier, if you're reading it on the Internet, thank Al Gore.

Seriously, our 90 day course is designed to make you Guru Free Forever. Once you have our software and learn how to read a chart, you've been set free. On top of that, the price probably has 2 less commas than you're thinking of right now. 

There has never been a better time than now to take advantage of the "Chicken Little Sky Is Falling" mentality on Wall Street. It's like slam dunking a basketball with a step-ladder from Home Depot. Don't believe me? Smart man. Come see it for yourself....



Thursday - Friday Open House - 


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Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!



Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Flash Boys vs CFRN Boys w/ Wayne Jett


Trading Emini's - Live Audio & Video



E-mini Live Daily Radio & Podcast

CFRN - Official Voice of Emini Futures since 2005, we've now added video to the stream. Click the headphones above to listen to the audio podcast created from the . Click the video players below to watch our last 2 broadcasts in Hi-Def Video.


Live Broadcast - Emini Radio | 11/04/13 

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Emini Futures Live Trading Room Open House

Emini futures contracts, known as eminis, are simply scaled down versions of the larger "full size" contracts they emulate. Emini futures contracts are relatively new to the trading scene having only been around since 1997.

Emini trading was introduced to the markets by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) with the creation of the S&P 500 Emini Futures Contract. This product was created to provide traders with an affordable method of trading the stock indices.

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