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- R.H. Canada

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Emini Futures Trading


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Emini Futures Trading |
Choose The Market That's Right For You

Trading Emini Futures is now the second most popular method of participating in global financial markets. Emini Futures are appealing for many reasons as discussed in our article - . While that particular article was slanted towards learning to trade the S&P 500, most of the reasons discussed do hold true for all Emini Contracts.


Emini Markets To Choose From

These Emini Futures represent the Stock Indices they are named after. These are the most liquid, the most readily available and the ones most brokers are familiar with. While these do grab 90% of the attention, there are mini electronic versions available of many commodities.

Let's take a look at some of the lesser know E-Mini Contracts specifications and compare them to their full size counterparts. There are both advantages and disadvantages to trading the E-mini versions below and we will discuss both the pros and the cons.


Emini Commodities Contract Specifications 

  • Mini Gold - (ZYG) 33.3 ounces vs. Standard Gold Contract (GGC) 100 oz.
  • Mini Silver -  (YI) 1,000 oz. vs. Standard Silver Contract (GSI) 5,000 oz.
  • Mini Crude - (QM) 21,000 gallons vs. Standard Crude Oil (GCL) 42,000 gal.
  • Mini Natural Gas - (QG) 2,500 mmBTU vs. Standard Natural Gas (GNG) 10,000 mBTU
  • Mini Heating Oil - (QH) 21,000 gal. vs. Standard Heating Oil 42,000 gal.
  • Mini RBOB Gasoline - (QU) 21,000 gal. vs. Standard RBOB Gasoline 42,000 gal.
  • Mini Corn - (XC) 1,000 bushels (bu.) vs. Standard Corn Contract (ZC) 5,000 bu.
  • Mini Wheat - (XW) 1, 000 bushels (bu.) vs. Standard Wheat Contract (ZW) 5,000 bu.
  • Mini Soybeans - (XS) 1,000 bushels (bu.) vs. Standard Soybeans Contract (ZS) 5,000
  • Mini Euro - FX (E7) €62,000 vs. Standard Euro FX Contact (6E) €125,000
  • Mini Japanese Yen (J7) ¥6.25 Million vs. Standard Japanese Yen (6J) – ¥12.5 Million 

Until 2003 these E-Mini "Commodity" Contracts were highly favored by retail traders on the Mid-American Exchange. When MidAm was taken over by the CBOT, these contracts fell out of favor with small traders and almost disappeared completely. Why this happened is the subject of much speculation. Perhaps it was the change in management, fees, or lack of marketing. 

Whatever the reason, contracts which were very liquid and considered the great equalizer for small traders on the MidAm were simply forgotten. Today there is a resurgence of interest. Volume is still light in some and almost non-existent in others. However, as purely electronic markets, slippage is not so much an issue if you are an active trader and able to baby-sit your position, but the spread can be wide at times.

Also, these markets do not offer GTC or Good Till Canceled orders. This makes holding positions overnight a bit risky. As day trading vehicles, these contracts may be just the right thing for those new to trading and those working with smaller account sizes. Speak to your broker or call Burton Schlichter @ 866-928-3310 to see if these E-Mini futures contracts might be right for you.


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Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!



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After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI


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Emini Podcast for Friday 06/14/13

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Reader Comments (2)

Do you only teach Emini Futures Trading? I also want to learn how to trade Options and Forex. Does you method only work for trading Emini Futures or can I use it to trade the other stuff also? Can I call and talk to somebody? Which number do I use and what time should I call?
Thank you.

Jun 23, 2013 at 17:31 | Unregistered CommenterPhil Rivera

Call Burt @ 866-928-3310 to talk about trading options using our Emini Charts. You can reach him between 8AM - 5PM CDT. He's in Chicago.

Also, call Michael @ 949-42-EMINI about your interest in Forex. Michael trades Currency Futures in the Live Trading Room using our Proprietary Indicators. We may also teach Forex in the future, but call Michael and we can get you going right away on Currency Futures. Try Michael anytime. If you miss him just leave a voice mail.

You can try me anytime as well 415-857-5654.


Jun 23, 2013 at 21:20 | Registered CommenterEditor

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