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For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
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This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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What Is Emini?


What is Emini?

Emini, also known as E-mini, as well as the S&P Emini, is a term given to stock market index futures contracts traded on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange’s Globex electronic trading platform.

Stock index futures are contracts to buy or sell a specific stock index at a specific price on a specific date in the future. Mini contracts are simply smaller versions of regular contracts and require less money to trade. E-mini contracts are available on a wide range of indexes such as the Nasdaq 100, S&P 500, S&P MidCap 400 and Russell 2000.

For example, the E-mini S&P 500 futures contract is one-fifth the size of the standard S&P 500 futures contract. Advantages to trading E-mini contracts include liquidity, greater affordability for individual investors and around-the-clock trading.


Emini History

The S&P Emini was introduced by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) on September 9th, 1997. The primary reason behind the creation of this product was the value of the current S&P contract had become too large for many traders. The S&P Emini quickly became the most popular equity index futures contract in the world. The current average daily volume for the S&P Emini is over $140 billion, which far exceeds the combined traded dollar volume of the 500 underlying stocks themselves.

Due to its enormous success, the exchange created the E-mini NASDAQ-100 contract, and many other "mini" products to cater to traders with smaller accounts.


Emini Trading

Trading the S&P Emini or any of the other Emini contracts is a rather straight forward process. 

Unlike other professions which are subject to government regulation, licensing, years of education and large up front capitalization, becoming a self directed trader circumvents most of these issues. To fund an account in the US can be done for $5K or less. The time required to submit documents and have an account approved is often less than a week.


The only real barrier to entry in this field is education which is by far the most critical part of the equation. While there are currently no official educational requirements to become a trader, many training schools charge $7k-$50k and up, for a week of live training with little or no follow up. Since the educators themselves are not regulated, the quality of education that an aspiring trader receives is often far from adequate.


CFRN offers a unique Live Emini Training Course in a virtual classroom. Our students receive over 120 hours of individual training in live markets via our Live Emini Trading Room and have access to our video training library which currently contains over 100 hours of instruction. As part of the mentoring program, students also enjoy unlimited email and telephone support, participate in weekly workshops online, and become part of a vibrant community of traders around the globe. Most students choose to remain connected after their training via the CFRN Active Partner Program.


Emini Day Trading is a profession you can be proud of. There are no overnight riches to be had, but for those willing to apply themselves, work hard and learn the ropes, you can become a Certified CFRN Partner in just 90 days. Many of our students begin trading live before their 90 days are up but as a rule we encourage you to only move into live trading once you have developed and proven your skill set using our state of the art dtPro Platform and Simulator.


Working Together
We've only shared some of our indicators here but enough to give you an idea. Each and every one of these tools could be traded as a stand alone system. However, what you will learn over the next few months is how we blend the indicators together to give you a clear and objective view of the markets.

How We Differ
Nebulous is not in our lexicon. Every trade we take is clearly defined "to the tick", before the trade is taken. You will know when we are going to enter, where we are going to exit, and most importantly, you are going to know exactly why. Our goal is not to call trades or sell indicators, we could do that with an automated website. We show up to work each and every day because our goal is to "Teach You How To Trade"

Are you weary of being at the beck and call of a guru? Slave to a black box program you can never own?

We invite you to spend the next 5 days with us. No oblogation whatsoever. Simply bring an open mind. What we offer works. If you're ready to learn a new career or simply get off the treadmill once and for all, you've come to the right place. Give us the next 5 days and we'll give you the break you deserve.


Here's a quick look at what CFRN Partners did today -

Dow Emini Futures (YM) $5 per point / per contract
Dow Emini Futures (YM) $5 per point per contract
S&P Emini (ES) $50 per point per contract
We trade real money in live markets in our Emini Trading Room.
We keep both hands on top of the table.
Invest the next 5 days in the future you've dreamed of.


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Emini Podcast for Monday 02/13/12

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