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- R.H. Canada

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Learn to Trade Emini Futures - Emini Podcast 01/20/12


The S&P500 Emini put in a higher high today and closed there - 1 tick above yesterday. The majority of the last 2 trading sessions including Globex were spent inside an approximate 7 point range. As Emini Futures Traders we are in the unique position to profit from either up or down markets. Our greatest dilemma are days like we've seen this past week when the market flattens out and begins to coil for the next big move.

Once that move is underway profit opportunities will abound. What's important is to make sure you still have some dry powder when the time is right. We will be watching the Sunday night session as it opens and issuing trade alerts to Partners and all those who have signed up for the Free Trial.

CFRN Emini Trade of the Day


With that said, is it possible to still trade inside of a tight range? The answer is yes. That doesn't make it a good idea but the answer is again, yes. Most of the Partners already know one of my personal favorite trades is the Naked 2100. The elegant simplicity is very seductive in any range. This setup can be the Holy Grail one day and the Trade from Hell the next. As a Partner you will learn over time to asses price action and develop an eye for which day it is. Now let's look at some trades from today.

Naked Trades 1 & 2

Trade #1 triggered @ 1308 and moved briskly to 1309.50. Our goals is 2 points per day. If we know we have low volume and low volatility, reducing our expectations for an individual trade is a good way to go. Did this trade produce half of our daily goal? Yes. Was their room for a tick of slip on each end. Yes. If you are a 10 lot trader and you simply stopped here for the day, would that be a bad thing? I don't think so. Many folks who work just as hard as we do, many of them much harder, make $500 a week. The example I just gave you was worth $500 and lasted approximately 7 minutes. I know this all looks very simple and clever after the fact. Remember this - trading is risky, you can lose all your money. The good news is, by always using a hard stop loss, you never risk losing all your money on 1 trade. Without a hard stop loss you risk losing all your money on every trade. Whcih trader do you want to be?


Naked Trades 3 & 4

Now again, these setups are from today 01/20/12 and took place inside a 2 day / 7 point range. Before I go any farther I want to point out that the lone indicator you see on the chart is our CFMA1. As you Partners already know this is the backbone of the CFRN Indicator Set. It is not a simple Moving Average. It is a proprietary indicator that performs some very complex mathematical heavy lifting in the background. The elegance is that all those moving parts come together in an easy to read color coded manner that is both uniqe and powerful.

Trade #3 triggered @ 1307 and ran to 1309. That's an 8 tick move or 2 points (our daily goal). The bigger point I want to make here is that it is extremely difficult to take 8 ticks out of an 8 tick move. Honestly, it's more than difficult, it's literally impossible. On the other hand, how hard would it be to take 1/2 of our daily goal from this move? I refuse to say easy but I can say simple.

Trade #4 triggered @ 1307.25 and dropped to 1305.25. Another 8 tick move - to the tick. As Partners you have access to the charts, the data, and the indicators. Spend some time this weekend looking at this chart. Begin to develop your eye for Holy Grail vs. Trade from Hell. Use the market replay plug-in built into our dtPro charting platform next week. Record this chart as it develops all day while you are watching our charts and other time frames. Each evening spend 30 minutes to an hour replaying this chart as it unfolds tick by tick. You can speed it up just like a VCR. Learn what it looks like, learn what it feels like, then go trade it in sim. Bring your notes and questions to next Thursday's Partners Meeting.

I could go on but I don't want to give you the wrong idea. Remeber, my best advice was to be patient through these times of low volatility. However, even in a 7 point range you can still pull it off. I've shown you 4 trades in a row using only 1 indicator from our tool set that prodcued a realistically acheivable 1 point per trade. That's 4 points in 90 minutes. For a 10 lot trader that's $2k. I don't care who you are or what you do, it's never not a good day to make $2k.

  • Am I encouraging you trade in current market conditions?
  • Am I encouraging you to trade 10 lots?
  • Am I suggesting you shoot for 4 points instead of 2?

No. I'm not. I just wanted to show you the simple elegance of the CFMA1 Naked Emini Trade. I wanted to open your mind to the myriad of possibilities that are now yours as CFRN Partners. You have a toolbox, a methodology and an understanding of markets that will serve you well in any instrument, any time frame, under any conditions. Instead of 10 things, I threw only 1 thing at you tonight to encourage you to open your mind and embrace the endless possibilites that are now yours as a CFRN Partner.

Over the next few days I will walk you through some additional mind expanding opportunities that are already on your screen, already at your fingertips, I'll just help you see them. Be ready to be suprised.

Now you promise me this - Promise me you'll spend some true quality time with your family this weekend. Promise me that you'll do your best to not only brighten your corner of the world, but that as family you'll also together, try to find a way to brighten the corner of someone else's world as well. In return, I promise to do everything within my power to help you see every opportunity in the Emini kingdom that you now have the keys to.

I also promise you this - God willing, I'll see you "at the bell"...


DeWayne Reeves - CKO
Chief Kumbaya Officer

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Emini Podcast for Friday 01/20/12

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