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- R.H. Canada

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Emini Podcast / The Daily Futures 10/17/11


Greetings from AriZONEa. If you didn't catch the humor there you're either brand new to CFRN or I've wasted a whole lot of time posting these things. We'll get to that in a moment.

Today's broadcast was dedicated to my Uncle Ray. A special, unique, one of a kind guy. He loved computers, he was a preeminent Southern Gospel recording artist, and my mom's best friend. Whatever he did, from writing code, to making music, or baking brownies... he did it with great passion. When we launched CFRN he wrote the XML file to launch our very first podcast which ultimately got us into the iTunes store. I love you Uncle Ray. I wish I had called you more often.


OK, back here at the ranch in AriZONEa, let's check on those Weekly trading Zones. Did they do their job again? I'll let you be the judge. Again...

Now again the big question always seems to be -
"Can't you just trade Zone to Zone?"
The answer will always be "YES"
However, they do present other interesting opportunities as well...

Just a reminder - CFRN Partner's get these BEFORE the market opens.


We had 2 tweet's last night. I even gave a heads up here on the blog before I tweeted as I wanted everyone to have ample opportunity to take advantage of the setups.

DeWayne Reeves
consider selling 1220 Stop for possible 7-8 move. Join us at the bell for 2 hours of live trading -
This one did better than expected -
DeWayne Reeves
consider selling 11610 dow / you could win an iPad2 Learn to trade Emini Futures with CFRN
Swing Trader Update

I'm going to list the most recent signals on the ES. These could have been traded as a futures contract or as an option. Some of the partners are even using these signals to trade the SPY and other ETF's.

Aug 25th - Sell below 1161 - market dropped to 1126.75

Aug 26th - Buy above 1170 - market ran to 1223.75

Sep   1st - Sell below 1200 - market dropped to 1130.50

Sep   6th - Buy above 1166 - market ran to 1198.00

Sep   9th - Sell below 1173 - market dropped to 1123.50

Sep 13th - Buy above 1162 - market ran to 1214.50

Sep 18th - Sell below  1189 - market dropped to 1181.50

Sep 20th - Buy above  1202 - market ran to 1214.50

Sep 21st - Sell below   1194 - market dropped to 1102.00

Sep 25th - Buy above  1142 - market ran to 1190.00

Sep 28th - Sell below   1154 - market dropped to 1068.00

Oct   4th -  Buy above 1117 - market ran to 1216

Oct 13th - Sell below 1190 - market dropped to 1185.25

Oct 14th - Buy above 1207 - market ran to 1230.75

Oct 17th - Sell below 1202 - market dropped to 1187.25 (so far - still in play)

These are not cherry picked signals. This represents every signal generated on the time frame I am currently working with. Michael is using slightly different parameters which will enable us to fine tune and ultimately deliver you the Ultimate Option Tool. Remember, these directional sginals can be traded as Futures, Options, or ETF's. They can also be used as a backdrop to your short term intra-day trades.

Test them yourself by taking advantage of our 5 Day Free Trial!

It goes without saying that if you prefer to be a "Swing Trader" as opposed to a "Day Trader", this may very well be the Ultimate Swing Trader Tool as well. Here's the rub... all current CFRN Partners have access to this tool. However, we will be developing this as a separate product. Our current roll-out date for the new product is November 1st if all goes according to plans. Prior to rolling out the new product we will remove it from the current partner package. Anyone who is currently an active CFRN Partner will continue to have unlimited lifetime access to this tool and all signals generated. If you are considering becoming a Partner please keep in mind that after next Thursday's Partner Meeting, the Ultimate Option/Swing Trader Tool will be available only on a subscription basis. 

If you had milked every single point out of every single signal listed above that would be 678 points or $33,900 per contract. Is that realistic? NO! Is that what really happened? YES! So if it really happened why isn't it realistic? That's a great question!

Our Ultimate Option / Swing Trader Tool gives you the exact entry to the tick. Every trade. Every time. Your patience, risk tolerance and psychology determine where you will get out. Some people will use Weekly Trading Zones, some will use Fibs, some will throw the i-Ching (lol).

Are you weary of the hunt? What we have works. It's not a Holy Grail... it's a job. 

If you want to hit the lottery - keep Googling.

If you're ready to settle down and learn how to trade for a living - call me (415) 857-5654

Trading's not easy - but it can be simple!


Live Emini Trading Room Results


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Emini Podcast for Monday 10/17/11

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