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CFRN / dt-Pro Free Trial

If you would like to use dt Pro, please register by clicking the logo above and Daniels Trading will communicate with you directly to provide comprehensive tech support.


 If you would like to use Ninja Trader, please use the resources below. Either way, you get...


Complete Emini Training and Mentoring
For 1 Full Week (5 Trading Days)


PREPARE YOUR COMPUTER For dtPro or NinjaTrader



Install the CFRN Indicator Set for NinjaTrader 7



NinjaTrader 7 users, you must DOWNLOAD the following Zip file to your computer. Right click the file name and save to your "NinjaTrader7/bin/custom" folder which will be found in "Documents" on your computer. With NinjaTrader running, click Help / About and then copy your Machine ID and paste into an email and send to support@cfrn.net with Machine ID in Subject Line along with your first and last name.

(reminder: do not left click this Zip file / right click and save to the folder described above)

Ninja.X86 Zip File







 Big News For CFRN Traders -

We are now in our official Multi-Charts Beta Test. Use the Form below to take a 100% Free Trial of the Multi-Charts Trading Platform. Then go to Apply.CFRN.net and take a 100% Free Trial of the CFRN Indicators for Multi-Charts.

Join over 10,000 customers in 175 countries

We invite you to try our trading platform free for 30 days without any obligations or restrictions. Fill out this form to receive download and installation instructions by email right away.

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Indicator or Platform questions? tech@cfrn.net / 949-42-EMINI


The email you received contains the link and password to access the Live Emini Training Room. Your seat is reserved. If you are unable to attend please call as space is limited. If you did not receive the link and password check your bulk or spam folder. If you still don't see it contact me directly - support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI.

If at any time you are unsure of the next step to take or you have difficulty along the way, no worries...

We are always just a phone call or email away.





What next?
Once you have your platform downloaded and the indicators installed, watch the following short videos that will help you understand the tools you will use during your free trial.

CFRN Indicator Set
Designed for All Markets & All Time Frames

1) CF MA1 (Primary Price Trend)


2) CF Cycle (Bullish / Bearish)


3) CF DMT (Direction Momentum Trend)


4) CF SR (Dynamic Support and Resistance)


5) CF TC (Trend Change)


6) CF Chop Bands (Range Detection)


7) CF Elbow Indicator (Directional Change)


8) CF Sling Shot Indicator (Divergence)


9) CF YBR Indicator (Just follow it)


You now have all the tools required to begin your personal journey as an Emini Futures Trader. You also have a team of market professionals standing by ready to assist you with any questions or needs. This is a comprehensive training program. You will get out of it, what you put in to it. We look forward to your participation and success!

REMINDER: The Training Room opens no later than 9:30 EDT M-F.
Be there before the bell.


Trading's not easy, but it can be simple.


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