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Trading is risky and not suitable for all people. Please read the CFTC Required Disclosure Page and the CFRN Disclaimer Page as part of our Terms of Service. 


What happens in your E-Mini Live Trading Room?

For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
Ask questions and learn the most important trading lesson of all: WHEN, HOW, and WHY you should get in or out of a trade.


This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Emini Mentor - Coach - Tutor



Emini Mentor A Game Changer For Traders

Not only do novice E-mini Traders benefit from a personal mentor, even experienced veterans can show a dramatic improvement in their performance, simply by spending 1-2 hours a week with a Professional Emini Coach. From the world of athletes both at the amateur and pro level, we have long known that the right coach or mentor can mean the difference between bringing home the Gold and having to hitchhike home.

Today, Hollywood celebrities from dramatic actors to stand up comics like Seinfeld, are upping their game with a Coach, Mentor or Trainer. A lot of different names for someone focused on helping you operate at your peak performance level without burning you out. It's exciting to hit the big numbers in trading, but before long it can start to wear on you. Psychologically you go from an "I can do this" mentality which is quite healthy, to a "I have to do this" head space and that's where things can go horribly wrong, quickly.

The Pressure Of Trading

When you start out the only bills to pay are electricity, internet, commissions and lots and lots of Starbucks.  Over time, the account size grows, maybe you start to trade other people's money, so now you need someone to answer the phone and make the coffee.

You'll also need someone to crunch the numbers in back for taxes and also to feed to the marketing guy who is building your web site and printing your brochures. Now because many of your new found "friends" and clients want to trade seasonals, spreads and other exotic stuff they overhear at the Country Club, now you need a research guy. 

Does it never end? Nope, not until you put a mentor or coach on payroll who will put their foot down for you and hopefully teach you how to put it down for yourself going forward. It's lonely at the top.

The Simple Elegance Of Trading

Remember the beginning? All you wanted to do was trade a few contracts, 10 or 20, no pressure, no worries. Make a grand and call it a day? What happened? When you start to succeed, word gets out. People throw money at you. "Please, please, trade my money". You're flattered, your ego is stroked, so you agree. Before long you hear their house is in foreclosure and their spouse or parent needs expensive medical treatment and everybody's counting on you. Let the daily calls begin. 

The call always starts the same with an inquiry about your health. "How you doing? Getting some exercise, sleeping good?" Then sports, then the weather and then finally the real reason for the call. Almost as an afterthought, in the midst of the hang-up, "Oh... by the way, how'd we do today?" It used to be the market that put the knot in your stomach, now it's your Aunt Ethel, your Sunday School Teacher and the neighbor next door who loves to run his leaf blower @ 7am on Saturday, your only day to sleep in.

Their problems become your problems and unless you put up a buffer zone between you and their problems, you're gonna' fold real quick. A good Emini Trading Coach or Mentor can help get you get focused on your trading again. Remember, unless you make the points, nobody gets paid. Not the secretary, the web guy, the research guy or the Specialist at Mt. Sinai. Oh, and your "friends" stop calling. 

Getting Your Emini House In Order

If you're truly a Rain Maker, not someone who just gets lucky from time to time, you are a valuable commodity. More precious than the stuff you're trading. You know how to turn nothing into something. This is where the Coach or Mentor steps in. 

They keep you centered, focused and clear headed. They may also tell some or most of the entourage to take a hike. Hey, it's a tough job, but that's what you're paying them to do. Get you back to peak performance so you can make it Rain. That's your job right? Wrong, it's your passion.

The New Emini Trader

You're thinking "I wish I had those kind of problems." No you don't, but truth is... you will if you're any good. If you really can make it Rain, they will hunt you down like a heat seeking missile, but first things first. You need a Coach or Mentor for an entirely different reason right now. Their job may or may not be to teach you the methodology or how to read charts.

There are Emini Teachers who also do those other jobs as well. If you can find one, and afford one (a good one with references), you can shave months, even years off your learning curve. When you weigh the benefits and advantages against the cost, it's a no-brainer. As a new Emini Trader, your education, those formative months and years, are the foundation of what may become the hottest new Trading Firm on Main Street, possibly even Wall Street. 

Emini Skinny

A good Coach or Trading Mentor will also be honest with you. Trading is not suitable for all people and if after working with you, they will have a good idea what your potential is. Don't be too easily discouraged. Michael Jordan was named "Most Likely To Play Miniature Golf" and Ben Franklin kept going bankrupt. 

Within a few months you'll also have a pretty good "gut idea" what your potential is. The fact that you were astute enough to hire a Trading Coach and Mentor in the beginning, increases your chance for success a few thousand fold. If they do nothing else, they can keep you from blowing up your account. 

Meet Emini Coaches and Mentors

To learn more and spend some one on one time with a Professional Emini Trader, call 949-42-EMINI or drop in to our Live Trading Room http://cfrn.net/apply You'll be able to see a world class Professional Trader who is currently in his prime. You can watch him trade and ask as many questions as you like. 

If the computer locks you out..

email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI or 866-928-3310 for a Second Chance.



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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