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Peter Eliades on CFRN Emini Radio



Peter Eliades Stock Market and Emini Cycles

Garrett Jones CFRN Co-host made this incredible interview possible. If you've always know there were cycles in life, wake-work-sleep... in nature, winter - spring - fall - summer, so why not the markets?


Finding Cycles in the Stock Market and Emini Futures

The theory of stock market cycles contends that stock prices move as a result of a combination of cyclical forces. Fundamental factors also influence stock prices, but their effect is generally a smooth one and unrelated to market timing.

The typical Emini or Stock Chart appears “random” in character. In other words, most analysts would contend there is little, if any, predictability to the pattern. The fact is that the emini or stock-like chart is an exact representation of a combination of the four sine waves (or cycles) and the straight line below it. It is perfectly predictable. For those who are mathematically inclined, it represents the equation y=12sinx + 4sin3x + 2sin6x + sin24x + .04x, where y represents price or the vertical axis and x represents time or the horizontal axis. No real life stock chart is, of course, a strict mathematical formula, but the principles of general predictability do apply. (source: www.stockmarketcycles.com)

Cycle Theory

Needless to say, cycles in the stock and commodities market are an intricate and complex subject. In the next few paragraphs, we will attempt to impart an awareness of the nature of cycles and their effect on the market, but t is impossible to go into cycle theory in any great detail here. (listen to the interview)

Basically cycle theory contends that the major trends of stocks and stock averages are determined by fundamentals. But fundamental influences affect a stock or a stock average smoothly. The trend is sideways, up, or down at varying angles and is, of course, subject to change when fundamentals change i.e., earnings reports, new products, etc. These smooth fundamental trends are affected by cycles, and the cycles are most important for market timing because they repeat with a good degree of regularity. 

The factor which makes cycle analysis most difficult is the fact that all cycles act on averages simultaneously. Some are pushing upward and others are pushing downward at any given time. The ideal buying situation occurs when many cycles bottom together or in proximity to each other.(source: stockmarketcycles.com)

Peter Eliades on CFRN Emini Radio

Today was a first for Peter on CFRN, but it certainly won't be the last. Check out Peter's home page to grab his most recent report published March 29, 2016.


Peter Eliades on CFRN Emini Radio

Cycles in Emini Futures Trading

As we move forward, we will look closer at Cycles as they relate to Emini Futures and all Commodities. Stay tuned...

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Peter Eliades Stock Market Cycle Legend