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This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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The Ruling Elite, Criminal Cabals And Wayne Jett



Silicon Valley And Capitol Hill Uber Rich...
Mere Pawns? Rockefeller Operatives?
Manchurian Billionaires?


(Phoenix, AZ) Our interview today with Wayne Jett took us back to our roots. CFRN cut its teeth on a market gone mad, battling with the very agencies created to protect us as they played footsie under the table with bad guys in white hats

Oh dem bad guys. Ever so clever. Cuban and Co., jet setting to and fro... President hard at work "making decisions". I do believe some of them have at least an inkling that somehow they got a little "too lucky".  Despite their own brilliance and ability to send a chill up or down another man's leg, I do believe some have questioned, quietly of course in their inner thoughts... how it all happened. So perfectly, as if scripted by some unseen hand. Impossible you say? Not likely you surmise.

Do I want to tell 'em? No, you tell 'em, I already have. So have men like Wayne Jett. Just a heads-up, not one of them will ever believe you, or publicly admit it. Why would they? Having a Gulfstream 500 on stand-by or even better, Air Force One... when you get that late night craving for those out of this world Calzones you can only get from a little family joint you still have connections with back in Chicago, or those Crazy Good Baby Back Ribs (extra sauce please) from Hotlanta... Pawn me up baby!

Our interview today scarcely scratched the surface. In fact, most of the disgruntled rhetoric above is from me, not our esteemed guest. Click the Headphones above to hear what you probably won't hear in most other places. Fast forward to the 1:00 hour mark to find out just who Wayne Jett is and why he may be one of the most dangerous economists of this generation. Wayne doesn't spew conjecture and innuendo. As a practicing attorney for 10 years, he knows a thing or two about gathering and presenting hard evidence.

Wayne will be back on the show next week to identify exactly what FDR did to nail the Great Depression. We'll hear more, much more about the Ruling Class Elite in America today. Who thinks they are them, as well as who THEY really are. Admit it, you've always wanted to know who "they" are. We all do. Next week you're going to find out. Not the rantings of a wild eyed, tousled hair bipolar ward of the state, this time it will come from a man who not only has a belief, but says he has the proof to back it up.

Is Wayne Jett one of the most dangerous men in America? Stay Tuned...


Mugging On Wall Street

(New York, NY) Another brutal slaying on Wall Street today as one more small company with a really big idea had their heart ripped out and their family jewels stomped in broad daylight as traders, exchange officials and watchdog agencies looked on. Not surprisingly, no one made a move to stop the savage attack. It is also reported that onlookers were seen riffling through the victims pockets once the body stopped thrashing...

Impossible you say? Unbelievable? Preposterous? 

Ask Rod Young, Patrick Byrne, or a host of others. Are all failed companies the victim of Naked Shorting? No. Ask Richard Altamore and... a host of others. Do we have a problem? Yes. Do we have a solution? YES!


The Emini Solution

Is it exciting to stumble upon a young company with a bright idea, promising product, or innovative service? Indeed it is! It makes you feel like the Indiana Jones of publicly traded companies. Unfortunately, due to the very real problem of Naked Short Selling, many an Indiana has been turned into a Geraldo staring into Capone's empty vault.

When I say I have a solution, let me apologize for not being able to give you back the profound exhilaration that comes with discovering an Eagle Tech or an Overstock in its early stages when shares are cheap, but cheap for a reason. The ability for a "good" company to see its share price rise from 10 cents to a dollar is a much easier task than the trip from $10 to $100. Guess what? The return is the same. The % gain on your investment is identical. The only difference? You can buy 10 shares instead of 1. A humble $10k investment can become a $1m reality if the stock ever makes it to $10.

Does it happen? Can it happen? It used to, frequently. Back in the day... as they say. Before bankers became predators and bridge loans became death spirals. So where's the hope I promised? Right in front of you, big as life- the Emini. It's affordable, liquid and free from manipulation. Not only are you safe from those who see Naked Shorting as legal game (like shooting Bambi at a salt lick), you're even immune from the CEO who runs off with the checkbook, the secretary and even the coffee pot. 


Listen to Part 1 of our interview with Wayne Jett (1 hour mark)

Why Have I Never Heard Of This Emini?

There must be a reason. Indeed there is. If I'm a thug by trade the last thing in the world I want to do is educate you on firearms. If I control the media both large and small, then they better keep their mouth shut if they want to keep their jobs. If everybody stops buying shares of small companies and instead buying contracts on the best of breed S&P 500, how can the dodgy player make a living? I don't care.

Of course, as with all things there is a trade-off. The small company with the big idea finds it even more difficult to bring their product, service or idea to market. For them, my heart truly breaks. America is the land of the free and home of the greatest entrepreneurial spirit this world has ever known. Home to 95% of every ground breaking, industry disrupting, technology known to man. What happens to them? I don't know. For now, my concern is you.

CFRN is hyper-focused for now on just one thing, the small investor. We teach, we train, we coach, we mentor and then we set you free. armed with the knowledge that it is still possible to earn a living in the capital markets. Even if you don't have a Center with a skating rink, or a Library named after you, even if you never made it to an ivy league college or any college at all. If you're willing to hunker down and put in the time, the tools and education required to succeed in the markets are AVAILABLE.

We can't guarantee you success, no one can. Yet many routinely do and get away with it. Be careful out there. We teach you how to control $90k of equity in 500 companies all at once. Chances are you've heard of the S&P 500 prior to this article. You're probably also aware of the Dow, Nasdaq, even the Russell. What many people don't understand is the ultimate diversification that comes when you buy just one contract that represents fractional ownership in not one company, but 500, or 30, or 100, or 2000. 


Not An Option / Not An ETF

Options and ETF's are both excellent ways to actively trade the market. Just last week we interviewed one John Nyaradi, the "go to guy" when it comes to ETF's. You also may have heard that 80% of all Options expire worthless. True story. You also may have heard the really clever fellows don't buy the options, they sell them. That puts them in the 20% vs. the 80% pool. There's always a rub though... to get into the 20% pool you have to be willing to get naked. Yes this is still family radio. In the world of Options, naked means you have no protection. The odds are greatly in your favor, but the risk is unlimited while the upside is quite limited.  Nonetheless, many do make it work and make a good living.


So Why The Emini?

What we've found in the Emini Futures Contract is all the good and very little bad. Is there risk? Every investment carries risk. What makes the E-mini so attractive in our eyes? We've already mentioned one of them- 

Affordability - $500 per contract intra-day. The day session begins @ 6pm Eastern. Plus...

Accessibility - Emini markets trade 23 hours a day from 6pm Eastern on Sunday until 5pm Friday.

Liquidity - All Eminis are liquid, but the S&P 500 in particular trades 1-3 million contracts each and every day. 

Protection - There's no FDIC policy on an Emini contract, but there is an escape button. Right on your Trading Dom. SELL MARKET if you're long and BUY MARKET if you're short. If you have the luxury of time there are better ways to exit, but in a fast market where you just want to stop the bleeding, the few ticks it will cost you in slippage, is money well spent.

Stop Loss - Another handy dandy little tool is the ability to limit the amount you risk on every trade. Yes, it does require $500 in margin to trade one E-mini contract, but by using a Hard Stop, not a mental stop, you can limit your risk to what ever suits your account size and personality. We personally never risk more than 8 ticks which in the S&P is $100. So while we enjoy unlimited upside potential, our downside is limited to $100 per contract, per trade. Can a Stop Loss be jumped in a fast moving market? Yes it can. However, due to the liquidity of the Eminis, when it does happen, in the absence of a flash crash or real crash, it is usually limited to a few ticks. Talk with your Broker about the proper use of Hard Stops when trading Emini Futures.

Leverage - Already discussed, but worth mentioning again. Using the S&P 500 as an example, your $500 margin controls approximately $90k of equity at the current value of the S&P. Take the currrent price of the S&P and multiply it by 50. The result is the size of the tiger you have by the tail.

Commissions - Unlike stock commissions, Emini costs are quoted as "Round Turn". This means you pay one price to get in and that price also includes getting you out. Like a round trip airline ticket. Our students pay less than $6.00 per round turn to place their own trades. If for some reason you need a broker to place the trade for you, it's still quite affordable.

Level Playing Field - When you trade Emini Futures, you are participating in a 100% electronic market. No market maker, no middle man, no monkey business. We're talking FIFO (first in - first out). Whether you're a heavy hitter trading 1,000 contracts for GS, or a part time insurance agent just learning the ropes... your 1 contract order gets the same respect as Mr. Big Dog.


Listen to Part 1 of our interview with Wayne Jett (1 hour mark)

So What's The Downside?

I know, the laundry list above does make it sound to be to good to be true doesn't it? There is a downside, a HUGE one. Unless you know how to trade, the market will eat your lunch, your breakfast, dinner, even that Twinkie hiding in the back of your drawer. The one gathering dust since the 80's. (btw - it's still good edible, you gonna' eat it?)

Now when I say you must know how to trade, I don't mean whether or not you know how to place an order. With modern technology that's fairly simple to do. In fact, the modern trading platform even gives you the ability to place an order, a stop loss and even a target in one simple mouse click. The only hitch? You better make sure you know where to click that mouse, at what price and at what time. Speaking of time, timing is a large part of the equation. In a bull run it's possible to place one buy order after another and still wipe out your account. The same is true of placing sell orders in a bear market. 


How Can I Learn?

There are some popular 5 day classes out there. The only problem is, you can't learn how to trade in 5 days. You realize that fact on about day 4 and on day 5 you're reassured. There are more advanced classes you can take and "Hey, don't worry about the $7k you just spent. The market has unlimited potential right?" Now press down hard, you're going through 3 copies.

The last time I googled "Learn How To Trade Emini Futures", I got back over 100k responses. That's a bit overwhelming. As you sift your way through, some points to consider are 

  • How long have they been in business?
  • Do they train in live markets or with historical charts?
  • Does the instructor trade real money, in real time, while teaching?
  • Do they offer training and mentoring beyond the classroom?
  • Is help available after the class or course is over?
  • Is the instructor willing to answer questions without getting offended?
  • Do they allow you to attend any classes for free? Actual classes where students are being taught how to trade in a live environment?
  • Are the tools used by the instructor proprietary and if so are they included in the cost of the course?

Your "gut" feeling may or may not be helpful. If the teacher or salesperson is overly charismatic, your decision might be swayed by personality vs. results. This list could go on and on, but I think it gives you a pretty solid starting point.


Radio Station Or Trading Educators?

Great question! See, you're getting the hang of it already. Yes we do teach, train and mentor those who have a desire to learn how to trade. We're also a radio station and we've been streaming Christian and Market content absolutely free for the past 8 years. April marks the beginning of our 9th year. Beyond Emini Futures we also trade and teach Gold, Copper, Soybeans, the Euro, Crude, Natural Gas and more. If it's a futures contract (including currency futures) our methodology and tools will do the job.

If we can be of service in any way, please reach out. Trading can be a lonely business and man was divinely wired to be a tribal creature. Please accept this as an invitation to check out our tribe and see if becoming a member fits. I'm not refering to the course we offer, I'm talking about our Daily Live Broadcast from 12-2pm Eastern. We talk about markets of course, but we also touch on whatever's making headlines in the world of technology, business, politics and while we can go deeply philosophical from time to time, we do try to keep it light and even crack the occasional funny one. Be warned though, humor is not our strongest point.

Do consider joining us from 12-2pm Eastern every trading day. Beyond just listening to the show, come see our charts and participate in the discussion. Ask questions. Visit our Daily Live Broadcast page for full details. It's absolutely free and the entire team would love to see you in the audience.




Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




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Interview with Wayne Jett - Author of "The Fruits of Graft"