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This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Christian Financial Emini Radio Review - TradingSchools.org



Christian Financial Radio Network


Setting The Record Straight

Let's start first with the site issuing the review. Then we will move on to the individual behind the site. According to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANNa nonprofit organization that is responsible for coordinating the maintenance and methodologies of several databases, with unique identifiers, related to the namespace's of the Internet - and thereby, ensuring the network's stable and secure operation. In the beginning the TLD ".org" was specifically reserved for "Non Profit" corporations and companies using the ".org" suffix and were required to submit substantiating documentation to receive approval.

Over the years, so much abuse took place that ICANN and Network Solutions literally threw up their hands and stopped vetting that "non-profit companies" were actually "non-profit". At this point however, it was already embedded in the psyche of Netizens around the world that a ".org" extension on a website url, did in fact mean "non-profit". While no law has been broken due to the inbability of ICANN to effectively police the Internet (it's big), this could fall under the label "crime of opportunity" for which the penalty is nothing more than a guilty conscious. The web site in question here, is TradingSchools.org which creates the impression that its work product is done as a public service and that it operates as a "non-profit". Interestingly when you read the review written by Emmett Moore of TradingSchools.org, either one of my own Google Advertisements, or the advertisement of someone  else will appear alongside the article. If you click on the advertisement, revenue is generated for TradingSchools.org or Emmett Moore. My point is simply that the very name of the self billed "review site" intentionally attempts to convey they are a non profit. If they are, I believe that should be clarified one way or another on the About Us Page. No shame in being a "For Profit Company". Just stand up and proclaim it. It's an honor! If they are a "non-profit" entity, I stand corrected.

We are proud to be Americans. We believe Capitalism is the backbone  of our nation. From the Ma' and Pa' Shop, to Walmart, the ability to grow your own business, roll your own financial destiny and smoke the living daylights out of the competition is really what made America great... and with or without Mr. Trump, it will make America greater than it's ever been before.

Both our Christian Talk Radio Station and our Educational Training Division are proud, finely tuned, capitalistic engines of growth that not only create jobs here in America first, but abroad as well

Who is Emmett Moore and TradingSchools.org?

Self Admission, aka: the "I'm guilty defense".

Well played. For those not familiar let's run through Emmett's self admitted wrong doings. Keep in mind, these are not accusations, but what he himself has admitted on his own site. Again Emmett, "well played" sir. Here it is, in his own words

It's a bit romanticized, but I believe Frank Abagnale Jr. "Catch Me If You Can" would be proud.


Is Emmett Moore A Trader?

I honestly don't know. If he does teach, train, coach or mentor, I would very much like to attend some of his sessions to see exactly what type of Trader he is. I would assume that to pass judgement on so many, he must really know his stuff. I hope that's the case. You should ask him.

I do know that a gentleman by the name of the Fractal FuturesTrader, did invite Emmett to a trading competition. The last I heard the challenge had not been accepted. Of course,  that may have changed. Perhaps Emmett feels that because he is in the business of "reviewing" other sites, it might somehow be unfair to actually pit his skills against the Traders he chooses to judge.


Christian Financial Radio Review

Before I dissect the review of our company, now in its 2nd decade (our company, not the review),  I must first explain our unique business model. Unless you have done business with us directly, you may have never encountered our way of doing business.

  • You start out with a 5 day trial in our Live Training Room.  No CC or Obligation.
  • During the 5 Business Day Trial, you will be able to use our Indicator Set which is compatible with Ninja Trader, dtPro, Apex Trading, Global Futures, Zaner, OEC Trader and any White Label Platform provided by Brokers who clear through Gain Capital.
  • During the trial you will spend 10 hours (2 hours per day for 5 days), training in a group setting in Live Markets.
  • You will also spend 1 hour of "One on One" Private Mentoring with either DeWayne or Michael.

What Changes When You Become a CFRN   Partner?

#1) You have access to the Live Training Room for the next 90 days.

#2) You attend our Weekly Partner Workshops every Thursday @ 9pm Eastern.      

#3) You have access to over 1,000 hours of Live Training Videos.

#4) You own the CFRN Indicator Set for life.

#5) After your initial 90 days are up, if you wish to remain an Active Partner the cost is $75/mth.

#6) You have unlimited access to the Developers for the initial 90 days and for as long as you remain an Active Partner.

#7) You qualify for all Software Updates as they occur, for life, at no charge.

#8) Every Monday morning @ 6:15am EST you recieve our Weekly Trading Zones for the S&P, Dow, Russell and Nasdaq. Many Partners state they became and remain Partners, simply for the Zones. We have been publicly publishing them for the CFRN Active Partner Community since Dec 14, 2009.

#9) We are now in our second decade of service. Established April of 2005.

#10) Everyone from Plato to Steve Jobs has been credited with the following statement:

"Find a job you love and you'll never work another day in your life."

That's exactly what happened with Michael and I. We launched the Christian Financial Radio Network to serve as a platform for the "Dirty Dozen" as we were known. A group of madcap zany characters ranging from Dave Patch, to Mark Faulk, Rod Young CEO of Eagletech, Darren Saunders RIP, Bud Burrell and more. Members of our group testified before Congress and the SEC in an attempt to shut down the practice of Illegal Naked Short Selling.

After much investigative journalism we were faced with the conclusion that the SEC and DTTC were duplicitous in the crime. Mark wrote a book: 

The Naked Truth: Counterfeiting the American Dream: Mark ...

Darren died because the company with the cure for his disease was Naked Shorted into oblivion.

Homes were lost, businesses destroyed, lives taken... I was one of the lucky ones. After losing a decade of storing up for winter I walked away. I found the world of Emini Futures where there were no Market Makers, no Middle-Men, no Pump and Dumpsters. I then began the arborous journey of teaching myself to become a technical trader. It took years and most of what I had left, but by the Grace of God I was a survivor and am still able to tell the story. For that I'm most grateful.

If you care to read a short article about our company, our name and our business practices... you'll find it over at Seeking Alpha where I've been a frequent contributor for several years. The article is titled:
"God Chasers and Emini Traders"
. It's no literary masterpiece, about a 10 minute read, but it does speak to the heart of who we are, what we do and why we do it.


Why Do We Do It?

Let's not beat around the bush. Michael and I taught traders for free for the first 4 years of CFRN. It reached a point where our hobby of giving back, was consuming more of our life than our paycheck jobs.  I went  to Machu Picchu, did some soul searching, never shaved my head... and came back to Phoenix with a fresh vision.

I said "Michael, we've given back for 4 years, if what we do has real value, people will pay for it. If it doesn't, they won't. If that be the case we can simply keep trading with no distractions."

Silence... more silence... he finally said "Let's do it". 

Best decision we ever made. We gave our faithful followers a 30 day notice and a deeply discounted "Show Me the Money" special offer. Funny thing happened the day we officially "went into business".

Our ranks doubled. In 2 months they tripled. Then I lost count...


Back to the Christian Financial Radio Review

It seems the best way to deal with the trove of misinformation is to start at the beginning and work my way through, point by point. Fair enough?

I should point out that in the original review, Mr. Moore admitted to using aliases, fake names and other manner of subterfuge to spend 30 days in our Live Trading Room. As stated we offer a 5 Day Free Trial. Each day beyond that spent in our Trading Room was in violation of our terms of serice. His actions break both state and federal laws... and is blatant theft of intellectual property for which there is no excuse.

Review Statement: Traded markets, in particular Natural Gas and Soybeans cannot be replicated.

Rebuttal: Yes they can.  Come to our Live Trading Room any trading day M-F and we will show you how our method works. Trading and Training Firms can work magic with Cantasia and Photoshop. One thing you can never fake is a Real Time Chart. That's what we use. Every Day!

Review Statement: On Christmas Eve, December 2014, I wrote a highly positive review of theChristian Financial Radio Network. Of course, I am always really careful about posting a positive review simply because I know that a lot of folks will rush out and spend thousands of dollars on the product. In addition to purchasing the product, I have to consider that a person is trusting that my information will be valid for them. I take this responsibility very seriously.

Rebuttal: Our server records reflect no such flurry of activity. No one according to our records, read the article and rushed to buy the Mentoring Program. There was an uptick in the number of Google Adwords Ads that apear on the site next to our review. Well played! Emmett made a nice chunk of change on people clicking our Google AdWords Advertisement on his site.


Review Statement:  On February 2, 2014 I received an email from a person trading out of Switzerland. They explained that based upon my positive review, they had spent $4,000 for the trading course. They then began paper trading as recommended by Dewayne. After a month of paper trading and copying approximately 85% of the trades called with the trading room, they decided to begin trading with a live trading account.

Rebuttal: That is not the price of our mentoring program (huge red flag). We do not recommend copying trades in the Live Trading Room. The pupose of the Live Trading Room is so that you can "Learn How to Trade". What we teach is to watch, listen, learn and ask questons for 2 hours each day. The student is then encouraged to go and practice for 2 hours (minimum) in the Simulator. This helps the Student learn quickly what he or she, doesn't yet know. Practice in Sim, fall down, skin your nose, write down questions, come to class the next day, ask questions and Learn How To Trade.


Review Statement: The end result is that a $30,000 futures trading account had quickly lost $10,000. I felt terrible. I felt responsible. Dewayne said that the trader was at fault and just needed to try harder.

Rebuttal: Our Students are required to put together 10 consecutive days in Sim where they earn $100 per contract in 10 trades or less. Once a Student qualifies to trade real money, he or she must incease their account balance by $2k before they are allowed to add a 2nd contract. If at any time it takes more than 10 trades to earn $100 per contract, 2 days in a row, the Student must return to the Simulator and then request a Private Mentoring Session (at no additonal charge) so we can sort out what the problem is.

If a Student simply follows the instructions as they are written and taught on a daily basis, it defies the laws of physics that a Student would lose $10k unless they failed to   follow the rules as they are written and taught on a daily basis.

I would very much like to have a public discussion with this "Student" you refer to on Live Radio and allow the trading community at large to hear the TRUTH. The good news for you Emmett, is if you have reported the facts as they were told to you, you're off the hook on this one. The Student you refer to, simply failed to follow the instructions he or she paid for. We unfortunately can not help those who refuse to follow the time tested formula we use day in and day out.


Review Statement: I then received another email from a trader living in South America. They had also read my review, sent $3,000 and also lost money because they simply could not copy the trades in the CFRN trading room. I became really distressed and then asked that both traders send account statements so that I could hopefully figure out, via time stamp where the problem was happening. I contacted Dewayne and expressed my concerns. He became less and less enthused about my questions and began delaying responses. Eventually he told me to go away and stop contacting him. I explained that real people were losing a lot of money, and they were losing it very fast as a result of my positive review. A bit shamefully, and with more than a bit of regret…I got to see a side of CFRN that is certainly not very Christian.

Rebuttal: Again, that's not our price. Our 90 Day Mentoring program has nothing to do with "Copying Trades". We are very up front in this matter. If you are looking for a "Trade Calling Service", we are not the right fit. Our goal is to "Teach you how to Trade".

Watch, listen, learn, ask questions for 2 hours a day, practice for 2 hours a day or as many hours a day as your schedule permits. Return tomorrow with a fresh set of questions which we will answer and demonstrate on an individual basis. This is how one "Learns How to Trade"

We repeat in both spoken and written word, that we are not a "Trade Calling Service". Most of you know, those never work out. Do they? Come on... do they? Of course not. The only answer to your delimna is to Learn How to Read a Chart which leads you to Learning How to Trade.

You crossed a line with your next remark. I treat eveyone with dignity and respect, whether I agree with them or not. I do expect to be treated the same. To tell you to go away and stop contacting me, could only come from you crossing the line of dignity and respect. You've already been called out to a Trading Contest, I'm now calling you out to an honesty contest. I'm inviting you to appear as a guest on my Daily Live Broadcast and while being recorded Live to Tape, repeat the same accusations you've made on your web site. I will make myself available any day at any time. Just bear in mind tape will be rolling.


Review Statement: After beating myself up, and spending many hours reviewing the trading data posted at CFRN versus the foreign clients, I began to see the problem and the pattern is very clear. The majority of the losses and the disconnect was happening between the Natural Gas and the Soybean trades. These two markets represent a big portion of the CFRN profits and are used to market the CFRN course, however these markets in particular are very thin markets. What is a thin market? It simply means that there is not a lot of trading volume, and anyone using limit orders would have a difficult time getting a price fill. With the foreign traders, I discovered the problem…latency. This was a simple matter of people being too far away from the central exchange in Chicago. Michael at CFRN was able to execute these small scalping trades because he lives very to close to the exchange, but the folks living farther away had absolutely no chance of replication.

Rebuttal: I must say up until this point I was a little aggravated with you. Now that I see how little you really undestand about how markets work, I can just smile and chuckle as most Professional Traders around the world have done since reading your commentary. Let's start with Soybeans which by no way account for a large % of our earnings. However, since you feel they do, let me educate the audience.

Here is a 30 minute chart of Soybeans beginning with the Wall Street open highlighted.


Soybeans Soybeans March 2016

13,462 contracts in 30 minutes
12.500 contracts in 30 minutes
15,200 contracts in 30 minutes
28.000 contracts in 30 minutes


Natural Gas 30 minute /Charts

Natural Gas March 2016

I could go on, but we've now crossed the line from opinion to fact. From innuendo to embarrasement. From someone who wants to fancy hmself a Judge of Traders, but won't accept a simple trading challenge from a very nice gentlemen. He's known as the Fractal Futures Trader and while he's no grandstander, he is a man who "Knows how to trade".


Here's the gentlemanly challenge he extended to to Judge and Jury -    Emmett Moore


Well Emmett, you wrote a glowing review (except when you called me an old reptile sitting on a rock) and when you disagreed with my refund policy you took my review down. Sort of like extortion.

Of course, you never bothered to carefully research the client whose refund I was denying. Did you know that he was a floor trader? Did you know I set up a special payment plans so that he could afford to learn the e-minis? Did you know that he was never in my room for the first 45 days? Naw, you’re better at running your mouth than being an objective evaluator of trading technique.

So let’s make it easy, if you’re going to evaluate trading rooms you ought to know how to trade. I’m not convinced you know how to trade; trading against me for a week, we can set up easy rules to assure compliance on both parts, and let’s see how you do. I already know, I’ve talked to enough to grasp your understanding of how the markets work. Granted your a great marketer. Not so much on the trading. Let’s do this and if you win you’ll have some credibility.

My bet?  You won’t show, you’re a keyboard warrior…that’s it.  Try trading against someone with some real experience and stop handing out positive reviews to your pet projects, you know what I am talking about and soon others will know you, too.

Will I win?  I expect to.  Can I double your total?  I expect to.  Will you shut-up?  I doubt it.  I’ve been in this business for a while and met quite a few “Emmett Moore” types in my life, you’re not so special nor are your motives to review sites altruistic….why don’t you share with everyone what is really going on   with you site?  Your fawning admirers might be surprised.

While I don't personally know the Fractal Futures Trader, I can tell simply by reading what he writes and what Emmett pays others to scavenge, I will lay 5 to 1 odds on the Fractal Trader.


The Apology

Review Statement:   I also need to consider that I have entered thousands of trades on a DOM and have a lot of experience. Even with my vast experience, I also had a very difficult time replicating the CFRN trades. With this being said, I have to sincerely apologize to all readers, known and unknown, that took action and paid CFRN money. The truth is the truth, and it has become apparent that the scalping method taught at CFRN is not going to work for the majority. And considering that there are plenty of educators out there where trades are easily replicated, I have to remove my endorsement.

Rebuttal: After careful forensic analysis of our Google Analytics and 3rd party verification, we find no evidence of anyone who entered our 90 Day Mentoring Program based on the reccomendation of Emmett Moore or TradingSchool.org .


Review Statement:  I need to make sure that the trading room performance can be copied by a grandmother. Seriously, if a grandma from Oregon cannot make money, then I wont ever take another chance and recommend a product unless the trader has a fighting chance. Many apologies to my readers. Especially those that lost money.

Rebuttal: We are in our 2nd decade of teaching ordinary people (like me) how to trade. At this point I would like to hire 10 Grandmothers at an hourly wage and give you Emmet Moore the opportunity to teach them how to trade. Not someone else, not a stunt double, but you and you alone Mr. Emmett Moore. In the interest of full transparency, our legal dept. will vet each candidate to determine if they have any prior trading experience whatsoever. It's OK if they do, they must simply disclose what level of success or failure they have achieved before you "lay hands" on them.


In Closing

We have hundreds of successful traders around the globe. They have hounded me as to why I won't "Strike Back" at you and your slanderous foolishness. It's called "Crazy like a Fox".

Besides the Scriptual answer "Vengence is mine saith the Lord", I just wanted to see how far you would go. I gave you all the rope you needed and you eagerly took evey inch. The one thing that separates you and I (besides the obvious), is that I have hundreds of traders around the globe who are now consistently profitable because Michael and I taught them a vey simple concept "How to Trade".  I know from following your work, that after incarceration, you only wanted one real thing. You simply wanted to learn how to trade.

I truly wish we had met under different circumstances. I would have considered it an act of service to teach you how.


I Wish You Well Emmett

I'm not sure if you really want to help struggling traders, or take advantage of them. If your goal is to truly help, I have no choice but to support you. Together, it's mine and Michael's life work. The whole "2 ponts a day in the #SP500" (or the financial equivelant thereof) that's not easy, but almost every day... we do prove it's simple.

We do it in front of a live audience.  We charge a fraction of what the late night imfomercial guys charge. We give our students Unlimited Personal Mentoring as required.

The first 5 days of our Mentoring program is FREE. During the 5 days we give everyone our Indicators and the setup that makes them work. We give them 10 hours of Group Training in the Live Trading Room, plus an hour of Private Mentoring in a GoToMeeting Room.

We don't have a Call Center. We don't have any Salesmen. It's just Michael and I trying to to do the very best job we can. If you think trading's not easy, I assure you teaching people "how to trade" is brutal. So why do we do it? Sure we make money. That's no secret. However, it's less than if we just concentrated on trading. So why then?

We once struggled. We had our eyes ripped out. We paid thousands of dollars for garbage. We leaned how to code our own stuff. Some garbage, some AWESOME!


Weekly Trading Zones / Concierge Trade Alerts / OTADS

We know not everyone can hunker down today and learn how to trade. Jobs, families, commitments, STUFF! It all gets in the way. The Weekly Zones are part of learning how to trade. The other stuff is a bridge to get you to the place and time where you have the time... to learn how to trade.

We're willing to meet you half way, but you have to understand, in order to survive... you must learn how to trade. Years ago someone taught you how to drive. Think about that for a moment. You may have never driven a Rolls Royce, or a Stock Car, or an 18 Wheeler... but in a pinch, you can drive anything.  Learning how to trade is like learning how to drive. It will follow you all the days of your life. No one can ever take it away from you.

Once you learn how to trade (truly learn), you never have to look for a job again. Everyone from Plato, to Pistol Pete, to Steve Jobs has been credited with the following:

"Find a job you love to do and you'll never work another day in your life."

Whoever said it, was right. Everyone  who said it, was right.

If you trade and wake up with a knot in your stomach... you're not a Trader yet.

If you wake up early, doing push ups till the bell rings, you're a Trader.

Mark Douglas (dearly departed friend) said on our radio program "The entry is the least important part of the equation." He also said in his book Trading in the Zone - "You don't have to know what is going to happen next to make money in the markets".

It was in the book, but when he looked me in the eye and said it over lunch at the Good Egg, time stood still. It changed me, it changed my trading, it changed my life. It also changed hundreds and hundreds of Traders around the Globe. Just ask them. I was already a mediocre trader and and a good teacher, but that day, over eggs and ham... Mark took me took me to the end of the rainbow.

I will never be the same. I will never go back.


Emmett, whatever possessed you to make me your whipping boy, I forgive you. I've not only been to the Promised Land, I've been allowed to come back and together with my business partner Michael, teach others how simple trading can be. It's not easy, but it can be simple.

Make no mistake, God doesn't give us our Buy and Sell orders. He never tells us when to get in, or get out... that would make us dependent. He just doesn't do business that way. However, He did help us and hundreds of Partners, Learn How To Trade.


Humble Beginnings

We were humbled, tortured, torn, ripped off, lied to, beaten to a bloody pulp and left for dead. By His Grace, we rose up, moved on and today we are the #1 Emini Community on the Internet. Daily Podcasts since 2005. Webinars, Seminars, Q&A Sessions plus much, much, more. Visit us at www.cfrn.net or http://emini.cfrn.net


No Charge for our Vast Library of Emini Trading Materials

Just Visit - Emini.cfrn.net


We have Tomorrow's ANSWER for Emini Trading - TODAY!
It's not easy or obvious, but it will work.


Tune in to our Daily Live Broadcast (now in our 2nd decade) @ 12PM EDT M-F


Live Training Room Trial - Emini.CFRN.net

 Spend 5 days in our Live Emini Trading Room (legally). Use the dtPro, or Ninja platform. Learn our Methodology and use our Indicator Set. Spend 22 hours a day practicing what you learn in a State of the Art Real Time Simulator. 


Never Miss Another Show - 

Subscribe to our Daily Broadcast on iTunes Watch every episode on YOUR schedule, not ours!



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!©




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Christian Financial Radio Review by Trading Schools