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What happens in your E-Mini Live Trading Room?

For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
Ask questions and learn the most important trading lesson of all: WHEN, HOW, and WHY you should get in or out of a trade.


This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Emini Trading - Live Training Sessions Daily



Live Emini Trading Sessions Available Daily


Have you ever dreamed of learning to trade Emini Futures for a living? Maybe you even bought a $49 course and a $99 set of indicators. Or, perhaps you went the other way. After all, you do get what you pay for right? Nope! Not always, sometimes... not even close.

There's a late night infomercial which promises to teach you to trade stocks in 5 days for just $7k. It's very convenient too, as they have franchise offices in most major cities. Now imagine this, you just got off the phone with me and I explained in a granular fashion, that learning how to trade takes hard work, discipline, focus, and more. You were pretty excited about the whole Trading Business until I rained some reality on your parade (sorry). 


The Traders Itch

Feeling a bit melancholy, you pop a cold one, sit back in your Lazy-Boy and reach for the remote. It must be kismet... an infomercial about daytrading is just starting and even better, it's about trading Stocks, Emini Futures, Options, everything. The screen is filled with happy people, smiling faces and changed lives. Before long you find out that instead of a grueling and torturous 90 day course, these very nice and photogenic people will teach you how to day trade in just 5 days.  Go ahead... let your pulse race, dream a little, listen to the "testimonials" and just try not to dial the toll-free number. I dare you!

A cautious consumer, you qualify everything that's been said. It's a 5 day course and you will learn how to trade.  Right?  Of course they are very selective who they train so first a few questions about where you live (zip-code) and the type of work you do (helps estimate household income). Now one last thing, how much liquid cash do you have available?

Don't worry, they will finance the $7k, that other info is for the up-sell dept. There are 5 more courses and based on your income and a few other "benign" questions you answered, a spreadsheet is now being printed which estimates earning potential. Not yours, theirs.

Once you find out you're "accepted", you're pumped. Out comes the plastic and before you hang up the phone, YOU are a Trader. Well, in 5 days you'll be a Trader. Go tell the wife. Oh go ahead, she'll understand. Right? In many cases the spouse does support the would be trader. It's usually at the end of the of the first week where after being taught to trade stocks, when you find out a pattern day trader needs to maintain a minimum $25k account balance, then the spousal support starts to wane.. The $7k adventure just got bumped to $32k.

If the Pattern Day Trading this is still not clear, check out -


The Truth About Trading

Why all the frowny faces? Oh sure, "Everyone knows about the pattern day trader rule". Except you. Well, just be patient and over time you can save it up, right? "Or... there is another possibility", the instructor says. Your eyes light up. We teach a course on Emini Futures. Very much like trading stocks but you can open an account with as little as s$2k. No minimum balance required. Woo-Hoo! Even better, because you're already an alumni, I can get you into next weeks Futures Class for just (you guessed it) $7k.

You do some quick math in your head. $32k just got cut in half. $14k total for both classes and $2k to fund an account. Wifey's not happy, but we're already in for $7k, what's another $9k? Sure beats $32K. Plus, before long we can both say good-bye to the day jobs and retire somewhere really nice. "Go for it honey" she says... that girl with the far away eyes.

Now you have to be wondering how I know all this. Right? Well, some of our top students came from there. BTW - if you get out after the 2nd up sell, consider yourself lucky. There are 5 more waiting. I want to go on the record also as saying that their students who came to us because they still needed to learn how to trade, were really quick studies. What I mean is, they had all the trading fundamentals down. They knew the lingo, they knew what time the market opened and closed. They understood margin and leverage.


The Basics Of Trading Taught Right 

Seriously, I want to tip my hat to this well known Trading School for teaching these future CFRN Partners all the basics. When they got to us, all we had to do was teach them how to trade. We showed them our highest probability trade set-up and their jaw hit the floor. In a matter of days they realized that they really were Traders now because they were learning to think in probabilities (not absolutes), and for once... they actually had a definable edge in the market. Every one of them - straight to the front of the class.


Beginner or Pro - All Emini Traders Welcome

Now if you're brand new to trading, you may not understand what a candlestick pattern is, or a moving average, or a bar chart, but that's OK. Burt and Leslie are absolutely awesome at  teaching you all the basics you need to know. Also, because you will be in a Live Trading Room every trading day for 90 days, you'll simply learn much of it through on the job training and assimilation.

Whether you're brand new or an old pro who just can't seem to find consistent profitability, don't be glum because you don't have the $7k to go hang out with the very happy, photogenic people. The good news is, for less than half that price, you can come hang out with an aging hippy who walks with a limp, a mathematical genius who placed his first trade at the age  of 12, a stern but fair broker with dashing good looks and a great sense of humor. Of course, rounding out the team is the impeccable and lovely, forever upbeat and cheerful, the glue who holds this whole thing together... Ms. Leslie.


The 5 Day Course vs. the 90 Day Course

I promise you, if it were possible to teach you how to trade in 5 days, I would. Instead... we drag it out for 90 days. We teach things you won't find elsewhere like "how not to blow up your account". There's an old saying that you're not a real trader until you've blown up at leas 2 accounts. Nonsense. If that were true I would be 6 traders not 1. Seriously?


The Mediocre Trader

I've told you all along I'm not that great. It doesn't embarrass me to say that. I've been in this studio and behind this trading desk for 9 years. Would I like to be a legend? The guy they make a movie about or at least write a book? Sure. I'm as human as the next guy.  Here's the deal, after some medium sized financial loss and some super sized psychological damage at the hands of a Goebbelesque Guru, I snapped out of it. I went in for tests and they confirmed I was suffering from Battered Trader Syndrome. Luckily we caught it in time. 

I had been told real men can turn $10k into $1m in 1 year. 3 years and several accounts later I was confused, physically ill, and way short of the big money bag I was promised. I also felt like the village idiot. Everyone else in class was pounding their desk every day screaming "Got 'em" "Got em" "Got 'em". Not only did I not get 'em, I didn't get it. So I did what any chronically depressed person with some money in a trading account would do, I screamed at the Guru, left never to return, and then cried like a school girl (sorry school girls - I'm not a racist) all the way home.


Hope For The Trader Who Lost His Way

Then the strangest thing happened. My phone began to ring. Not that day, but over the next few weeks and months. When I would open my email it sounded like a slot machine - ding ding ding. Turns out, the entire village was idiots (sorry guys).  That's not true, they were very smart men and women, but they too suffered from Battered Traders Syndrome which is not unlike Stockholm Syndrome. 

Suddenly I'm hearing these stories of fortunes lost, marriages dissolved, businesses and homes sold on the auction block. I was stunned. One by one I asked them, what happened to "Got 'em?" The heads would hang and while each answer was slightly different, what it amounted to was "I was trying to fake it, 'till I could make it." Time and again my heart broke. My own pain was forgotten. I encouraged, I prayed, I took a Sabbatical and atop Machu Picchu, I got a revelation.

Go home and take everything that was done wrong to me and make it right. How I cried out can I make it right? By doing it right. The way it should be done, where every trader, great or small, is treated with dignity and respect. Is that all? No you knucklehead, teach 'em how to trade. I hate it when He calls me that.

So there you go. Now you know why I walk with a limp and rarely leave the compound. 


Ready To Learn How To Trade?

If you need help, if you want to actually learn how to trade, we can help. No smoke and mirrors, this is the real deal. We'll trade real money in front of you every day. We'll answer every question you have. You can hang out for 5 days absolutely free. No CC and no obligation. If it feels right, we'll talk about you becoming a Partner. If not, we'll part friends and you'll not have spent a dime. Sound fair? Details are below.


Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




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Emini - Live Daily Training


Trading Eminis Successfully

Emini trading was introduced to the markets by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) with the creation of the S&P 500 Emini Futures Contract. This product was created to provide traders with an affordable method of trading the stock indices. The value of the original "large S&P Contract" became so expensive that retail traders and even smaller institutions were no longer able to afford it. At 1/5th the size of the larger contract, the S&P 500 Emini became not only cost effective for all traders, it has now gone on to become the single most popular trading vehicle in the world.

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Dow Jones

Dow Jones Emini Futures are the most misunderstood and least discussed market amongst Emini Futures Traders. I often refer to it as the index the world forgot. The S&P 500 E-mini, as difficult as it is to trade, seems to grab all the attention. A quick Google Search reveals that most Emini Traders and Trainers rarely mention the Dow Jones Emini Futures. It's not that the market has a bad rap, it just seems to have no rap at all. I'm not much of rapper, but hear me out...

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Benefits Of Trading Emini Futures - Part 2

The Benefits Of Trading Emini Futures - Part 2

We covered a lot of ground in the first article. Let's recap what we've discussed so far:

  • Liquidity is never a problem
  • No $25K minimum account balance for daytraders
  • Margins as low as $500 intra-day
  • 100% electronic means no front running, pump and dump or other shenanigans
  • Taxes are based on the 60/40 split given to commodity traders

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Emini Futures Trading / SP Emini Posts New Multi-Year Highs

Quit Trying to Sell This Market!!!

Despite China raising there bank reserve requirement overnight and antigovernment demonstrations in the Middle East, the SP EMINI market posted new highs. The US market felt a little heat overnight when the Bank of China made the announcement but good earnings from Caterpillar (CAT) and other corporate news pushed the market higher. Today the volume was light with this move higher and the VIX is gradually growing.  A higher VIX means the “fear gauge” is building up at these levels especially going into a 3 day weekend.  Some commodities were BIG winners today Silver (31-year high) and Crude Oil.  Weekly Trading Zones (WTZ) which are published for “members only” on Sunday night came in at 1340/1341 on the top end today and 1334/1335 on the bottom end.

Between the Lines

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Emini Futures Trading / SP Emini Reaches 1340 Weekly Zone

A Bullish Force to be reckoned with!

The E-Mini S&P 500 reached a high today of $1340.00 in the midst of a variety of adverse elements! It is amazing that the E-Mini S&P 500 could blow-off the two warships heading for the Suez Canal. The canal is owned and maintained by the Suez Canal Authority of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The market shrugged off protests in Iran, Yemen and Bahrain. The volume decreased slightly. The Initial Jobless Claims Report came in higher than anticipated increasing 25,000.

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Emini Futures Trading / Mid-East Tension

E-Mini S&P 500-Tensions heat up in the Middle East!

 The E-Mini S&P 500 reached a high today of $1336.00. The volume increased. Tensions between Israel and Iran started to heat up as Iran’s War Ships are en route to Syria. Israel’s Foreign Minister regarded the voyage of the two Iranian War Ships as “provocation” by Tehran. This is a news story that could affect the US to a great extreme as the alliance between Israel and the US is so strong. Hopefully

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Emini Futures Trading / Asia Rallies On Globex

Bears Win Tug of War Today

Today’s disappointments were Retail Sales and the energy complex.  A modest 0.3% rise in retail sales for January and a December lower revision dampened the bull spirits.  In addition, Import prices rose by 1.5% in January as the cost of food and energy has skyrocketed.  The energy complexes including the refiners were down and indirectly weighed on the SP EMINI.  Crude settled at a multi week low, gasoline dropped over 1% as supplies build and demand remains low.

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Emini Futures Trading / Turn Around Tuesday?

E-Mini S&P 500-Turn-around Tuesday?  

The E-Mini S&P 500 reached a high today of $1331.25. The volume seemed to fall off a bit and many analysts may be viewing this as a sign of weakness. We have had a persistent rally that has endured an occasional negative jobs report and many factors that may have brought it down, but didn’t. The copper market has also shown increased strength. The copper in years past has run with the E-Mini S&P 500.

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Emini Futures Trading / Power Play

E-Mini S&P 500-Power Play?  

The E-Mini S&P 500 paused with uncertainty earlier this week! There was uneasiness about the unrest in Egypt as traders seemed to venture away from the potential risk. Friday, President Mubarak agreed to resign and turn over his power to the Military Government! This shift in power led to traders shifting into the risk products again. Crude Oil and Gold did not benefit from the shift. The market still will look for the transition of power to estimate the ease of the shift.

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