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For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
Ask questions and learn the most important trading lesson of all: WHEN, HOW, and WHY you should get in or out of a trade.


This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Emini Trade Alert Recap Video for 12/27/16 - 12/28/16



Concierge Trade Alerts Video Recap


Trade Emini Futures?

If you trade Futures, especially the Emini Futures, it's difficult to find this type of trading results on a regular basis. This has been one of our best years on record. I plan to share the entire week, but here are the first two days as Monday was a holiday.

Monday 12/26/16 we emailed our Concierge Trade Alerts Subscribers at 6:30pm EST.

(note: PCA means Per Contract Available. The dollar amount represents only one (1) contract. Also, since we train to trail a stop or use our Indicator Set for an exact exit price, we never exit at the exact swing high or swing low. We always leave a little on the table for the next guy.)

If the opportunity presents:

Go long the #SP500 #Emini @ 2262
Results: 7.25 Points Available or $350 PCA

Long the #Dow @ 19895
Results: 27 Points Available or $135 PCA

Short the 30 Yr #Bonds @ 148.21
Results: Walk Away / Stop Out / 12 Ticks @ $31.25 PT

Long the #Nasdaq @ 4950
Results: 44.5 Points Available or $800+ PCA

Long #Soybeans @ 10.02
Results: 9.75 Points Available or $487.50 PCA
(tonight we roll forward to March Beans ZSH7)

Long #Russell @ 1372
Results: $500 PCA

Long #Crude @ 53.40
Results: 70 Ticks Available or $700 PCA

Long #Gold @ 1139
Results: 1151.70 Swing High or $1,200+ PCA

See Video of Charts Below For Each Market

Tuesday Night we emailed our Subscribers the following @ 9pm EST: 

Short the SP500 @ 2260
Results: 16 Points Available or $800 PCA 

Short the Dow @ 19870
Results: 99 point drop or $495 PCA 

Long the Bonds @ 149.02
Results $600 PCA 

Short the N@ @ 4957
Results: 24 points or $440 PCA 

Long the NQ @ 4979
Results: Stop Out 

Long March Beans @ 10.26
Results: 2 pts + 2.25 Points 

Short March Beans @ 10.13
Results: Walk Away or Stop Out 

Short the Russell @ 1372
Results: $750 PCA 

Long Crude @ 54.15
Results: $100PCA $140PCA $100PCA $220 PCA 

Long Gold @ 1144
Results: SO 

Short Gold @ 1139
Results: $150 PCA + $150 PCA

Our Concierge Trade Alerts consistently outperform every metric and benchmark we measure.

Trading is not suitable for all people. You can lose all of your money and then some. Use of this product signifies you have read all CFRN and CFTC Disclaimers @ CFRN.net.

Concierge Trade Alert Video Recap
12/27/16 and 12/28/16

Just $1.00 will get you a trial of our Concierge Trade Alerts for a Week, plus access to the Live Training Room (2 hours a day for 5 days). Use of our Indicator Set and a Demo Platform if needed. You also get 45 minutes of "One on One Mentoring" during your trial.

To get started just Click Here > https://goo.gl/QQc1yQ

That's a lot for a buck. If for any reason you are unhappy with your trial, we'll even give the buck back.
Nothing to lose, the world to gain. Click Here > https://goo.gl/QQc1yQ

Do not worry, after the $1.00, you will be charged nothing until you have had time to fully evaluate what we offer. If at the end of the trial you determine it is not for you, simply unsubscribe and $1.00 is all you will ever pay. We stand behind that 100%.



There's something on this earth you were created to be GREAT at! God created each of us to excel at something. Some of us know instinctively. Others spend years searching. Sadly, some just meander through life never finding the thing that wakes them up before the alarm and keeps them awake long after the Sandman has passed through Sleepy Town. Your spouse is snoring (gently), but when you close your eyes all you can see is Candlesticks. You slip out of bed at 3am to check the London open. If that's you, you might be a Trader.



It's this simple. Go to Apply.CFRN.net . Make a 5 Day - No Cost - Commitment. Put your name and your email in the little boxes, hit SEND, go check your email. Read the email, follow the instructions, then show up @ 9:30am EST any day M-F and let the journey begin. In a week you'll know. Don't let the past dictate your future. When your welcome email arrives with your Link and Password, keep reading.


The email is filled with instructions.

We do Ninja and any Broker who clears through Gain Capital. If that's not you, there's instructions to download dtPro. We not only give you our Indicators for a week, we even provide the Platform (at no cost). There's no more excuses. Take the trial or go learn how to tie fly's. Bake a cake. Do something! You'll go blind if you keep watching Springer all day.


See you in the Trading Room - Apply.CFRN.net .



CFRN Emini Radio


Read My Digital Diary for the past 3 Years


 Live Charts / Lively Discussion / Participate in the discussion...



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!©




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Trade Alert Video Recap


Emini Trade Alert Results For Friday 08/01/14



Bad Day For The 401K -
Bountiful Harvest For Nimble Intraday Traders


Friday August 1st 2014, will go down in history as a very rough day for almost all markets, across the board. From the S&P 500 Emini Futures, to Soybeans, Crude and everything in between... it was Red, Red and more Red. The only bright spot on my screen was Gold and Bonds (Granny get your Bonds). 


The December Gold Contract GGCZ4 ended up on the session posting an intraday high @ 1298.40, closing well off the high @ 1295.20 for the week. Bonds ZBU4, also posted an intraday high of 138.13 to close the week lower @ 138.05. While days like Friday are not helpful for the typical INVESTMENT portfolio or 401K, for those who invest short tern (think intra-day), it can be like Manna falling from the sky as the markets drop.


A common question is this - "Can I do both?"

In other words, can I invest bullishly for the long term and still take advantage of short term shorting opportunities as they turn up? The answer is "Absolutely YES!". You simply need to have your different accounts structured properly, each designed for it's individual purpose and you're good to go. Rarely can you have your cake and eat it too, but with a little forethought, you can not only have your cake and eat it now, you can take a slice to go in the doggie bag.


Structuring this properly is difficult and complex for mere mortals such as you and I. However, for men and women like Burt and Leslie, our recommended Brokers at Daniels Trading, it's just another day at the office, Or as we say... a piece of cake.


Even better (if possible), a no pressure, no obligation consultation is yours just for the asking. Simply ring them up @ 866-928-3310. They will explain the choices available to you based on your own personal financial situation, and with no pressure whatsoever, help you map out a game plan to meet both your long term investment goals as well as your shorter term intraday trading ideas. 


Just to clarify, we do not receive a kick-back if you become a client with Daniels Trading, nor do we receive a portion of any commissions you pay. Such an arrangement is not illegal, in fact it is quite common in the industry. However, when we tell you that we believe they are the absolute best in the business for a multitude of reasons, we want you to know we say it because we really believe it, not because we are paid to say it.


Friday's Trade Alert Results

In the Live Trading Room on Friday we reached our daily goal within the first 30 minutes of trading. It's not a race, we simply follow our business and trading plans exactly as they are written. No bias, no deviation, simply an assembly line, cookie cutter approach. If you realize that your emotions, from Greed to Fear and everything in between are having a negative impact on your daily trading results, it may be time to put the six-shooter back in the holster and step up to the conveyer belt.


The trade ideas we issue "most" evenings to the CFRN Community are a bit of a different approach. If you peruse the past years result on Google +  and the 3 years prior on Twtter @CFRN, you may find some rather startling results.
 Are we 100% correct? The Holy Grail? A Pot at the end of the Rainbow?  NO!


Results Are What Counts

However, the results do speak for themselves. For several years we posted exclusively on Twitter, then Facebook where we are Emini Futures Trading, and for most of the past year, almost exclusively on Google +. Our efforts there have not gone unnoticed. Recently Trader HQ put us on a very short list with some very prominent names.


Needless to say we were honored and humbled just as we were earlier this year when Futures Truth Magazine added us to their very short list of approved online trading rooms. Dr. Dean Handley has audited 514 online trading rooms in a very indepth manner. He looks for integrity, consistency, professionalism and of course profitability, among other things. As stated, we were humbled and honored to join the ultra-short list of just 13 Trading Rooms that made the cut. 


Thursday night we issued Trade Alerts for 8 markets.

#SP500  - 34 points total or $1,700 per contract. (only 2 points needed)
#Nasdaq  - 86 points total or $1,720.00 per contract. (5 pts = daily goal)
#Russell  - 20 points total or $1,000.00 per contract (1 pt - daily goal)
#Soybeans  - 13 cents or $650 per contract (2 cents = daily goal)
#Dow  - 290 points total or $1,450.00 per contract (20 points = daily goal)
#Crude  - 142 ticks total or $1,420.00 per contract (10 ticks = daily goal)
#Bonds  - 14 ticks (PLUS) or $375.00 per contract PLUS (3 ticks = daily goal)
#Gold  - 100 ticks X $10 per tick = $1,000.00 per contract (daily goal = 10 ticks)
To see the actual Alerts as they were issued and to view charts of each market that show the results, please visit and follow us on Google +.


Learn To Trade And Set Yourself Free!

If you would like to take our Free Trial for the first time visit http://cfrn.net/apply
If you need a Second Chance, just ASK!  Send a brief email detailing your first experience and we will send you the link and password for the upcoming week. If you were on the Free Trial last week you were given a very SPECIAL offer to become a Partner. That offer has expired. However, if you contact me by email in the next 24 hours, we will still honor it. Act FAST!


If you have any questions at all, please call 949-42-EMINI. If you reach voice mail, please leave a message. Even though it is the weekend, someone will get back with you. During normal business hours call 866-928-3310 or you can always email us at support@cfrn.net.


Have a great weekend and be sure to go check out those charts on Google Plus. 


ps/ our final Alert of the week was issued "live on air" during our daily radio broadcast. That chart is available as well. 



Additional Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, table, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Podcast for Friday 08/01/14


Emini Trading Tips For Wednesday 07/09/14



Emini Trading Tips - Alerts - Updates For 07/09/14

Last night we suggested being short below 1958.00 on the    if the opportunity presented. The Swing Low was 1958.25. So while we were not triggered into our trade, our methodology for spotting important key levels of support and resistance did prevent us from us being in a trade on the wrong side of the market. 

Last night as I wrote, price had reached a 38% Fibonacci Retracement. The .382 level did not hold, hence the subjective nature of trading Emini Futures with Fibs. There is a great deal of subjectivity, perhaps not as much as that faced by the Elliot Wave Trader, but enough to clearly show that it can not be used solely as a stand alone trading methodology. Our use, as a confirmation and analytical tool, allows E-mini Traders to benefit from the many positives of Fibonnacci, without subjecting ourselves to the danger of simply parking an order and praying it will hold.

Price did find substantial resistance at the 50% retracement, but as you will see on the Hourly Emini Chart below, the third push up, took the market to the final Fib Level we use, the .618 or as we refer to it - the 62%. As I type we have spent 7 hours just under the 62% Retracement. Our outlook for tonight, if the 62 Fib holds, is an eventual drop below 1958 as outlined last night.

Earlier today we alerted traders to consider being short below 1964.00. We also reiterated that if broken the 1958.00 support level would open the door to the LTP target at 1954.00 (for a second time) and our next to last set of Weekly Trading Zones at 1950.00/1951.00. Des[ite the somewhat "bearish" tone of this update, we can't completely rule out a continuation of the runaway upward advance i.e., Bull Market now approaching year 6, or is it 7?

Think about what I just wrote. Many of the traders you are trading against (if you accept the Emini - Zero Sum Game Theory) have never traded a Bear Market. Traders who entered the business whether at the retail or commercial level in 2009, have never trade a market that doesn't simply go up, day afet day, weeek after week, month after month. Sure they've read about it, studied it, but they've never passed out on the Trading Floor because of it (or developed a bleeding ulcer). Surprise......


S&P 500 Emini Chart


SP500 Emini Hourly Alert ChartS&P500 Emini "ES" Hourly Chart Alert



Nasdaq Emini Chart

#Nasdaq - last night our #NQ  alert provided 1 - 4.5 point move to the downside and 3 upside moves all greater than the 5 points we initially looked for...................

Last night's move was also a Zone to Zone move (2 points shy).

Tonight, consider being long above 3893 or short below 3877, whichever presents first. Zones are targets if you're beyond the Blueprint........ 


Nasdaq NQ Emini Hourly Alert ChartNasdaq Emini "NQ" Hourly Chart Alert


Russell Emini Chart

#Russell - last night the Russell gave us 2 points on the first move, (20 ticks) and 9 ticks on the second move. However, we only need 1 point (10 ticks) to stay on track and graduate as a 20 contract Trader.

Tonight, consider being long above 1177 or short below 1164.50 to 1163.50, whichever opportunity presents first. 


Russell Emini Hourly Alert ChartRussell Emini Hourly Alert Chart



A Complete Resource Guide to Help Understand and Trade E-mini Futures


For additional Trade Alerts on Crude Oil and Soybeans, visit the CFRN Google+ Page.



Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Podcast for Wednesday 07/09/14