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- R.H. Canada

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Learn To Daytrade Emini Futures



Learning To Daytrade Emini Futures Is Not Rocket Science


Or is it? I've seen traders with desktops so complex, it requires an advanced degree in computer science, a BS in engineering, plus a Phd in economics just to realize you're staring at their screen saver, not their charts. I'm not kidding. We're the first to agree that trading's not easy, but we do believe it can be simple. At the very least, we believe it can be simplified.

It's no secret the market only moves in 3 directions: Up - Down - Sideways

No matter how much computational horsepower you have under the hood, no indicator, oscillator, or ancient Chinese art can predict the future. I realize my position will frustrate some and anger others, but I challenge anyone and everyone to prove me wrong. Everything on the screen is a reflection of what has already happened. Even the price bars themselves are a shadow of decisions made by men and machines, seconds or even milliseconds ago. History is what you're staring at, not the future.

Am I saying indicators are worthless? Not at all, as long as you understand their limitations. Can past events, when properly illuminated and extrapolated help us make high probability guesses as to what may transpire next? Absolutely. 

My point is simply this,

  • On a good day you'll make a good guess
  • 3 things can give you as much information as 37 (if they're measuring the right stuff)
  • Beyond what I just said... you're dancing with the devil

Michael and I have used just about every piece of fortune cookie software in existence. From the really expensive stuff, to the freebies. Not only have we owned them and traded them, there's a high probability that between the two of us, we either coded or re-coded them, at some point along the way.

Much like our radio guest today, we are Tinkerers. At least we were. There's still a part of us that wants to see over the horizon and around the corner (a.k.a. The God Complex), but aside from our current and possibly final project - "Simple", I think we're done. We've brought together the best of everything we've ever touched, traded or admired, all under one roof and baked them into a few very unique, color coded indicators.

You can take my word for it now, or 10 years from now, but if you stay in the business, ultimately you will come to the conclusion that the words I've typed tonight, have a ring of truth time will never tarnish. We deal today, in some very simple yet immutable truths. I'm not saying we have a first edition autographed holy grail, I'm not saying we're the only guys listed under awe·some  /ˈôsəm/ adj. in the dictionary. I just don't know of anything "better" at defining where we stand and what may happen next. That's all...

We could "tinker" with the numbers and curve fit the data to make our ticks look as pure as some of the other guys, but we aren't the other guys and quite frankly we just aren't interested in that game. We're laser focused on trading and teaching you how to trade. Since we already have the tools assembled and waiting for you, our only real task once you become a Partner, is to help you to think in probabilities while employing aggressive risk management.

You'll learn the tools and our Slingshot setup in just a few days, a few weeks at the most. How long will it take you to become a consistently profitable trader? That depends on how fiercely you insist upon holding on to your pre-conceived notions about trading.

  • We will teach you to simply see the market as a never ending flow of opportunity.
  • We'll give you some tips on when to step into the flow and which way to face.
  • You'll learn in time, to accept that despite your best efforts, occasionally you'll tip over.
  • Once you learn to get back up, get your bearings, and step back into the flow without hesitation or indigestion, you'll no longer need us. You may still want to hang out with us, but you won't need us... and that my friend, is a beautiful thing.

I shared some great charts and trades with you in the last post, but in this one I want to show you three Live Trading Videos. One thing you'll learn about us, we're just as quick to trot out our mistakes as we are to do the Tebow after a brief moment of glory. Why? Because that's the truth about trading.

These are not home run, grand slam videos. These are real moments, in real markets, with real traders asking real questions.

There will be plenty of time next week or next month to post trades that give you goose bumps, but for today, let's learn some real life lessons about how YOU Can Learn To Daytrade!


Yen Trade


Natural Gas Trade


ES Trade


If you have questions or comments please feel free to use the comment section below or just email me direct at support@cfrn.net . The feedback for the "after show" has been very positive and encouraging. Keep those cards and letters coming. While you're at it, be sure to subscribe to the podcast and leave us a review on iTunes. 


Trading's not easy - but it can be Simple!



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Emini Podcast for Thursday 04/11/13

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    Learn To Daytrade Emini Futures - emini news blog - Emini Trading

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