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This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Rob Booker | Man vs. Markets - On The Road




Would You Give Away Everything To Help Others Trade?


The next 30 days on CFRN, will be a journey the likes of which we've never seen. A prominent trader has given away most of his earthly possessions to embark on a journey which will take him through hamlets and burgs as he winds his way from Southern California to New York City. 

Why? He wants to meet traders just like you. He wants to help you with your quest to trade for a living. I've been in touch with him and he's agreed to allow us to chronicle the journey right here on CFRN. He will be on the show for the first time tomorrow @ 12:15 EDT. My goal is to have him dial in every day of the journey for at least 15 minutes.

Can he visit you? Are you willing to put him up at your house? I'm inviting him to stay with me as he passes through Phoenix. I will be out of the studio Wednesday to be in court. Gabriel and Emily's adoption is to be finalized Wednesday morning. This has been years in the works so please keep our family in you prayers.


This Trader on a Journey, is doing it all for a reason very near and dear to our hearts - "He wants to help people trade for a living". For those of you who've been around for the past 8 years, you know that's exactly why we launched CFRN - to help people. It's why we built a company that hired only drug addicts, drunks and ex cons. It's why my wife and I built an Orphanage in Africa.

We reached a point where we decided there were some things in this life more important than our own needs and desires. There was a call in the wind.. far greater than ourselves and we've been chasing it ever since.

Tomorrow night here on the blog, there will be a host of Videos, Pictures, the Itinerary etc...

I don't know if its possible, but I think I might be more excited about this trip than Rob is.

He'll even get a chance to meet Pastor Chris from Africa if he has time. Chris is headed back to Kampala in a few weeks but I know our goal of teaching the Seniors at the Orphanage School to trade. will touch this Traders heart.

Keep it in your prayers guys. Perhaps I'm a little naive, but I truly feel we are standing on the precipice of something very special in or community. 

Be sure to tune in tomorrow at 12 Noon / Rob will be on @ 12:15 EDT.


Gold Trade | Filmed On Live Radio Today



Got Gold? 


This is how the setup works...

At the end of the Radio Show today I invited the audience to pick a market where there was a Slingshot Trade setting up. The first one they found was the Nasdaq which we successfully traded. Next? 

The audience (we have the sharpest audience in radio) pointed to Gold. So I switched gears, brought up the chart, whipped out my corporate issue "CFRN Slingshot" and Goliath dropped. 

Friend, you have no idea how badly I want you to be able to do exactly what you'll see me do in this video.  (btw - this video really is under 20 minutes) If you can learn this one setup, you'll be able to trade any Futures Market. 

Gold - S&P - Nasdaq - Russell - Crude - Yen - Euro and more.

Why is it so important to me? Because I know how hard so many of you have worked. Hard work and determination are definitely required to become a successful trader, but you also need a setup that gives you a definable edge in the market.

We're so convinced you'll be able to learn this trade, we'll teach you for free. That's right, we're going to hand you the one thing Mark Douglas says in "Trading in the Zone" you must have to succeed. In fact, he says that once you have a definable edge all you need is to simply learn to think in probabilities. 

We'll help you learn that as well. Should you decide to become a CFRN Partner, the indicators are yours to keep for the rest of your life. The mentoring package contains a host of other goodies including access to our video training library with over 250 hours of Emini Training. At the end of the 90 day mentoring program, you can stay on as a Partner for as long as you like.

Already taken the Free Trial? Need another chance? Email support@cfrn.net . 


Encouraging Words 


Hello DeWayne,

I want to thank you and let you know how much I appreciate all you and Michael have done.  You both have been wonderful mentors.  Since I have become a partner with CFRN I have learned more in just the short time then from my past several years of trying to teach myself how to trade.  I have purchased several different types of programs and materials.  There is nothing that comes close to or can compare to this. 

I am now learning to trade for a purpose as well as get my daily devotion.  This has become a great journey.   I am truly grateful and blessed to have come across this community.  

Wednesday will be a big day for you I have kept you and your family in prayers.  





Trading's not easy - but it can be Simple!



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Emini Podcast for Monday 04/01/13

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    Rob Booker | Man vs. Markets - On The Road - emini news blog - Emini Trading
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    Football is seriously 1 of the most significant sports in America. It has a important following.
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    Rob Booker | Man vs. Markets - On The Road - emini news blog - Emini Trading
  • Response
    Rob Booker | Man vs. Markets - On The Road - emini news blog - Emini Trading
  • Response
    Rob Booker | Man vs. Markets - On The Road - emini news blog - Emini Trading

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