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Emini Trades Via Twitter - 2012 A Year In Review



Emini Trades Via Twitter - 2012 Our Year In Review


Twitter has not enabled our account as of yet to download our Tweet history with one simple click as promised in a recent press release. There are some third party apps but I thought since they were Tweets, maybe I should just "hunt and peck". Once our account is enabled by Jack, I will make the entire file available for download.

In the meantime, I am beginning tonight with June 27th and working my up to the end of the year. If I miss one, please let me know. This is publicly available information so please feel free to check and double check the results. I peeked at a few of these as I dug them out, turns out... there were a few worth trading. I may start following myself.

Twitter Archive (partial)

28/06/2012 07:08 If Jobless Claims exceed expectations, sell $_ES @ 1323 Stop.

28/06/2012 18:37
28/06/2012 18:35

Last night's Tweet - Emini Chart > http://t.co/eE1ZRb9m

04/07/2012 05:12 Consider selling ESU2 1374 Limit. #SP500 #emini #futures

05/07/2012 18:21 Last Tweet to Sell 1374 Limit produced a 17 point gain. Chart > http://t.co/bF0w0SP8

09/07/2012 03:33 Our last Tweet dropped 30 points. Consider being short YMU2 below 12685. Trading is risky always use a stop. 

09/07/2012 03:51 You may already be short the ESU2 based on our previous Tweet. If not, consider being short below 1340 for potential test of 1333 or better.

10/07/2012 03:41 Last night's Dow(YM) Emini Tweet dropped 60 points. http://t.co/qbNni8o4 

10/07/2012 07:07 Consider being short YMU2 below 12615. Trading is risky, use a hard stop.

10/07/2012 18:56 Last night's Tweet to be short the $YM_F below 12615 Chart > http://t.co/JEEaVWB6

10/07/2012 19:00 Sunday night's Tweet to be short below 1340 #SP500 - Chart > http://t.co/BKbouFFv

12/07/2012 00:00 The trade triggered on the #SP500 yesterday was good for 9.5 points on first leg down, 12 points on second leg, will there be a 3rd?

12/07/2012 00:05 The trade triggered on the #YM yesterday was good for 72 points on the 1st leg down, 146 points on the 2nd leg down. 

15/07/2012 07:22 Consider shorting Soybeans (ZSQ2) below 15.80

15/07/2012 07:28 Consider being short DOW-Emini Futures (YM) below 12540.

15/07/2012 07:42 Consider buying Gold @ 1579.60 Limit or 1602.00 Stop whichever presents first.

15/07/2012 07:53 Consider being long Crude above 86.72, taking profits @ 88.20 or stop and reverse.

15/07/2012 08:14 British Pound #6BU2 consider long above 1.5600 / Stop and//or reverse @ 1.5700.

16/07/2012 05:06 Consider being long the Euro (6EU2) above 1.2280.

24/07/2012 06:43 Consider selling ESU2 @ 1340 Stop.

25/07/2012 05:55 Last night's Tweet was good for an 18 point drop. Here's the chart > http://t.co/K0byzWsv

26/07/2012 00:22 Consider being long YMU2 DJIA Emini Futures above 12655 if the opportunity presents.

26/07/2012 08:02 Consider being long ESU2 above 1337. 

26/07/2012 17:30 Last night's Tweet for the ESU2 was good for a 20 point rally. http://t.co/RCS5iuUp

26/07/2012 17:32 Last night's Tweet for the YMU2 was good for a 200 point rally. http://t.co/T3kSAFd3

29/07/2012 02:07 Our last Tweet on the Dow added an additional 200 points on Friday. Here's the chart > http://t.co/jGe31jV4

29/07/2012 02:09 Our last Tweet on the #SP500 added an additional 20 points on Friday. Here's the chart> http://t.co/cDkEFE35 

29/07/2012 05:08 S&P 500 - Last Tweet Up 40 Points http://t.co/ye9eIsZw


30/07/2012 03:29 Consider selling ESU2 @ 1380.50 Limit if the opportunity presents. As always use a hard stop.

30/07/2012 23:13 Last night's Tweet presented two nice opportunities. Here's the chart > http://t.co/WLadpzWE

31/07/2012 04:08 Consider buying ESU2 1397 Stop or selling 1371 Stop. Charts are bullish but we have FOMC, ECB, and Employment data coming. 

31/07/2012 23:10 How 'bout dem' beans? Catch the move? SWEET! #soybeans #futures #trading Burt Schlichter knows Beans @DanielsTrading http://t.co/e9DBLCDN

01/08/2012 08:37 Soybean Daytrader Up 30% On Soft Launch http://t.co/lUOE5Jp5

02/08/2012 22:26 Our last Tweet for the ESU2 got off to a slow and grumpy start but Draghi put us in gear today - http://t.co/9dSvFcm9

02/08/2012 22:29 If you are not short the ESU2 from our last Tweet, consider being short below 1349 for possible further decline. Will update blog later

03/08/2012 08:00 Consider being short the ESU2 below 1349 if the opportunity presents.

06/08/2012 06:08 Consider being long November Soybeans ZSX2 above 16.40 or short below 15.75 whichever presents first.

06/08/2012 06:15 Consider being long ESU2 above 1413 or short below 1353 whichever presents first. #emini #futures #trading Last #ES trade never triggered.

06/08/2012 06:18 Consider being long above 13,100 YMU2 or short below 12,820 whichever presents first. 

06/08/2012 06:23 Consider being long the Euro #6EU2 above 124.80 or short below 122.10 whichever presents first. Always use a hard stop.

06/08/2012 20:38 Only 1 Tweet from last night triggered - YMU2 good for a 30 point move. All other numbers remain valid until updated.

08/08/2012 05:24 ESU2 Update - Modify to read consider Long above 1413 or short below 1378 whichever presents first.

08/08/2012 05:28 6EU2 Update - Modify to read consider Long above 124.80 or Short below 123.10 

08/08/2012 05:33 November Soybean Tweet good for 13 cent gain so far. Use a hard stop and watch for break below 15.60 to add or take profit.

08/08/2012 05:38 YMU2 upside trigger has tripped twice for 90 point combined gain. Consider Long above 13170 or Short below 12970

10/08/2012 06:29 ESU2 Update - Modify to read consider Long above 1413 or short below 1388 whichever presents first.

10/08/2012 06:34 YMU2 Long trigger only produced a 14 point potential gain. Consider Long above 13190 or Short below 13080

10/08/2012 06:46 November Soybeans ZSX2 - Weekly numbers triggered at 13.16 for 23 cent potential gain. Crop report due Fri. morning @ 7:30 am CDT. 

10/08/2012 06:55 Euro #6EU2 broke below last Tweet @ 123.10 for potential gain of 40 pips. Reduce risk if still short.

10/08/2012 14:39 Correction to last Soybean Tweet ZSX2 - Weekly number triggered at 16.13 not 13.16. Max potential so far 55 cents or $2,750 per contract.

13/08/2012 06:48 Consider being short #ESU2 below 1393.

13/08/2012 06:51 Consider being short #YMU2 below 13,070.

13/08/2012 07:15 Consider being short ZSX2 below 16.05.

15/08/2012 01:57 Consider raising short entry on ESU2 to 1396.75.

15/08/2012 02:03 November Soybeans dropped to 15.87 for an 18 cent move. Soybeans pay $50 per penny. Some traders may have been stopped breakeven.

15/08/2012 02:07 Consider being short 6EU2 Euro Currency below 1.2315.

16/08/2012 14:28 Consider being long ZSX2 above 16.32 - 7:27 PDT 06/16/12

20/08/2012 01:31 Consider being short ESU2 below 1412.

28/08/2012 06:45 November Soybeans ZSX2 - Our last Tweet to consider being long above 16.32 rose to a high of 17.59. Watch for possible decline to 16.80.

28/08/2012 06:56 Chart of last Soybean Tweet - http://t.co/r4AyTPeg

28/08/2012 06:59 November Soybeans ZSX2 Consider selling 17.13 Stop.

28/08/2012 07:02 Consider being short ESU2 below 1401 or long above 1416 whichever presents first.

28/08/2012 07:07 Consider being short YMU2 below 13075 or long above 13175 whichever presents first. 

28/08/2012 21:48 Last night's Soybean Tweet was good for a 12 cent drop. 12 X $50 = $600 possible profit per contract. 2 pennies a day can be a good living.

28/08/2012 21:57 New short idea for November Soybeans ZSX2 - if flat, consider being short below 17.16 if opportunity presents. #soybeans #futures #trading

30/08/2012 14:58 If short our last ESU2 Tweet be sure to lock in some profit. #emini #futures #trading #es

02/09/2012 06:56 Our last ESU2 Tweet triggered ahead of Jackson Hole. After the fireworks we're back where we started. Chart > http://t.co/TFefSnnG

03/09/2012 05:09 ESU2 consider selling 1403 Stop or buying 1407 Stop whichever presents first. Caution: this market closes for Labor Day in a few hours.

03/09/2012 07:03 Emini Futures Recap March 28 2012 - SP 500 Emini Futures recap for 03/28/12. Take a 1 Week Free Tria http://t.co/IAEq54J9
03/09/2012 07:00 Emini Futures Recap March 27 2012 - This is an authentic recording as evidenced by the screaming chi http://t.co/ZCcdXdX1
03/09/2012 06:55 Emini Futures Recap March 26 2012 - Daily recap of all trade setups in the S Emini Futures for March http://t.co/OCRD2IbW

06/09/2012 02:58 Markets appear hopeful Super Mario will attempt to save the world. Consider being long above 1409 and flat ahead of the speech. #emini #es

09/09/2012 19:46 Our last ESU2 Tweet produced 4 trading opportunities. Chart 1 > http://t.co/1kUqyphR Chart 2 > http://t.co/1HxvgXxh #es

10/09/2012 05:49 Consider being short ESU2 below 1430.75 or long above 1442.25 if the opportunity presents. #emini #futures #trading

10/09/2012 05:52 Consider being short Soybeans ZSX2 below 17.20 if the opportunity presents. #soybeans #futures #trading

11/09/2012 03:19 Last night's ESU2 Tweet dropped 8 points so far. Lock in some or all profits. Chart> http://t.co/RWy1QTy4 #futures #trading $ES_F

11/09/2012 16:41 Our Soybean Sell Tweet dropped 17cents. Here's the chart > http://t.co/XWjpC4ss #soybeans #zsx2 #futures #trading #grains

11/09/2012 22:28 Soybeans dropped additional 6 cents. Consider being flat ahead of tomorrow's grain report. Chart > http://t.co/NFdoD66Y #soybeans

12/09/2012 05:10 All eyes on Germany. Being flat is sane advice. Otherwise, consider being long above 1438 or short below 1425 whichever presents first. #es

13/09/2012 23:38 Consider buying ESU2 1448.75 Limit if opportunity presents. Will update as we enter Asian session. #emini #futures #trading #es

13/09/2012 23:40 If you have rolled forward to the December contract ESZ2 consider buying 1442 Limit if the opportunity presents. #wallstreet #fed #qe3

14/09/2012 06:55 Our final Tweet for the ESU2 went over the top today thanks to QE3. I suppose we should be happy. http://t.co/55an3d3S #emini #es

17/09/2012 04:39 Extremely quiet Globex opening. Consider being short below 1444 ESZ2 or long above 1472. Otherwise patience is a virtue. $ES_F #emini #es

17/09/2012 06:44 Consider being long November Soybeans ZSX2 above 17.60 or short below 1703 whichever presents first. #soybeans #zsx2 #grains #trading #emini

17/09/2012 06:55 December is now front month for the #SP500. Our final Tweet for the September contract > https://t.co/BwFVruYL #emini #es #futures #trading

17/09/2012 15:06 Last night's Soybean Tweet has dropped 30 cents so far. Chart > http://t.co/ZGUl3sdi #soybeans #emini #trading #zsx2 #grains

17/09/2012 20:02 Consider selling 1452.50 Stop December contract ESZ2. #emini #futures #trading #es $ES_F

18/09/2012 14:24 Our November Soybean Tweet ZSX2 has dropped 72 cents so far. http://t.co/NaZw9SCN #soybeans #grains #emini #futures #trading

18/09/2012 14:42 Our last Tweet for the ESZ2 dropped 3.5 points to the WTZ. Chart> http://t.co/FgcbORxV #emini #futures #trading #es

19/09/2012 02:16 Consider being short the ESZ2 below 1455 or long above 1472 whichever presents first. #emini #futures #trading #es $ES_F

19/09/2012 05:39 Cancel last ES Tweet. Corrected numbers are as follows - Consider being long December contract ESZ2 above 1460 or short below 1446. #emini

20/09/2012 15:10 November Soybeans ZSX2 consider being short below 16.45 . #soybeans #grains #zsx2 #futures #trading $ZS_F

20/09/2012 17:29 Today's Soybean Tweet has dropped 25 cents. Lock in profits and/or adjust stops. #soybeans #futures #trading #grains #zsx2

20/09/2012 22:28 November beans dropped another 4 cents. Total drop for today's Tweet - 29 Cents. Each penny in beans = $50. Nice volatility. #soybeans $ZS_F

20/09/2012 22:31 November Soybeans #ZSX2 if still short take some or/all profit and tighten stops. Next target 16.00. #grains #futures #trading

21/09/2012 07:29 ESZ2 - consider being short below 1453 or long above 1462 whichever presents first.. #emini #futures #trading $ES_F

21/09/2012 15:56 If still short November Soybeans ZSX2 make sure your stop is no higher than 16.38 on any remaining position. #soybeans #zsx2 $ZS_F

22/09/2012 07:05 It has been brought to my attention that several #Emini #Traders on the internet are not following our feed. #deeplywounded #futures #why?

24/09/2012 02:16 On the Globex open Soybeans dropped below our final target at 16.00 to 15.93. Stand by for next trade. #soybeans #zsx2 #grains #futures

24/09/2012 02:18 The completion of our Soybean Trade is detailed on the following chart > http://t.co/8cmhBEcw #soybean #futures #trading

24/09/2012 02:26 If short ESZ2 below 1453 from our last Tweet consider taking some or all profit, and/or tightening stops. #es #emini #futures #trading $ES_F

24/09/2012 02:28 If flat ESZ2 consider selling 1454 Limit. #es #emini #futures #trading $ES_F

24/09/2012 02:31 A more aggressive ESZ2 trade is to be short below 1450. Understand the risk and always use a hard stop. #es #emini #futures #trading $ES_F

24/09/2012 15:35 Consider being long November Soybeans ZSX2 above 1640. #soybeans #grains #zsx2 $ZS_F

25/09/2012 01:06 Last night's ESZ2 Tweet produced 2 trades. A 5 point drop and a 3 point drop. Here's the Chart > http://t.co/WGhIDGoL $ES_F #emini

25/09/2012 01:36 November Soybeans ZSX2 trade update. We are lowering our entry. Consider being long above 16.33. #soybeans #grains #zsx2 #futures #trading

25/09/2012 01:40 Consider being long the December contract ESZ2 above 1457. #es #emini #futures #trading $ES_F

25/09/2012 14:36 November Soybeans ZSX2 trade update. We are lowering our entry. Consider being long above 16.26. #soybeans #grains $ZS_F #futures #trading

27/09/2012 07:18 Cancel and replace previous ESZ2 trade. (never triggered) Consider being long above 1446 or short below 1428 whichever presents first. $ES_F

27/09/2012 07:23 Cancel and replace previous ZSX2 trade. (never triggered) Consider being long above 16.07 or short below 15.62 whichever presents first.

29/09/2012 06:56 If you shorted the last Soybean Tweet is was good for a 5 penny move. Not a lot but equal to 5 points in the SP 500. #soybeans $ZS_F #grains

Source: Twitter


This is going to take longer than I thought. Here's July through September to digest. This will take a few days. If you spot one I missed, please point it out. This is not intended to be a list of the Profitable Tweets, this is ia list of EVERY trade idea we Tweeted. We want the record to be accurate. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. In fact, we would like permission to use your name if you personally take the time to audit our results. If you spreadsheet it and apply numerical values we might name a trade after you. At the very least we would send you a CFRN T-Shirt or Coffee Mug.


The Year Ahead - A Market At The Crossroads


S&P500 Daily Chart


On the daily chart we have a triple top and we are also at the top of an ascending price channel. The next few days will be critical as we determine if the market has enough energy to break to new highs. The price channel is 70 points wide. If we are unable to break out to the upside, we should anticipate a return to the middle of the channel which represents a 35 point decline.


As opportunities unfold we'll keep you posted.



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