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Defining The Odds As An Emini Futures Trader



How Do You Define Your Odds Of Success As An Emini Trader?


Flip a coin. No seriously. Go ahead... I'm waiting...

Was it Heads? Was it Tails? It doesn't matter, I can trade both.

By the way, if you stick around long enough, so can you. Here's my point, I don't care how many indicators, oscillators or gurus you gather together, over the long haul they can not tell you with consistent accuracy whether or not the next flip of the coin will be heads or tails, or if the next tick of the market will be up or down. I feel a bit like the Amazing Randy making such a bold statement, but I make it with great confidence because I personally have spent large sums of money chasing the dragon.

FYI: Dragons are mythical beasts.

Whatever is going to happen next in the market is unknown. It is impossible to trade the unknown with any level of success, over any period of time (beyond dumb luck). What is possible and what you can learn, is to trade what just happened. It doesn't matter what happened, you can trade it. How? Why? Because it is a known factor. Known factors can be placed into a trading equation that is primarily comprised of unknown integers. Somebody has to bring at least one fact to the table. For me, that somebody is the biggest swinging player at the table - The Market.

I have indicators. I have oscillators. I have theories. I have mathematical formulas. They all serve me well. However, none of them can predict the future. If you have one that can, I'll buy it from you. Prove it works, name your price, the deal is done. I believe CFRN has the best possible tools available for building an Emini Futures Business. We provide the exact same tools tools to wealthy hedge fund managers as we do to humble retail traders like ourselves. Our tools tell you what to do with what already happened, not what might happen.

I hope you understand the difference. If you don't, call 415-857-5654 right now, or email support @cfrn.net . Get the answers you deserve!

To prove my point, watch the videos on the Live Trading Room Results page for this month. As of today we are up $3395 per contract (excluding commissions) in the first 17 trading days of 2013. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Trading is risky and not suitable for all. Check with a licensed investment professional  before making any investment decision.


Live Trading Room Video Recap

As you can see, Michael is making trades based not on what might happen, but on what did happen -

  • Pull back to the BBC
  • Divergence on the Proprietary CFRN Slingshot
  • Down close below the trend line
  • Over and over and over 

Like a machine, not a psychic.

On the flip side, our S&P500 Emini Tweets have a fairly stellar track record as well. In fact, when was the last time we got it wrong on the ES? Quite frankly, I don't remember. If you go back and read the Tweets, the very nature in which they are worded make it quite obvious I'm not attempting to predict what will happen next. Why? Because I don't know. No one does! The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can begin to build your Emini Trading Business on a solid foundation.

My Tweets, say "Go long above _____ or short below _____, whichever presents first." If you simply follow those instructions, the market (not me) makes profit available, over and over and over. Twitter is public info. Here I go again with the Amazing Randy stuff, but look at the last 100 ES Tweets and tell me how many did not offer some profit potential. If you will point them out, I will gladly highlight them in the next blog post.

Is this my way of boasting? Absolutely not! It's my way of convincing you that it's possible to make money in the market without knowing what is going to happen next. It's quite humbling to say "I don't know", yet very gratifying to be right, time after time after time.

What's really exciting is this - We can teach you how to do, exactly what we do.

In fact, we let you use our tools and indicators for a full week before you spend a dime. 

Here's a peek at the last few Tweets on the ES. However, you can go back for 2 years and investigate everything said and done. I pray you will, so I don't have to.

Recent ES Tweets  - 


(ES) Tweet 01/15/13


(ES) Tweet 01/16/13(ES) Tweet 01/16/13


(ES) Tweet 01/16/13(ES) Tweet 01/16/13


(ES) Tweet 01/17/13(ES) Tweet 01/17/13


(ES) Tweet 01/23/13(ES) Tweet 01/23/13


(ES) Tweet 01/24/13(ES) Tweet 01/24/13


(ES) Tweet 01/25/13(ES) Tweet 01/25/13


Keep in mind, these examples are from just the last 2 weeks. Go back 2 years. The song remains the same. I trade not the future, but the present. It is true that I can send out a Tweet ahead of time which says what I will do based on what the market does, I just don't veer into the lane of oncoming traffic by trying to tell you what will happen.

There is a part of every man that wants to know the future. If you can settle for knowing the present, we'll get along real fine.

Take the Free Trial and find out for yourself.


As opportunities unfold we'll keep you posted.







Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email support@cfrn.net or call 415-857-5654


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Emini Podcast for Friday 01/25/13

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