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- R.H. Canada

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Emini FuturesCast / The Daily Pod  06/17/11


Triple Witching came and went today with little fanfare. For those who don't know, the term refers to the expiration of stock index futures, some of the stock index options, and some individual stock options on the third Friday of every third month. We covered the Weekly Trading Zones in depth on today's show and we hosted a huge open house event with a tremendous turnout. To all of you who dropped in or stopped by it was great to see you and we hope to see more of you soon. Now on to the show...

(you have to click the the little icon up top... there you go)

Live Trade from the show today...

Yeah Michael!

At the end of the broadcast we left the hourly chart running on the ES. We had a White Candle (A) which means "potential change of trend". Candle (B) was David's on time bar for a bounce which it did. Our comments can be read on the chart. We did end up testing the trend line, the Weekly Trading Zone, and dropping 7.5 points on Candle © to 1261.50. David got the bounce right, we got the drop right, and this little piggy went weee weee weee all the way to the weee-kend.

Click to enlarge

Weekly Trading Zones in Review

S&P 500 Emini Futures / ES

That was the ES on an hourly chart which allowed me to display the entire week in one screen shot. Did that show you every move? No. In fact, showing it that way does a great injustice not only to the zones themselves but to you as well. I hesitate showing an hourly chart because I rarely execute on that time frame. I do use it to give me a big picture backdrop, but when I trade intra-day I'm looking at a much smaller time frame as you already know.

Our goal for those who choose to become CFRN Partners is much greater than simply selling you some indicators. What we really want to do is teach you how to READ THE MARKET LIKE A NEWSPAPER! The indicators are just fancy reading glasses that help you see what's already in front of you. We hold no sway over the market and neither do our indicators. Far from it...... we simply help you peel away the outer layers and see the true inner beauty.

On the next chart instead of cramming it all into one, I'll break it up into the last 5 days. I still need to use a 10 minute chart (huge) to make it fit, but I believe you'll see things that may not be quite so obvious on the larger time frame. Even here I can't hit every twist and shout, but maybe you can...

Monday 06/13/11o

Tuesday 06/14/11Wednesday 06/15/11Thursday 06/16/11Friday 06/17/11So there it is. I just spent 3 hours on a Friday night walking you through the last 5 days of the YM. Why would I do that? Why would anyone do that? Great question...

If what I showed you on these charts really happened, (go check your own charts to be sure) if it really went down the way I showed you, and if it really has gone down that way for the past 79 weeks, there's a slight chance I didn't choose to spend my Friday night highlighting charts just to separate you from a few of your dead presidente's. Can we at least agree on that?

Ok. Maybe, maybe not. Fair enough. Let me ask you this, "What price would you put on your Friday night with your family?" Exactly. It's obviously not about the money because what it cost me is priceless. Follow? Can I get a scripture? Thank you very much.

Seriously how much is the pearl really worth...?
I can only answer that question for myself.
You can only answer that question for yourself.

What are you after?
What are you willing to pay for it?
How will you know when you have it?

These are not wise guy questions. These are Life or Death as a Trader questions.

If Moses came down from the mountain with a tablet (iPad / Xoom / Galaxy / doesn't matter) that said BUY HERE - SELL HERE or to keep it more biblical DON'T BUY HERE and DON'T SELL HERE if you still  insist on acting like a jackass (sorry Children of Israel) even God himself can't save you. Kapeesh? Wow, this chatter got me craving some humus but I digrumess...

Back to my point. No seriously, I had a point. (darn ball of yarn) oh there it is. Yes! Here's my point. If the information we spill out before the open every Monday morning doesn't help you make at least a semi-modest (note to self: don't say whopping here) profit by the end of the week after all the stops and chicken runs at targets, then either you're doomed or I'm stupid, or I got that backwards, or maybe I should just retire and/or move to Ecuador and chill it on the beach in Salinas.

Is that my annual threat?

Heck No.

It requires a minimum of 3 years to be officially considered annual.

I'm just thinking out loud. I can do what I do from any place on the Big Blue Marble.

Can you?

Well there's my gosh darn point. I knew it would come back to me. If you can't do what I teach you, then I have failed. Le' Misera / No?

Seriously, if it was hard I couldn't do it. That's just how I'm wired. I'm Mr. Easy Street. So Get Smart, use the Zones, and make sure you acknowledge me when you write your book.

If none of this makes any sense let me know when I come down and I'll re-write it.

Have a Great Weee-Kend!


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Podcast for Friday 06/17/11

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