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- R.H. Canada

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Emini Podcast / The Daily Futures 10/28/11


What a ride. Let's take a statistical look at the month the markets will never forget.

Nasdaq - Largest monthly point gain since 2001

S&P - Largest monthly point gain since 1981

Dow - Largest monthly point gain EVER

Yes there's still one more trading session to go before the month ends but we closed bullish at the top of the daily range. The overnight rally which sparked on the London open and the two subsequent rallies to our Weekly Trading Zone at 1281/1282 were stopped dead each time. Sunday night a gap higher open is certainly possible. We've all heard the deadliest month for stocks is October. From a pure statistical standpoint it's really September. This month may rewrite the history books once and for all. Don't forget, according to the historians and statisticians November is the BEST month for stocks. Needless to say the markets could get extremely volatile as we slip and slide into the New Year which is also a Presidential election year which according to the history books is - you guessed it - Bullish.

A word of caution -
When all the world says we can only go higher (or lower), expect the unexpected.


My Story
A number of you emailed during the show that you did not receive the email I sent out last night and discussed on today's show. Mail filters are quite voracious these days. If you did not receive it, here it is.


   Tune in for Live Commentary

    Click here to learn more

You considered trading Emini Futures at some point. That's how your name ended up in our files. What stopped you?
I'm going to ask you to read this web page.
If you read this web page, I believe you will recognize a part of yourself in my story. You might also find some answers. 
So read this web page and then call me @ 415-857-5654 for a no obligation, no pitch, no pressure conversation. I don't want to sell you anything. My goal is simply to answer any questions you have about trading Emini Futures for a living.
It really is true. Some people do make money in the markets. 
Read this web page and call me @ 415-857-5654 for the TRUTH!
DeWayne Reeves
Founder - CFRN

Listen Now!


CFRN, 911 W Woodland Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85007, USA


I also had requests for the Mayan Calendar cartoon from today's show -


And requests for a link to the song featured on today's show -


And now a word from -  


The Weekly Trading Zones were pretty good to us this week. Go back over the posts for the past 5 trading days. Better yet, at the bottom of this page on the Toolbar, click CFRN Emini Charts and you'll have access to over 700 charts spanning the last 2 years of the Zone Ranger's best work. If you have any questions on how we use them, feel free to email me support@cfrn.net or call 415-857-5654. If you want the opinion of an independent 3rd party I can put you in touch with one of our Partners or you can call Burt @ 1-866-928-3310 and talk to him about how he uses the Weekly Zones to frame up his own trades. 

Our Weekly Trading Zones turn what appears to be random chaos
in the markets into a stunningly clear picture of where price is headed next.
Give them a try TODAY...


Price did spike our highest Weekly Zone on the ES yesterday but look how it behaved right into the close today -


Here's the last 3 days on the Euro 6E

 click to enlarge

DeWayne Reeves

Last Night's Tweets  produced relatively small gains based on what we've grown accustomed to, however, a gain is a gain.

YM +28 Points / ES +2.75 Points  Max Potential



For the first time in history we take you (the civilian) behind the closed doors of a CFRN Partner Meeting. This audio excerpt from last night's Partners Meeting is a discussion with a new CFRN Partner. Just click the headphones below and kick back for 10 minutes. You might be intrigued... You might have a laugh or two... You just might learn something you didn't already know. It could happen.

So how did he get from there to here? Easy, the journey starts here...


Live Emini Trading Room Results

(video to follow)


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Emini Podcast for Friday 10/28/11

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