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- R.H. Canada

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Gangnam Style Trading For Emini Futures


"A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation." Mark Twain


Trading Emini Futures - Gangnam Style


Gangnam is the most coveted address in Korea, but less than two generations ago it was little more than some forlorn homes surrounded by flat farmland and drainage ditches. The district of Gangnam, which literally means “south of the river,” is about half the size of Manhattan. About 1 percent of Seoul’s population lives there, but many of its residents are very rich. The average costs about $716,000, a sum that would take an average South Korean household 18 years to earn.

Now what does this have to do with Emini Futures Trading? The 1% of Seoul are often looked at distastefully by other Koreans who equate success with working long hard hours. We also believe in hard work here at CFRN. We also realize that as Emini Futures Traders, we are in a unique position to earn in a day what many Americans earn in a month, and what many from other countries might only earn in a year.

Sometimes, we lose sight of the fact that many of us were called, chosen if you will, to use the wealth of Wall Street to serve those less fortunate, share the Good News, fight injustice and change lives. I certainly don't mean by Occupying Wall Street where the theme of the day is to destroy property and poop in the street. When we go to Wall Street, we go to work. Or as Dan would say, "Back to Work".

We work in an office where billions of dollars exchange hands every day. Through the miracle of modern technology that office may actually be on Wall Street, or it may be just you on a park bench, with an idyllic view of the lake, the ducks and your iPad. Even with billions of dollars exchanging hands, I'm not greedy, just give me the change that falls on the floor and I can brighten my corner of the world and yours too, all day long.

Even though we were invited to live in Gangnam, we've chosen to live in Lodebar.

Why would we do that?

We didn't intend to but:

  • Every time I put on a trade I got stopped out to the tick
  • The big boys kept running my stops
  • As soon as I get in the market reversed
  • Stops are for chumps
  • The S&P is a suckers bet
  • I just need to find the right indicator
  • I just need to find the right guru
  • I just need to find the right time frame
  • If I had more money I could trade big and it would be easy
  • I'm working on a "system" and it's almost finished...

We launch into our trading career filled with good intentions, the same ones used by the D.O.T. to pave roads. It's all obviously quite simple, I'm quite clever and I really just don't have time to waste, so I'll figure it out as I go.

This approach takes us to Lodebar not Gangnam. We quickly begin to build a wall of excuses to cover our weaknesses. Whatever weakness you have, whether it's over trading or not following your plan, you have to reach out. You have to get help.

Read 2nd Samuel 4:4.

In the ensuing, crippling, fall from grace, the result of our naive attempt to shortcut the requirement which clearly states "you must actually learn how to trade before trading", we become wounded and confused in ways that toxically effect our thinking and shift the blame for our failure to everything imaginable except the real culprit - ourself. As we realize that a kings child isn't suppose to look, feel or live this way, our Pain turns into Shame...

The ghetto of Lodebar becomes a safe haven.  Now we can hide behind the walls of excuses that reflect our belief that we will never again function and trade in the manner GOD called us to originally. We become damaged goods, victims of our own reckless approach to the inheritance of a King.

Read 2nd Samuel 4:7.

In the twinkling of an eye you can be delivered, transitioned, and repositioned for greatness. The atmosphere changes with the elevation. Once "at the table", you must adjust your manner, your appetite, and the words that exit your mouth. Lamentation is exchanged for praise. Success becomes what we exude (your birthright) not your circumstance, your failure, your mistake.

If you are called out of Lodebar, out of your broken, wounded, spirit - will you answer? Will you sit at the table as a child of the King? Will you put down the mistake and pick up the gift? The choice is yours...

If you study the 1%, those mysterious inhabitants of Gangnam, by and large they did nothing to deserve their new found position and status. They simply went in and occupied a land of forlorn homes surrounded by flat farmlands and drainage ditches.

Chances are if it were not for a 4 minute video that went viral on You-Tube, you and I would have never heard of Gangnam. Politicians would not have danced to it and I would not be writing this post. The opportunity you saw when you first decided to become a trader, is as real today as it was then. It's still sitting there, waiting for you... to go viral.


Emini Futures Trading - Gagnam Style

(those easily offended probably should not watch this video)

To the Stout at Heart we recommend watching this daily before trading Emini Futures.

Will it improve your trades?

If you have a sense of humor, or rhythm, it might change your attitude.

Change your Attitude - Change your Altitude!

WARNING: You may get happy feet.


Turns out, the man behind the dance, the video, the world wide craze, is rather humble. 

Park Jae-sang recently said on the American “Today” TV show -

“I’m not handsome, tall, muscular, or skinny... But I’m sitting here.”

He attributed his success to “soul or attitude.”

Obviously he never blew up his account. Right?


S&P 500 Emini Futures


Last night's only Tweet was the Harami setup on the December SP500 Emini Futures Contract. 




(ES) Emini Futures - Harami Tweet


As I finish this post, price has been consolidating, or coiling as some call it, for the past 13 hours. Monday morning before the markets opened we told every CFRN Partner that 1349/1350 would be an important price level. Yesterday we had a "touch and go" landing at the 1349/1350 Weekly Trading Zone. Anytime we see a touch and go, we consider that an engraved invitation to come back and visit. Tonight is a prime example of that concept. 13 hours in and around a 1 point Zone.

We just sent out a Tweet, did you get it? If not, follow us @CFRN .

Would you like to have Next Weeks Zones before the market opens on Monday? APPLY!

Not only will you receive the Weekly Trading Zones, you'll receive 5 Luxurious Days in our Live Emini Trading Room where we call out real trades in real time. You'll also download our Platform and receive Real Time Data for all Futures Markets, Forex and Currency Pairs. We even give you our Proprietary Indicators to use for 1 Full Week absolutely FREE!

Sign up for the Free Trial Today and you'll receive an extra 2 days. Friday through Thursday, that's 7 Days to kick our tires and ask us questions. For 5 days you'll watch us trade live and ask lots and lots of questions. You can even trade right along with us using our State of the Art Simulator courtesy of Burt & Leslie, our brokers at Daniels Trading. Need help? Call toll-free 866-928-3310.


As opportunities unfold we will keep you posted.


Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!



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Emini Podcast for Thursday 11/15/12

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