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Emini Futures Trading / Between The Lines

Between the Lines

Sunday night when we published our Weekly Trading Zones for the CFRN Partners we listed 1244/1245 as our lowest zone for the week. The week isn't over yet but it sure made for a nice trade so far... eh?

A-B was good for 18 points

B-C was good for another 18

C-D was good for 18 (so far...)

That's 54 points in 12 hours. That's $2,700.00 per contract. How many contracts do you trade?

Most system guys would just leave you hanging right here with a great big button. But hey, you know me...I'm gonna' take it a step farther. I'm going to go where few fear to tread in this business. I'm going to stumble into the Emerald City of Emini Reality. I know, Crazy Talk! Our competitors all cringe when I do this. I think that's what really motivates me. Not nobody, not no way, not no how, did anybody get all 54 points.

Once again for dramatic effect -Not nobody, not no way. Period.

So why do I even bring it up? 3 Good Reasons -

#1) Chafe the Charlatans
#2) Use the cool sound files hyper linked above (click 'em)
#3) Chafe the Charlatans

But I digress. My real point is simply this - If you knew the lowest weekly zone and bought it, you did good. Period. That's all...

Oh wait, I guess if you were "by chance" short from the 1294/1295 Weekly Trading Zone you might have seen the 1244/1245 WTZ as a spot to ease out and/or lock in your 50 points of PROFIT before the bounce.

Did I do it? Nah. Not no way. Not no how.

I'm just not that good...... I'm mediocre at best. But when you have really good numbers even the mediocre trader stands a chance. Amen?

I'm so far out on this limb let me leave you with a thought you won't hear elsewhere...

We should all strive for mediocrity, instead of settling for excellence.

  • Work to live, don’t live to work
  • Find joy in a balanced life
  • Don’t lose sight of what is important
  • Don’t bring work home
  • Enjoy the down time
  • Understand that being mediocre is totally acceptable (more important - it's acheivable)

I believe that most people could do with a healthy dose of mediocrity.  Chill out and enjoy life!

Pray Hard and Trade Safe!


ps/ if you would like to pursue a trading career of mediocrity - we can help you touch that reality


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