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- R.H. Canada

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Emini FuturesCast / The Daily Pod  10/07/11


E-Mini S&P 500: A fickle ascension foils recession fears!

The E-Mini S&P 500 blasted off on the higher than expected jobs data! Nonfarm payrolls were up 103,000 in September, partly attributed to the 45,000 Verizon Communications workers returning to work after a strike. That would leave about a 58,000 increase in employment. Regardless, the market bought it and perhaps eased any recession fears. The number of new jobs created each month should be about 125,000 per month just to stop unemployment from rising. US Consumer Credit was down by $9.50 billion in August below expectations of $7.75 billion. Consumers had adopted frugal spending habits while it was the US government that had been downgraded. Europe had further downgrades today on Spain and Italy’s credit ratings by Fitch’s credit rating agency. Moody’s credit rating agency had put Belgium’s credit rating up for a potential downgrade. Earlier this week, it had seemed as though the European Central Bank, the IMF and the European Financial Stability Facility had a cohesive movement going toward restructuring the debt and providing funding to the banks perhaps holding the debt of any possibly defaults. Greece has a smaller economy, but the possible potential default of a larger economy such as Spain or Italy may be simply too large to deal with.  German Chancellor Merkel next will meet on the 9th to discuss further the support necessary and any possible restructuring moves to support the Euro Zone. Greece will not need the next bailout funds until Mid-November, where they must adhere to further cuts in spending and tax hikes perhaps. Contagion fears are not likely to subside anytime soon.  Germany is the strongest economy that can bolster the others to a certain degree, do not want to absorb the bulk of the debt. France fears that if they come in to shoulder some of the debt that they themselves may be downgraded. There were rumors circulating some months ago about a potential downgrade of France. The European Financial Stability Fund had been set-up to manage the debt crisis, it will be interesting if the powers and funding will support the fund or if the debt crisis is still dispersed!

Monday,  we have no major economic reports scheduled!  It is Columbus Day!

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The Future of Options Trading
Our newest product for trading options may be the ultimate tool for the trader who is either unable, or simply has no desire to spend 12 hours a day glued to the screen. Our most recent S&P Emini Futures option trade went like this -

Bought 1135 Calls @ 24
Sold them @ 40 roughly 24 hours later.

What's that in real money? 40-24=16X$50= $800 per unit

Here's where the story gets very interesting. My limit order to buy @24 was filled while I slept. My exit order was executed by my broker from his Blackberry on the train as he headed into the city. I know, the ultimate trading fantasy right? I don't want to paint an unreasonable picture here... that's just the way it happened. Remember, past fantasies do not indicate future realities.

CFRN Partners are now 3 for 3 with our new product in real time.

During the upcoming weeks we will embrace other markets such as the Dow Emini, Gold, and others. Although not sent out as an official trade to Partners I am personally long December Gold as we will always test markets prior to fully rolling them out. It's no secret that Gold took a dive today. That's OK. I'm still in the trade and will watch the open Sunday night, holiday trading on Monday, and by Tuesday have a pretty good idea if it's time to step aside or ride it out. Full transparency is the name of our game here. I'm in, I'm down a bit, I'll let you know exactly how it turns out... that's the truth about CFRN!

I'm going to list the most recent signals on the ES. These could have been traded as a futures contract or as an option. Some of the partners are even using these signals to trade the SPY and other ETF's.

Aug 25th - Sell below 1161 - market dropped to 1126.75

Aug 26th - Buy above 1170 - market ran to 1223.75

Sep   1st - Sell below 1200 - market dropped to 1130.50

Sep   6th - Buy above 1166 - market ran to 1198.00

Sep   9th - Sell below 1173 - market dropped to 1123.50

Sep 13th - Buy above 1162 - market ran to 1214.50

Sep 18th - Sell below  1189 - market dropped to 1181.50

Sep 20th - Buy above  1202 - market ran to 1214.50

Sep 21st - Sell below   1194 - market dropped to 1102.00

Sep 25th - Buy above  1142 - market ran to 1190.00

Sep 28th - Sell below   1154 - market dropped to 1068.00

Oct   4th -  Buy above 1117 - market ran to 1173.75

These are not cherry picked signals. This is every signal generated on the time frame I am currently working with. Michael is using slightly different parameters which will enable us to ultimately deliver you the Ultimate Option Tool. Remember, these directional sginals can be traded as Futures, Options, or ETF's. They can also be used as a backdrop to your short term intra-day trades.

Test them yourself by taking advantage of our 5 Day Free Trial!


Trading's not easy - but it can be Simple!


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Emini Podcast for Friday 10/07/11

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