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Trading is risky and not suitable for all people. Please read the CFTC Required Disclosure Page and the CFRN Disclaimer Page as part of our Terms of Service. 


What happens in your E-Mini Live Trading Room?

For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
Ask questions and learn the most important trading lesson of all: WHEN, HOW, and WHY you should get in or out of a trade.


This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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A Simple Plan For Daytrading Emini Futures

The "Simple" Plan To Build Your Own Emini Daytrading Business


CFRN is now in our 8th year of broadcasting.  When Michael and I were just two struggling traders a few years back, we made a pact. If we ever managed to "crack the code", we agreed we would not only trade for a living, we would also dedicate part of our life, to teaching others how to trade. We know from experience how hard it is to find someone willing to teach you. That's why we don't require a C.C. to take our Free Trial.

Unlike stocks where you need a $25k account balance to daytrade, you can daytrade Emini Futures with an account as small as $3k. You can go short as easily as you go long. With only $500 margin, you control over $75k worth of S&P stock at current prices. For the purpose of daytrading, you can trade 1 S&P Emini Contract for every $500 you have in your account.

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Day Job Cramping Your Day Trading?

Day Job Interfering With Plans To Become A Day Trader?

It's certainly a dilemma for many. Let's review the options, but first let's rid ourselves of one option straight away - 

  • Quit the Day Job!

That is not an acceptable solution, therefore we won't even discuss it. It always astonishes me to see advertisments that encourge would be traders to do exactly that. If you already have a job, that's an incredible ace in the hole. While others are under extreme pressure to make their daytrading venture payoff immediately, which is a sure fire way not to succeed, you have the luxury of learning the skills necessary to carry you through in an orderly manner as you transition into your new career.

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Learn To Day Trade And Swing Trade

Learn how to Day Trade and Swing Trade the Emini Futures market. Learn from Professional Emini Traders who trade for a living.

We offer everything you need to get started.

  • Trading Platform
  • Charts
  • Live Data
  • Simulator
  • Hands on instruction

Sign up today for our 1 Week Free Trial! 

You'll receive an invitation via email to join our Live Emini Trading Room.

During your 1 Week Free Trial we'll teach you the basic concepts of Emini Futures Trading. Our traders will walk you through live emini trades as they happen. We explain all entries and exits before the trade is taken. During your trial you will have access to a Live Charting Platform and Live Data. Using the dtPro Emini Simulator, you'll be able to shadow every trade we take.

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Emini Futures Trading / Prosperity for God's People

Emini Daytrading post State of the Union, pre Fed Interest Rate Decision.

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Emini Futures Trading / SP Closes At Multi-Year High

Again, Read the tape and quit trying to buck the trend…1300 is on the horizon

We walked into the morning session with the indices lower because the Bank of China raised there reserve requirement.  Asian markets were trading lower which set the stage for a lower opening.  Restricting the money supply put pressure on commodity prices overnight, especially gold and silver which couldn’t recover and finished the day down 2%-3% and on its backside for the week.  JP Morgan reported before the opening bell and beat expectations thus lifting financial stocks along the way.  Then we were hit with a slew of mixed economic reports.  Retail Sales rose 0.6% in December but missed the forecast.  Consumer Confidence fell to 72.7 from 74.5 but the street was expecting something better.  Consumer Price Index or CPI rose 0.5% in December, the largest increase since June 2009.  Whew, that was a mouth full.  How do you make a trading decision based on all that?  My advice, you don’t just look at a chart.

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