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- R.H. Canada

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LOGIC247™ eMINI Session Recap



Hope you're enjoying your Emini Alert Trial. 
I know it's hard to be there 24/7 and see everything happen in real time, so here's your daily report:

Recap for Sun/Monday Session  03/25/19 

👍= Thumbs Up (represents Alert price reached or exceeded Alert target)
👎= Thumbs Down (represents Alert price reached stop loss before Alert target)
💤 = No Trigger
🕑= Still Open
Sun: 6pm EDT
Indices gapped higher on the Globex open.
6:04-6:10 PM
Issued following Alerts:
👍ALERT #1603 Consider short ESM9 2810 to 2808 (Gap Fill) and TIP.
👍ALERT #1604 Consider short YMM9 25565 to 25545 and TIP.
👍ALERT #1605 Consider short RTYM9 1510.50 to 1508.50 and TIP.
👍ALERT #1606 Consider short NQM9 7369 to 7359 and TIP.
👍ALERT #1607 Consider short GCLK9 58.70 to 58.60 to 58.50 and TIP.
7:00 PM EDT
Issued following Alerts:
👍ALERT #1608 Consider long GGCJ9 1314 to 1315 to 1316 and TIP.
👎ALERT #1609 Consider short GHGK9 2.8350 to 2.8250 and TIP.
7:25 PM EDT
Concierge Trade Alerts Posted
CTA's are a static report utilized throughout the entire session to gauge the Bullish or Bearish nature of each market.
CFRN Concierge Trade Alerts
Sunday  7:25 PM EST 03/24/19
ESM9 -
Consider Long at or above 2830
Consider short at or below 2803
YMM9 -
Consider Long at or above 25760
Consider short at or below 25510
Consider Long at or above 1533S
Consider short at or below 1505
Consider Long at or above 59.35
Consider short at or below 58.65
NQM9 -
Consider Long at or above 7445
Consider short at or below 7340
ZBM9 -
Consider Long at or above 149.06
Consider short at or below 148.06
Consider Long at or above 1313
Consider short at or below 1307
ZSK9  - 
Consider Long at or above 9.09
Consider short at or below 9.02
8:00 PM EDT
💤ALERT #1610 Consider short 6EM9 1.13650 to 1.13550 and TIP.
👍ALERT #1611 Consider long 6BM9 1.13285 to 1.13305 and TIP.SH 1.3302 = PT
💤ALERT #1612 Consider short ESM9 2790 to 2787 and TIP.
10:07 PM EDT
1st 4 Alerts (ES / YM / RTY / NQ) exceeded target. Exit Signals have not printed yet.
2:00AM EDT
Issued the following Alerts:
ALERT #1613 Consider short YMM9 27395 to 27375 and TIP.  👍SL 27377  =PT
👍ALERT #1614 Consider short RTYM9 1502 to 1500 and TIP.
👎ALERT #1615 Consider short NQM9 7308 to 7298 and TIP.
👎ALERT #1616 Consider short GCLK9 58.50 to 58.40 and TIP.
3:15 AM EDT
NOTE For the record Alert #1613 there was a misprint. 25395 to 25375 is correct. Dow Traders thank you for pointing it out.
4:08 – 4:19 AM EDT
Issued the following Alerts:
👍ALERT #1617 Consider short ESM9 2797 to 2795 and TIP. #1612 still valid.
👍ALERT #1618 Consider short YMM9 25440 to 25420 and TIP
👎ALERT #1619 Consider short RTYM9 1504 to 1502 and TIP
👍ALERT #1620 Consider short GCLK9 58.60 to 58.50 and TIP.
6:15AM EDT 
Weekly Trading Zones Delivered to Active Partners and Passport Holders
9:22 – 9:27 AM EDT
Issued the following Alerts:
👍ALERT #1621 Consider short YMM9 25470 to 25450 and TIP. #1618 still valid
👍ALERT #1622 Consider short RTYM9 1506 to 1504 and TIP. #1619 still valid.
👍ALERT #1623 Consider short NQM9 7320 to 7310 and TIP. #1615 still valid.
11:00 AM EDT
Daily Double Trades Posted to Channel for Passport Holders
11:48 – 11:51 AM EDT
Issued the following Alerts:
👎ALERT #1624 Consider short ESM9 2797 to 2795 and TIP.
👍ALERT #1625 Consider short YMM9 25475 to 25455 and TIP
👍ALERT #1626 Consider short NQM9 7325 to 7315 and TIP.
3:00 PM EDT
Issued the following Alerts:
Still Open at time of Recap
ALERT #1627 Hedge ESM9. Consider buying 2805 to 2807 and TIP.
ALERT #1628 Hedge YMM9. Consider buying 25535 to 25555 and TIP.
ALERT #1629 Consider long RTYM9 1521 to 1523 and TIP.

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Never trade without a Hard Stop and if you don't get an education here, get a good one somewhere.
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