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What happens in your E-Mini Live Trading Room?

For traders seeking hands-on instruction in a virtual classroom, we offer the CFRN Live emini trading room. CFRN wraps all of its proprietary trading systems, indicators, and methodology into this unique educational environment.

live market commentary, real-time application of the CFRN Proprietary Indicators, and trade signals in real-time.
Ask questions and learn the most important trading lesson of all: WHEN, HOW, and WHY you should get in or out of a trade.


This show is so good because it not only talks about the markets , which we all are enthralled with, but also about finding out about ourselves and how it relates not only to our trading, but maybe even more important about how we see ouselves in the world we live in and how from the knowledge we take from this show can make ourselves a better human being in our life here on earth--I'll say it one more time"MAN I LOVE THIS SHOW"-thanks guys

- R.H. Canada

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Dr Dean Handley - Cleaning Up the Futures Market



Dr Dean Handley -

Futures Trader / Visionary / New Sheriff In Town


Who is this guy and what gives him the right to kick in doors of Live Emini Trading Rooms, turn over tables and call a spade a spade? It's actually more the where than the who I suppose... a little place you may have heard of - America. Land of the free, home of the brave (huevos grande'). It's a simple story really. (insert Springsteen soundtrack)

Early in life he saw the incredible opportunity that existed in the world of Futures, from leverage, to around the clock liquidity, tax advantages (check with a tax professional) I could go on, but for once I would like to stay focused. He knew he needed training, he was more than willing to pay for it, he did his due diligence (he's a highly educated man), yet through the sophisticated "come hither siren song" played on 9 out of 10 "Trading / Training Sites", they got him. Tall, smart, good looking and still they ripped his freaking eyes out.

Stunned, shocked, reeling from the pain... he chalked it up to a bad experience and once again set out in search of a true education. They saw him coming and left him bleeding (financially, spiritually, not to mention questioning his own sanity), in a Wall Street back alley. Still groggy, he stagered to his feet, the proverbial Phoenix rising from his own ashes. He looked up, raised a fist as if preparing to curse God  and stopped... the first unfurled to simply an open, upturned, outstretched, hand.

A chilhdood memory appeared out of no where. A monkey, a jar, a bannana and a closed hand. We've all heard it at some point, right? The greeedy monkey won't unclench his fist and so his pearl of great price (the banana) remains trapped in the jar.  The moral being that a closed hand cannot receive a gift. Remember that? He swore no oath, made no threat, just a promise to himself.

(this dramatic renactment brought to you by

Financial Terrorism In The World Of Emini Futures

Twenty years ago few Americans had even heard the word terrorist, much less experienced and act of terrorism. The more Dean thought about it, he came to understand that this was exactly what thousands of would be Traders were facing every day... financial terrorists. Vengeance is mine saith the Lord, but hey, are you gonna' stand around and watch people get mugged in broad daylight, day, after day, after day? I would like to think not.

You're in Central Park and some "real man" starts slapping around his pregnant 95 pound "lady".

Do you -

Turn your back? (Survey - 40% said Yes)

Call 911? (can she withstand a 90 minute beating until the Po-Po roll up?)

Do something? (Dean's a doer. Hero to many, meddler to others, the right man at the right time.)

He saw injustice and he started to set it straight one room at a time. Wherever he shined his light, boy did they scatter. Except for a few. A few stood their ground and said "Come, sit, watch, evaluate". If we don't make the grade at least we have a Punch List from an Industry Expert that we can work from. Whatever you find wrong, if we agree, we'll fix it. How hard is that?

History Of A "Decade Old" Live Emini Trading Room

Before Traders could seek an Emini Education, learning to trade as they watched a Professional Trader at work trading real money in real time... there had to be a beginning. I read a great book (a few times) that said "Despise not humble beginnings". I assure you, it doesn't get much humbler than this.

Our goal since Day 1 at CFRN has been quite lofty. Considering the budget, education, training and know how, to many it seemed more a delusion of grandeur than a realistic business plan. Sometimes, when the entrepenuerial blood is flowing through your viens @ 100 Proof, you just have to fly by the seat of your pants and make the most of what you have to work with.

Mission? To run The Finest Trading Organization in the World.

Building the Emini Dream on Guts and Inspiration

We started as a humble radio station with a beat up old PC, mysteriously and precariously wired to an old Peavey Amp, a stand up Mic, a Handi-Coupler and the slowest T-1 since Adam. We had the big countdown over a period of weeks, my expert friends came and observed, made copious notes, drew sketches, snapped photographs and delivered the diagnosis. It's a Bumble-Bee.

A what? A Bumble-Bee I begged??? Aerodynamically they can't fly. You see this was 2005. I was prophesying that the day would come when CFRN would be played inside your Auto as you sped down Route 66. That day is here. They laughed at me like I suppose they laughed at Noah. At last we became the fodder of late night stand up. For those who don't know that's the turning point.

After the count down, the first day I keyed up that Mic and (in theory) sent my voice around the world, I had no feedback system in place. Did it work? Not work? I went into a manic state somewhere between Mark Driscoll, Joel Osteen and Robin Williams. I rattled for 2 hours straight until the call for nicotine (yes I was and no I don't) became greater than the call to Pioneer, so I threw my little homemade switch which took me from Talk to Music, went outside and deep inhaled more than 1...

As I shuffled back in it crossed my mind to check my email.  When that baby opened it sounded like Harrah's - ding, ding, ding, ding, ding, ding.....

I scanned them quickly, after all... I had Radio to do (or so I thought). It ranged from "Son, it's Mama... I can hear you kind of, but what are you talking about? Are you ok Son?

To the - I hear you, I hear you, I hear you, over and over and over agian.

Then came the liberals, the anti-capitalists (even they were listening) and boy were they ticked off. Seems their team had not quite managed to wire up a beat up PC (turns out they were Mac people),  to a Peavey Amp, stand up Mic, Hand-Coupler and $60 Studio Headphones.

All that mattered was "THEY HEARD ME!". From Boston, to Tennessee, to Texas. Mexico to Bogata (long story / previous life). I had a Platform. I spoke.... they heard... it was magical.

They said I couoldn't, but without getting Preachy here - "With God all things are possible" and his fingerprints were all over this thing. I had a buyout offer inside of 90 days, but I'm still behind the Mic today almost 10 years later making folks cringe day after day.

Emini Futures Are The Fuel Not The Purpose

Each of us were uniqely handcrafted with a built in purpose and destiny. Some find it early in life, others stumble around like a drunken sailor and eventually trip over it at 37. Hint: It finds you at the exact time it's supposed to. Never early and never late.

Speaking for my wife and I (and other drunken sailors - she was a civillian), our destiny fell in our lap the day we realized over 100 women a day here in Phoenix were being turned away from our handfull of Domestic Violence Shelters (yes, being told "No room at the Inn, go home, if you make it through the night... come back and try again tomorrow").

This wasn't news actually, turns out it's been going on since man was old enough to prove his manliness. However, I had just finished reading


Rose Madder in the Spring of 1996. A book that when I picked it up, was simply more Stephen King to read. I had read The Stand twice and was hoping this might be in the same genre. The book had a profound effect.  I couldn't sleep, I couldn't eat, so what did I do? Conduct a survey? March with a Poster? Lobby Congress? No. There are rare occassions when you have to be a Doer. Anything else just falls short.

My wife and I opened a Privately Funded Home for Battered Women and Abused Children. Government money was available but the strings attached were more like a noose. These women and children needed to be safe tonight.

Any idea how long it takes to get a grant funded? 6 months to 2 years with no guarantee you'll get it.

Guess how long it takes to rent a house? 2 hours.

I was a salesman at the time so I worked a few bell to bell shifts to raise the money.

We made the decision on a Sunday afternoon. Real Women and Children were not beaten Wed night.

Am I boasting? You betcha! I'm bragging about the God far greater than the forces of evil. He called us up and sent us out. We didn't ask questions, we just did it. Of course people said "You can't do that". I agreed with them. I knew that I could do very little on my own, but in Partnership with the great I Am, mountains don't just move, they pick up their hills and RUN.

So there we were... No money (except my weekly paycheck and daily cash bonuses), no education, no training. Just lots of big eyes and smiling faces every where you looked.... and Cereal. I remember lots and lots of Cereal and Milk of course, oh... and the smell of fresh poop. You see my wife and I had no kids of our own. At 37 I had long since stopped pooping my own pants, so I had sort of forgotten what it smelled like. It may not be Napalm in the Morning, but it is a powerful odor. When God whispered in my ear one morning, I realized what I was smelling... FREEDOM!

Let's look each other in the eye for a minute, Freedom or not it still made me a little queasy and still does, but I would not change a thing. Except for one. I could have really used the the cash to get all those precious bodies out of that crack infested neighborhood rental, into a nice suburban home with grass and a picket fence.

A place where these women could learn their self worth was not tied to some sorry excuse for a man. Or was he just a Boy? A hurting little boy who never grew up and remained trapped behind a 6-pack, 2 fat lines of meth and the memories of all the beatings he took as a child? I'm not making excuses for him, just telling you how far this world has fallen since God told Adam "Don't let the gate hit you in the rear". (He didn't really say that. At least I have no scriptural reference for it.)

So there was this guy who always sold pretty good wherever he worked. Not on human strength, but the kind of energy that comes when you have a Godly boot up against your backside, this feller went from good seller to Rock Star overnight. Socked away enough cash in 2 months, he opened his own shop. He did have a little help from a friend. The night before we were to open the next day, my wife called me into the bedroom. She said, "You're really going to do this?" "I have no choice", was my reply.

She bent down and reached up under the mattress. Now keep in mind we had been through a rough patch. Most of you know the story. This was '96 and the 3 houses were gone, Mercedes gone, Truck gone, dignity, self respect, gone, gone. She pulled out an envelope and handed it to me. I said "I can't". She pushed it back and said "I still believe in you".

I opened it. 2 grand. Her entire life savings. A lifetime in an envelope. "I'll pay you back. I promise". In the beginning of '96 my word was worth less than Bill Clinton. She looked up at me and smiled. "I know you will."  We were living in a rental that was quite unique. Urban legend pegged it as a Speakeasy in the 20's and a Brothel in the 40's. In the late 90's it was mostly a dump.

When we we found it we were 3 days from homeless. I found this place, no sign out front, just a lady having a yard sale. I stopped to look with empty pockets. "Cool place" I said. "It's for rent" she said. "How much?"

"Don't know, but here's the owners number."

I called him, with her phone and my empty pockets. So this Angel was called Brian. We shot the breeze as men do. How much I asked? He told me. (holy smokes that's cheap) First and last, you know the usual. I explained I was a little short at the moment. How short? Broke. The line went dead.

Then he said, "When can you pay me?". "I'm a little over extended at the moment, but within a few weeks for sure. " He said OK. The next question was when do you need to move? Today. Line went dead again.

OK, get the key from the lady there and I'll come by and meet you in a few days. Line went dead. He finally said "Are you going to move in today or not?" "Yes-sir and I look forward to meeting you. " The line really did go dead this time. I had to hang up before he came to his senses.

3,500 sq. ft in a historic neighborhood. Coronado District - punch it up. you won't believe it. 9 months later bought it for cash. I said all that to say this, God gave us a sweet deal on a rental and I found a guy on the Westside who had a house, with grass, FENCE, pickets and all... (you should sit down) and an Assumable Mortgage. I went to see the house after a phone call and when the door opened I couldn't see who was inside. Security screen. I hear this booming laugh. Awkward.

Door swings open, big bear hug, guy I taught how to sell a few years back. Yep. When he found out my plans he said write me a $3k check and I'll sign it over. No bank. Nothing but the hand of God all over the place. I'm not the smartest guy in the world, but this all pretty much proves the existence of God.

We no longer have to rely on the account of 3 hysterical women standing in front of an empty tomb.

24 hours later we were packing up big eyes and happy smiles, (26 eyes and 13 smiles) and we took them HOME! Their Home!

Friends and family thought we were nuts, we didn't care. We were ALIVE, perhaps for the first time in 37 years. Who cares what people think when you're in cahoots with Jehova Jireh.

There was a huge problem and while we couldn't fix it all, we fixed part of it. The images of women being beaten were removed from my mind and once again I could sleep. Like a baby (not being beaten).

Shortly there after we met an African Pastor and found out he had 11 Orphans living in his home back in Kampala with no water and no electricity. Didn't seem right. Looked at my wife, she nodded, we built an Orphanage. Over 600 kids are asleep there tonight.... 15 years later. Money? Education? Experience? Still a little short...

Hand of God? Oh yeah. I call it the Hand-O-Plenty.


I had a purpose, a destiny, something burning inside no man could put out and no Z pack could cure. 


I think Dean vibrates along the same meridian. Not the same mission, but the same drive and passion. We're focused on different things, but we're off the couch. He's not giving up on his passions and neither am I.


I have a feeling the world just might start hearing more from both of us on a regular basis. Time will tell.


Thank you Dean. Not for putting me on your list, but for reminding me of the world that lies beyond this desk and the work I have there gives life. The desk creates cash flow, but the women, the kids, all of it... a life worth living. A legacy, a divine appointment with the one who made me out of dirt.

God Bless you Brother!




Reserve A Seat In The Next Orientation Class

As part of the trial you will receive:

  • The CFRN Weekly Trading Zones
  • 5 Days In The Live Trading Room
  • 5 Days Use Of Our Platform And Proprietary Indicators 
  • 5 Days Of Our Concierge Trade Alert Service
  • Unlimited Private Mentoring

 We will spend 30-60 minutes your first day in Orientation to make sure you understand how to trade the Alerts and to allow me to answer any questions you have.When you sign up for the Trial I will reserve you a spot in the next class. Get started here.


Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

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Concierge Emini Trade Alert Service



CFRN Emini Trade Alert Service Exceeds Expectations


Blown away, bowled over, goose-bumps, weak in the knees, pinch me, don't wake me, are just a few of the funny comments I've heard over the past month. No wait... that's the stuff I said. The things other people said, that's what was really funny and heart warming, and made my pulse race like a 3 year old Stallion in the gate with a Field of Fillies ready for the buzzer.

Who needs a little blue pill when you have the Concierge Trade Alerts? I'm sorry, was that off color? Let me check... no they're blue for sure. Throw 'em out. This is better and you won't go blind or deaf from prolonged use. How cool is that?

Emini Holy Grail?

Nope. This very well may be the simplest method of trading you've ever seen, I'm willing to venture that, but you will still have to work at it and you will still get stopped out. Forget home runs, grand slams and slam dunks. OK? Fill your mind with realistic expectations like $100 per contract, per day. With patience and diligence, that very achievable little goal, can become over time... whatever your trading dream is, no matter how big it is. However, before you get carried away, know this - you will get stopped out.

The Art of Getting Stopped Out With Grace And Dignity

I don't care how much money you pay for oscillators, indicators, crystal balls, gurus, seminars, weekend getaways with master traders, or even 7 hours for the price of 3 in a Navajo Sweat Lodge with Tony Robbins, you will STILL get stopped out.

If getting stopped out is inevitable (and it is), instead of running from it, instead of fearing it, invest your time and energy (and tens of thousands of dollars) learning to simply sit with it, be at peace with it and through the use of Aggressive Risk Management (which we will teach you), it will no longer be a painful earth shattering event that rips your gut out. It will be a ripple on the pond as you wait patiently for the next trade.

The Market Is Not Your Enemy

Contrary to popular belief, urban legend and the guys who run your stops (lol), the market is not your enemy. It's not out to get you. Don't think or say things like "I'm going to beat the market". Why? Because you can't. It's too big, too strong, too tall and has more sex appeal than you do. You can't out run it, out jump it, out think it, or outspend it.

What you can do is invite it to be your business partner. Your Senior Partner. Trust him. Do what he does. Be humble when you're correct and know peace when you aren't. When it's time to dance, let him lead. If you can allow yourself to drop the mask of arrogance worn by frightened men everywhere and replace it with a simple cloak of humility, you just became Tommy Chong and now you're Dancing With the Stars every day of the week.

Our Alert Service Allows You To Focus On Building Your Trading Business

It takes the average Trader 3-6 years to become moderately proficient at the art / science of Technical Analysis. I don't mean the ability to draw a Trend Line or read a Stochastic or interpret a Bollinger Band. You can pick that up and more at the big brick and mortar trading school with the late night infomercial in just 5 days for a mere $7k. I know more than I should about that place because some of our most talented Traders got their start their. 5 days and $7k later they could draw an Awesome Trend Line, but they still needed to learn how to trade.

I firmly believe every Trader should learn Technical Analysis. However, long before you ever look at an indicator, you need to be able to read the Chart. Not just see Candlesticks and Patterns. I mean read it like a newspaper, a novel, a prehistoric cave wall, like the clues at a crime scene. Until you can do that and tell me what the moral of the story is, all indicators will do is simply get in the way.

Now, if you can put 3 years into that and still cover your bills and prepare for retirement that's one thing. Some folks though, actually need to earn a living during the learning process. We will never tell someone to quit the day job. In fact, with the Concierge Trade Alert Service, you don't have to, but beyond that... while you are learning to read that Chart for a few years, there's no reason whatsoever as to why you can't have the income of an accomplished Trader during the educational process.

TABOO / CFRN Your Technical Analysis Back Office

Earn while you learn? Almost sounds Taboo, or too good to be true, doesn't it? Turns out, CFRN has revolutionized the trading industry by doing exactly that. Of course you can't just take our word for it because we insist you actually use our methodology, tools and all, on our dime... before we even talk about the exchange of filthy lucre (money).

The concept is we become your back office. We do the Technical Analysis for you, in 8 markets, every single night. All you have to do is be present to place the trades. We don't have salesmen so we can't try to sell you anything, that would be awkward. Once you've taken the trial, used the tools, placed trades in the Simulator and had all your questions answered... then you can request to become a Concierge Client.

Reserve A Seat In The Next Orientation Class

As part of the trial you will receive:

  • The CFRN Weekly Trading Zones
  • 5 Days In The Live Trading Room
  • 5 Days Use Of Our Platform And Proprietary Indicators 
  • 5 Days Of Our Concierge Trade Alert Service
  • Unlimited Private Mentoring

 We will spend 30-60 minutes your first day in Orientation to make sure you understand how to trade the Alerts and to allow me to answer any questions you have.When you sign up for the Trial I will reserve you a spot in the next class. Get started here.


Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

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S&P Emini Trade Alert Results For October


Our Concierge Emini Trade Alert Service

Has Officially Launched!


We have had more requests from both Professional and Retail Traders for this type of service over the past 9.5 years than any other service we've ever offered. It was Monday's announcement however, that revealed just how closely we were being followed. We had failed to factor in those who used the data daily without registering. A very nice surprise and even more surprising, we scaled quickly and met the requests.


 Trading For A Living


Trading's not easy, but it can be simple!

That has been our company motto for many years. We've always believed the simplest and even fastest way to the destination - "trading for a living", is to "Learn How To Trade". Unfortunately, many people don't want to Learn. They simply want someone to either call out live when to enter and exit, or  buy a magical device that does the same thing.  If you're reading this, chances are you've tried both at some point. If it had worked... you wouldn't be reading this now.


Please don't think we're talking down to anyone. Michael and I are just as guilty as anyone and everyone else. What we didn't buy, we wrote and coded ourselves. Suffice it to say, after several trips around Trader Mountain, we decided it was time to learn how to trade.


Years ago Emini Indicators and Oscillators were all the rage. As those went out of vogue in came Pure Price Action and all Indicators and Oscillators were promptly burned at the stake. In fact, the interview I did with Dr. Al a few years ago, really helped to stoke the flames of that great resurgence. Yes I said RE-surgence, because it is a cyclical beast. Other fun things in the cycle are things such as "Read the Stars Not the Bars", which means take your eyes of the chart and look to the sky. Counting candles is another one and of course we have every other method from Market Profile to Elliot Wave, Fibonacci to Lucas, and the list goes on...


Attention on deck: "I'm not knocking any of them".  I believe there is some validity in each and every one of them. Quite frankly, all things work some of the time, nothing works all of the time. Period. For those of you who have been tuning in to CFRN Radio for the past 9+ years, know I have a real problem with the term "works". Not a Maynard G Krebbs issue, but an issue which is used to mislead people.


If you asked any vendor on the Internet the following question -
"Does your system, methodology, indicator, oscillator work?"
If that vendor replied "Yes, it most certainly does, some of the time." I would have tremendous respect for that businessman. In fact, I would be willing to nominate or cast a vote for such a person. Integrity is sorely lacking in our industry, but the man who is willing to honestly say "some of the time", deserves recognition because he has Integrity!


Learn How To Trade Emini Futures And All Other Markets

When someone asks us that question, we are very careful how we answer it. Our goal is to teach you how to trade. If we succeed in teaching and you succeed in learning, then you have gained a life skill which can never be taken from you. Does that mean you'll get rich or make loads of cash every single day? No. It means you know how to trade. It means you can read a chart. It means you can look at the evidence in front of you and know whether or not you have a trade in front of you which offers a definable edge and carries with it a high probability for a proper outcome.


If it does not turn out as hoped, it may not be your fault at all. You read the chart, assembled and assimilated all the facts in front of you, determined what the hive mind was most likely to do, and you placed your trade based on those facts. Not on a whisper, an indicator, an oscillator, or a falling star.  Now if an indicator or oscillator is part of the overall manner in which you solve the puzzle - Awesome. However, you must have a basic understanding of what's really going on.  This is what we call... "Learning How To Trade".


Once you "Learn How To Trade" there are many tools and techniques which will help you solve the case and post a profitable trade. All the tools in the world are weapons of mass destruction without a basic understanding of "How Markets Work".


Why Is Our Trading Method Different?

Our Methodology embraces the underlying rhythm of the market. Our indicators are like fancy reading glasses. They simply help you see more clearly, what's already right in front of you. This is why, 9+ years later we are still around, still mentoring many successful Traders, and we've now introduced a somewhat different solution to the Trading conundrum.


Many people desperately want to learn how to trade, but they don't have the time. Our Mentoring Program is 90 days and they don't have 90 minutes. So after producing a 3 year public track record, we have launched our Concierge Trade Alert Service.


The premise is quite simple. We email each client 5-8 Trade Alerts each day, they select the markets they actually trade, get their charts ready.... and when it's time, they execute and manage the trade. For those still holding down a day job, it's beautiful. Most days our Partners and Clients can reach their daily goal off the London Open. That's Midnight Pacific Time and 3am Eastern. Yes, it will interrupt the circadian cycle, but many days between 3 and 4am Eastern, you're done for the day and can possibly still catch 89 winks before the alarm. 


Why The Name - Concierge Trade Alert Service


  • Why the name? Concierge in the past few years has taken on a much different meaning from what you will find in Webster. In days gone by, he (the Concierge) was simply the gentleman at the High Class Hotel who had a guy for everything. No matter what your hearts desire, from show tickets to a sold out Broadway Play, dinner at a restaurant with a 2 year waiting list, a dozen roses @ 3am or even an 1865 Château Lafite served rooftop at Sunrise, (plus of course, things we won't discuss here). He had it, got it, or found a reasonable substitute with class, panache and of course... discretion.


Do You Have A Track Record For Your Alerts?

Yes! We've been moving towards this launch for over 3 years now. Quietly plodding along, somewhat under the radar, Tweeting, Alerting, laying down our Public Track Record. Not on our web site of course, but on Public Venues where there is unquestionable transparency.

Below we are going to post the results for the month of October 2014. The initial list will be just for the S&P500 Emini Futures. We do send out 5-8 Alerts each night (all in one email when possible), so I will be adding the results of the other markets over the next few days.

What you will see is every Alert we emailed to Partners and Concierge Clients in October and the results "Good Bad or Ugly" of each and every Alert. We do have a few ground rules for the Alerts so let me lay those out first.

  • We only risk 8 ticks on each Alert. We also teach aggressive risk management once you are in a trade. You will determine how aggressive you want to be. 
  • Our daily goal is $100 per contract per day. If you get 10 ticks in Crude, you're done. If you get 5 ticks in Crude and 5 ticks in the S&P, you're done. At first it may be difficult to exercise the discipline required to walk away with only $100, but as time passes... those additional contracts you've added with profits you earned in the market, make it easier by the day.
  • We do believe in trailing our stops. We like to get to break even plus a tick as soon as we can. If you have 7 ticks in Gold, that's 70% of your daily production. Give it some room as you trail, but never ever allow a trade which has given you 70% of your daily production become a liability on the balance sheet.
  • Never chase an Alert. There are too many Alerts and too many opportunities. In fact. "important prices and important areas are almost always tested. What does this mean? If you have an Alert that triggers and runs to target quickly... chances are it will trigger again.
  • Anytime price rises above an Short Alert price or drops below a Long Alert price, there is a high probability that you will see the original trade unfold again. If the move is at least one tick, above or below, we consider that sufficient to qualify the trade as having been reset. However, if you already have your Daily Goal, it's not important to you. In no way are you obligated to take the trade again. Even though many days we will see the exact same Trade Alert trigger 3-4-5 even 6 times and more. 90% of the time, you will simply ignore it.
  • Finally - you have one goal and only one goal. Use these Alerts and what we teach you to earn $100 per contract, per day. Period. Once you add the second contract it becomes $200 a day. After the third it becomes $300 a day, etc... You will see 20 to 50 Alerts trigger on most days, your biggest challenge will be to resist the temptation to do what you are not yet ready for.
  • Be Patient! We'll get there together...


Trading Involves Risks

Keep in mind, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Trading is risky and you could lose all of your money. Never trade without a hard stop. We personally never risk more than 8 ticks on any trade.

S&P 500 Emini Trade Alerts And Results For October 2014

Tuesday 09/30/14 11:35am PDT
ES -  consider being short below 1953 if the opportunity presents.
Results - Initial trigger was at 9:44am EDT. It took 3 minutes to hit our 2 point $100 target. #2 triggered at 9:59 and hit the target at 10am EDT. #3 triggered at 10:52am EDT. Remember if prices rises even 1 tick above the Alert Price, it "resets" the trade and we are good to go again. Also note that while you could have trailed a stop beyond the target on #1 and #2, #3 did not trade THROUGH the target. This means unless you took your profit, there is not guarantee you were filled. Always be on the lookout because this happens quite often. On #4 you must be triggered in before you can be stoppd out. Therefore, #4 was just fine and the only reason we didn't have a number 5, is because price only rose to 1953. We needed it to go 1 tick higher in order to officially "reset" the trade. Swing low of the day was 1934 I believe.
Remember, if you caught the first one.... nothing else mattters.  Kapeesh?
Additional Emini and Futures Charts Available on our Google Plus Page

Wednesday 10/01/14 12:27am PDT
ES - We already have a short Alert in place for the ES, on the long side - consider being long above 1972, if the opportunity presents. Specifically the trade I see if we get up there is, 1972 to 1974. However, I know leaving the target side open is beneficial for many of you if only on a psychological level. As always we only have one goal each and every day, that's to make $100 per contract. For the 1 contract trader, that's $100. For the 10 contract trader, well that's $1,000.00 and so forth and so on...
More detals ansd charts
Thursday 10/02/14 12:21am PDT
ES - consider being short below 1939 if the opportunity presents.

Sunday Night 10/05/14 Globex Open  3:25pm PDT
ES - consider being short below 1957 or long above 1968, whichever presents first.

Monday Night 10/06/14 4:30pm PDT
ES - consider being short below 1948 or long above 1956, whichever presents first.

Tuesday Night 10/07/14 11:00pm PDT
ES - consider being long above 1938 or short below 1929, whichever presents first. If you miss the short side @ 1929, consider being short below 1922 if the opportunity presents

Wednesday Night 10/08/14 11:52pm PDT
ES - consider being short below 1958 or long above 1972, whichever presents first.

Thursday Night 10/09/14 11:45am EDT
ES -consider being long above 1929 or short below 1912, whichever presents first. If price moves up and stalls at the WTZ 1926/1927, consider being short below 1923 (only after touching the Zone)

Sunday Night 10/12/14 Globex Open  5:25pm PDT
ES - consider being long above 1889 or short below 1878, whichever presents first.

Monday Night 10/13/14 5:00pm PDT
ES - consider being long above 1871 or short below 1858, whichever presents first.

Tuesday Night  10/14/14 4:45pm PDT
ES - consider being long above 1886 or short below 1874, whichever presents first.

Wednesday Night 10/15/14   7:46pm PDT
ES - consider being long above 1854 or short below 1841, whichever presents first.

Thursday Night 10/16/14 8:45pm PDT
ES - consider being short below 1856 if the opportunity presents.

Sunday Night 10/19/14 11:59pm PDT 2:59am EDT
ES - consider being long above 1894 or short below 1887  (current price 1888.25)

Monday Night 10/20/14 8:30pm PDT    23:30  EDT
ES- consider being short below 1892 or long above  1907, whichever presents first.

Tuesday Night 10/21/14 8:00pm PDT    23:00  EDT
ES- consider being short below 1934 if the opportunity presents

Wednesday Night 10/22/14 7pm PDT 19:00 EDT
ES -  consider short below 1920 or long above 1937

Thursday Night 10/23/14    11:35pm PDT   2:35am  EDT
ES - consider short below 1928 or long above  1960

Sunday Night 10/26/14 4:15pm PDT 19:15pm EDT
ES - consider short below 1955 or long above 1967, whichever presents first.

Monday Night 10/27/14 7:30pm PDT   22:30 EDT
ES - consider being short below 1941 or long above 1970, whichever presents first.

Tuesday Night 10/28/14 7:05pm PDT  22:05 EDT
ES - consider long above 1982 or short below 1967

Wednesday Night 10/29/14 6:20pm PDT
ES - consider long above 1975 or short below 1964

Thursday Night 10/30/14  8pm PDT    23:00pm PDT
ES - consider being long above 1997 or short below 1984


To see Results / Charts / and more... visit our Google Plus Page.


As discussed recently both on the Blog and Radio Show, many people who desire to learn how to trade, simply can't find the time. At the end of the day... there just aren't enough hours. Sound familiar?


Concierge Trade Alert Service

This service works well for both new Traders and Seasoned Veterans. Over a 24 month period those in our mentoring program who chose to trade our 24/20 Blueprint, have the opportunity to progress in a controlled manner from 1 to 20 contracts, using only profits they have earned in the market.

If you're already trading 5 or 10 contracts, or any other number, we will discuss how you can adjust the Blueprint to fit your particular situation.

Special Note: Each Alert can be executed with a "Buy or Sell Stop" order. As a Concierge Client you will also have access to our Proprietary Software. For best results, as Price approaches the Entry Price or "Trigger", we recommend filtering the Entry. It is quite possible that in doing so, you will obtain a slightly better entry and in some cases our Software will advise you to either wait, or pass entirely on the Alert. The reason behind this, market conditions are constantly changing. 

Our Software is very simple to use and we will spend 60 minutes with you initially, in a Private Online Meeting once your application is accepted and payment received. During this meeting you will be taught how to read the indications and we will answer any and all questions you have. As a Concierge Client, you will be assigned a Personal Analyst. Any time you have a question regarding an Alert, or a question in general, your Analyst is a phone call or text message away - 7 days a week. Of course you may email us at any time,24/7.

You will receive the Alerts for 5 trading days at no charge. You will receive as much private mentoring as you require. You will only be billed after the Free Trial if you do not cancel. At any time during the Free Trial you may Cancel at any time, no questions asked. We are standing by to help you in any way we can. If you wish to talk by telephone, please email the best day and time to reach you. 

Introductory Rates valid through Midnight, November 15, 2014.

(Note: Annual Rate includes option to renew with no price increase in perpetuity)

To take a Free Trial of our Trade Alert Service, make your selection below:
Quarterly Rate - Quarterly Subscription



Private Clients

We still have a limited number of Private Client openings. To inquire:



Emini Support and Resistance - How To Trade The Zones



Emini Support And Resistance -

How To Trade The S/R Zones And Levels

One of my first mentors in the world of Technical Analysis and Emini Futures Trading had a proprietary method for creating Support and Resistance levels in the S&P, Russell and other Emini markets. I begged, pleaded, cajoled, tried to reverse engineer, (you know - the same stuff you do to try and get my recipe), but he would never crack. Not even close.

Turns out... it didn't matter. Once I accepted the fact that he was never going to tell me how he did it, I took another approach. I humbly asked, "Since you won't teach me how to cook them up, will you at least show me how to trade them so I can get profitable?" You see, in my desperation to figure out the how, I completely overlooked the why. I mean, whether you string them together yourself, or someone else does, they only make you money (the reason we trade), if you can somehow use them in your trade setup and / or overall methodology. Right?

The reason I missed this up front was, another friend who automated the process on a daily basis for us, just kept telling me they were the most accurate levels in the world. I heard it and read it in emails so many times, I just believed. After all, these guys had been at this for years and I was a brand new noobee. I surrendered, submitted and decided that while he might be able to divine the most accurate levels in the world (I wasn't quite sure what that even meant), I was going to become the very best at trading them.

I tried, I strained, got up early, stayed up late, meditated, medicated, calculated and repeatedly asked him to please show me how to take the "most accurate Emini Support and Resistance Levels" in the world... and turn them into cash. Wasn't looking to be greedy, just a few points a day... the siren song of the S&P.

Just 2 points a day (or 1 Russell Point). He tried. I believe with all my heart he gave it his best shot. He tried to explain it, but I never quite got it. He spoke my language (English), yet I never understood a word of it. Hearing it and understanding it, worlds apart. I believe to this day he still uses them, same method and formula, but I'm pretty sure he's still the only one who can turn them into money.


CFRN Weekly Trading Zones

Years passed (after I gave up on them), but I never forgot. In my mind's eye I could clearly see how it should look. Price moving freely and elegantly from areas where Buyers were anxious to hit the Ask, to the spot where Sellers were equally as anxious to hit the Bid. Although I never actually saw this in my friends work, I somehow knew it was there. Somewhere, buried among the tickets littering the exchange floor, amidst all the hopes and dreams, fortunes made and lost, there was a rhythm, a vibration, some form of numerical connective tissue that wove it all together.

Not a silly combination to the bank. Not an ancient secret, hidden for centuries in a cave somewhere. Inscribed on a wall, or tucked away in a clay jar. Not the fan, not the wave, but something concrete. Something real. Something that could be used not to predict the future, but to peer just far enough over the horizon, based purely on mathematics, that could and would guide me in my quest to succeed. The fact that it would make me look really cool as well, never once entered my mind (seriously).

It's difficult to discover anything if you're not quite sure exactly what it is. What it looks like, how it moves or behaves. Not to be deterred, I was always on lookout - 24/7. One afternoon, amidst my normal routine, preparing for the day to come, I saw it. One minute it was simply a sheet of paper with an enormous jumble of numbers and then - there it was... At this point I was pretty sceptical of everything. I had been down so many blind alleys, tripping over things that weren't even there, I almost discounted it. I came this close (~) to brushing it off, crumbling it up and tossing it away... but I didn't.

I held on to it. I watched it. I spoke not a word to nary a soul. I was amazed, baffled, curious and a tingle ran down my leg (I may have thought I had met the President). It was better than that. As anxious as I was to put it to work, I (a tinkerer) needed to know the how. How was this possible? It was everything I had imagined. Every thing I had searched for. I held it in my hand and could not simply accept the gift. I poked and prodded. Twisted and turned. Eventually, I just said - OK.

All the work, the midnight oil, the turning and burning, the eureka moments followed by a blur of despair as the light of day blew away what just hours before (after 7 Vente' Wet Late's latter) and a day or two without REM, had made perfect sense. Somehow, in that moment in time, as the world stood still causing cars 'round the Globe to bump the fender in front of them... it jelled, came together. The stars aligned, all the pieces of the puzzle slid together as if by magnetic attraction and suddenly it looked exactly like the picture on the box. Except I never had the box. Only a vague recollection of what it should look like if I had it.. and now I did.

The rest as they say... is Emini History. Oh, over time it started to make sense. The rhythm I had always known was there, really was. Tangible. I embraced it and have never let go. Like the smile of the Mona Lisa I was staring at something unchangeable by human hands. Immutable. A gift from above. Enlightenment delivered on Angels Wings. Wisdom of Solomon. Hand crafted by the Ancient of Days, knowledge that had always been...  and always would be. Far bigger in scope than all markets combined (yes #FX too), a tattered and worn... anointed fragment, from the very fabric of the universe.

I could only wonder if anyone else had ever seen it, embraced it, understood it? From that day forward I wove it into everything I thought and did when it came to the markets. It was more than a turning point. It was, the dawn of a new day and the beginning of a bright future, not just for me, but for those who would come to be known later, as CFRN Partners.


How To Trade Support And Resistance

This brings us back to a familiar spot. All the knowledge in the world, today's high price or low, tomorrow's open or close, has zero value unless you have a method for trading it. Such information, handled haphazardly, can actually be dangerous. Costly. Even Deadly.

Trading any form of Support and Resistance can be as simple as buying the Support and Selling the Resistance. As I wrote over the weekend on the Google Plus Emini Blog, I believe trading Support and Resistance is the single most powerful and reliable method for everything from Stocks, to Bonds, To Emini Futures, Metals, Grains, Softs, Currencies and whatever else I missed.

There are many methods and criteria for gathering these data points based on many men and women's interpretation of what qualifies as good S&R. Any good book on technical analysis will show you their way. Even when Buyers fail to complete their job, or Sellers fail to complete theirs, they almost always "give it a shot". As long as they "give it a shot", price will typically move up or down at least enough, to allow you to meet a "realistic" daily goal. If you can't grab it all in 1 trade, simply wait for the next one to come round. It plays out in every market in every time frame, every day, day in and day out, again and again, over and over. Once you understand it, all you have to do,  is show up.


Why CFRN Weekly Trading Zones
Beat All Other Support And Resistance Levels

Our "formula" for lack of a better term, identifies areas that are important and not always visible to the naked eye. When visible they often seem out of Synch with regular levels as they may appear above or below the ordinary level. Buyers or Sellers worried about missing the next big move, will often move in early. This leaves some Traders at the station, and often when coming in early either on the Buy or Sell side, once can find themselves alone at the station. Just you, the brisk night air and the sketchy dude kicking the can who seems to have more interest in you than the can.

Buyers and Sellers often come in early to prevent being left behind. When there's crowd funding for the trade, that's a sweet spot. When the crowd doesn't show and you do? Run! The Good News? Our Zones tend to possess an intuitive insight into the areas that represent, volume - participation and volatility.

Following are articles that describe how price behaves in and around our Weekly Tradng Zones. Reasd the articles, study the charts. Go through our blog here on the site to see more charts. Also visit

Dow - Zone to Zone to Zone - Consilidation


S&P 500

S&P 500 Part 2

A years worth of Charts are on the Google Plus page and 2+ years on Twitter. Step back over 3 years to see Zones @ our old site and now a basic curation station.


Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alerts, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




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Trading Emini Support and Resistance


Emini Trading - Live Training Sessions Daily



Live Emini Trading Sessions Available Daily


Have you ever dreamed of learning to trade Emini Futures for a living? Maybe you even bought a $49 course and a $99 set of indicators. Or, perhaps you went the other way. After all, you do get what you pay for right? Nope! Not always, sometimes... not even close.

There's a late night infomercial which promises to teach you to trade stocks in 5 days for just $7k. It's very convenient too, as they have franchise offices in most major cities. Now imagine this, you just got off the phone with me and I explained in a granular fashion, that learning how to trade takes hard work, discipline, focus, and more. You were pretty excited about the whole Trading Business until I rained some reality on your parade (sorry). 


The Traders Itch

Feeling a bit melancholy, you pop a cold one, sit back in your Lazy-Boy and reach for the remote. It must be kismet... an infomercial about daytrading is just starting and even better, it's about trading Stocks, Emini Futures, Options, everything. The screen is filled with happy people, smiling faces and changed lives. Before long you find out that instead of a grueling and torturous 90 day course, these very nice and photogenic people will teach you how to day trade in just 5 days.  Go ahead... let your pulse race, dream a little, listen to the "testimonials" and just try not to dial the toll-free number. I dare you!

A cautious consumer, you qualify everything that's been said. It's a 5 day course and you will learn how to trade.  Right?  Of course they are very selective who they train so first a few questions about where you live (zip-code) and the type of work you do (helps estimate household income). Now one last thing, how much liquid cash do you have available?

Don't worry, they will finance the $7k, that other info is for the up-sell dept. There are 5 more courses and based on your income and a few other "benign" questions you answered, a spreadsheet is now being printed which estimates earning potential. Not yours, theirs.

Once you find out you're "accepted", you're pumped. Out comes the plastic and before you hang up the phone, YOU are a Trader. Well, in 5 days you'll be a Trader. Go tell the wife. Oh go ahead, she'll understand. Right? In many cases the spouse does support the would be trader. It's usually at the end of the of the first week where after being taught to trade stocks, when you find out a pattern day trader needs to maintain a minimum $25k account balance, then the spousal support starts to wane.. The $7k adventure just got bumped to $32k.

If the Pattern Day Trading this is still not clear, check out -


The Truth About Trading

Why all the frowny faces? Oh sure, "Everyone knows about the pattern day trader rule". Except you. Well, just be patient and over time you can save it up, right? "Or... there is another possibility", the instructor says. Your eyes light up. We teach a course on Emini Futures. Very much like trading stocks but you can open an account with as little as s$2k. No minimum balance required. Woo-Hoo! Even better, because you're already an alumni, I can get you into next weeks Futures Class for just (you guessed it) $7k.

You do some quick math in your head. $32k just got cut in half. $14k total for both classes and $2k to fund an account. Wifey's not happy, but we're already in for $7k, what's another $9k? Sure beats $32K. Plus, before long we can both say good-bye to the day jobs and retire somewhere really nice. "Go for it honey" she says... that girl with the far away eyes.

Now you have to be wondering how I know all this. Right? Well, some of our top students came from there. BTW - if you get out after the 2nd up sell, consider yourself lucky. There are 5 more waiting. I want to go on the record also as saying that their students who came to us because they still needed to learn how to trade, were really quick studies. What I mean is, they had all the trading fundamentals down. They knew the lingo, they knew what time the market opened and closed. They understood margin and leverage.


The Basics Of Trading Taught Right 

Seriously, I want to tip my hat to this well known Trading School for teaching these future CFRN Partners all the basics. When they got to us, all we had to do was teach them how to trade. We showed them our highest probability trade set-up and their jaw hit the floor. In a matter of days they realized that they really were Traders now because they were learning to think in probabilities (not absolutes), and for once... they actually had a definable edge in the market. Every one of them - straight to the front of the class.


Beginner or Pro - All Emini Traders Welcome

Now if you're brand new to trading, you may not understand what a candlestick pattern is, or a moving average, or a bar chart, but that's OK. Burt and Leslie are absolutely awesome at  teaching you all the basics you need to know. Also, because you will be in a Live Trading Room every trading day for 90 days, you'll simply learn much of it through on the job training and assimilation.

Whether you're brand new or an old pro who just can't seem to find consistent profitability, don't be glum because you don't have the $7k to go hang out with the very happy, photogenic people. The good news is, for less than half that price, you can come hang out with an aging hippy who walks with a limp, a mathematical genius who placed his first trade at the age  of 12, a stern but fair broker with dashing good looks and a great sense of humor. Of course, rounding out the team is the impeccable and lovely, forever upbeat and cheerful, the glue who holds this whole thing together... Ms. Leslie.


The 5 Day Course vs. the 90 Day Course

I promise you, if it were possible to teach you how to trade in 5 days, I would. Instead... we drag it out for 90 days. We teach things you won't find elsewhere like "how not to blow up your account". There's an old saying that you're not a real trader until you've blown up at leas 2 accounts. Nonsense. If that were true I would be 6 traders not 1. Seriously?


The Mediocre Trader

I've told you all along I'm not that great. It doesn't embarrass me to say that. I've been in this studio and behind this trading desk for 9 years. Would I like to be a legend? The guy they make a movie about or at least write a book? Sure. I'm as human as the next guy.  Here's the deal, after some medium sized financial loss and some super sized psychological damage at the hands of a Goebbelesque Guru, I snapped out of it. I went in for tests and they confirmed I was suffering from Battered Trader Syndrome. Luckily we caught it in time. 

I had been told real men can turn $10k into $1m in 1 year. 3 years and several accounts later I was confused, physically ill, and way short of the big money bag I was promised. I also felt like the village idiot. Everyone else in class was pounding their desk every day screaming "Got 'em" "Got em" "Got 'em". Not only did I not get 'em, I didn't get it. So I did what any chronically depressed person with some money in a trading account would do, I screamed at the Guru, left never to return, and then cried like a school girl (sorry school girls - I'm not a racist) all the way home.


Hope For The Trader Who Lost His Way

Then the strangest thing happened. My phone began to ring. Not that day, but over the next few weeks and months. When I would open my email it sounded like a slot machine - ding ding ding. Turns out, the entire village was idiots (sorry guys).  That's not true, they were very smart men and women, but they too suffered from Battered Traders Syndrome which is not unlike Stockholm Syndrome. 

Suddenly I'm hearing these stories of fortunes lost, marriages dissolved, businesses and homes sold on the auction block. I was stunned. One by one I asked them, what happened to "Got 'em?" The heads would hang and while each answer was slightly different, what it amounted to was "I was trying to fake it, 'till I could make it." Time and again my heart broke. My own pain was forgotten. I encouraged, I prayed, I took a Sabbatical and atop Machu Picchu, I got a revelation.

Go home and take everything that was done wrong to me and make it right. How I cried out can I make it right? By doing it right. The way it should be done, where every trader, great or small, is treated with dignity and respect. Is that all? No you knucklehead, teach 'em how to trade. I hate it when He calls me that.

So there you go. Now you know why I walk with a limp and rarely leave the compound. 


Ready To Learn How To Trade?

If you need help, if you want to actually learn how to trade, we can help. No smoke and mirrors, this is the real deal. We'll trade real money in front of you every day. We'll answer every question you have. You can hang out for 5 days absolutely free. No CC and no obligation. If it feels right, we'll talk about you becoming a Partner. If not, we'll part friends and you'll not have spent a dime. Sound fair? Details are below.


Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini - Live Daily Training


Emini Trade Signals



Learn Emini Trade Signals That Work -
Day Trading and Swing Trading


Over the past 3 years we've built a public track record of reliable Emini Trade Signals. Our Trade Signals are not limited to just the E-mini Futures, we also issue Real Time Trade Alerts for other markets as well.

Along with what you would expect, the S&P 500 Emini #ES, the Dow #YM, the Nasdaq #NQ and the Russell #RLM - #TF, we also Track and Trade: 

  • Gold #GGC
  • Crude #GCL
  • Soybeans #ZS
  • Natural Gas #GNG
  • 30 Year Treasury Bonds #ZB  

And on occasion, even currencies such as the Yen #6J and the Euro #6E.


Trade Signals - The Early Years

We began providing our Emini Trade Signals publicly on Twitter. You can still find us there on occasion at the same spot . We also posted regularly for quite some time on Seeking Alpha, Stock Twits and we are Emini Futures Trading on Facebook.

However, for the past year or so, we've made ourselves a new home over on Google Plus where we are the Emini Google+ Community. Something about it just feels right for the type of Trade Signals we put out. No limitation on characters, no limits on Trading Charts, real time date stamp and the feel of something new and different. For quite some time we attempted to post everywhere. True story... every place I just mentioned, I hit them all for awhile with every single Trade Signal. It became a bit too much.

I realize their are ways to automate things. Post once on a 3rd Party App and it rushes around and does the manual labor for you. I'm considering it... weighing the options... but as I mentioned, I really like the sense of community over at Google+. Of course there's this other thing too... the 800 pound gorilla in the room that everyone keeps asking about.


SP500 Emini Trade Signal

#SP500 Emini Trade Alert - Click For Details


How long will I continue to give away Daily Emini Trade Signals?

To be honest, I had planned to stop long ago. The idea was simply to establish a consistent public track record and then do what everyone else does, once you've hooked 'em... reel 'em in.  Now to be honest, I've awoke many days and said to myself...

"Self, today's the day. Your radio station is successful by the grace of God, your flagship show is heard round the world, you've taught and are teaching daily, hundreds of traders from all walks of life, from around the world... to become successful Emini Day Traders in your own Live Emini Trading Room. There's only one piece of your business plan left to execute and today is the day".

With every good intention I would walk into the studio prepared to make the announcement on air and follow it up with an email blast to thousands and of course push the news out to all the Social Media Networks. Well a funny thing happened on the way to pulling the plug. Somehow it seems, that every time I had finally convinced myself it was time (past time), I would open my email to find a heartfelt Thank You from someone who was truly appreciative for the Trade Alerts sent out the night before. Often after the thank you it would go something like...

 "With your help I'll soon have the funds to take your Day-Trading Course and have a properly funded account to do some real tradng. Thank you for what you do."

Well stink. How do you pull in the lifeline after that? Now don't get me wrong, we don't always get it right. I mean go look for yourself. I know that many of you reading this article have followed every trade and our results on a daily basis since we started. You guys are the ones wrestling with the 800 pound gorilla. Others will read this for the first time and say "Give me a break". Eventually though, your curiosity will get the best of you and late at night when everyone's sleeping (except me), you'll go look. Calculator, slide rule, your own charts on the screen. You'll scratch your head and wonder. I know I do. 


Russell Emini Trade Signal

#Russell Emini Trade Signal - Click For Details


Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results

People do stumble in after the fact and get worked into a frenzy and make huge plans and when they contact me I say "Calm down". I'm happy that you're happy, but as I just said, Past Performance Is No Guarantee of Future Results. I could slip tomorrow and bump my head and suddenly... it's all gone. The knack, the ability,  I might never get another one right. If that happens (and I pray it doesn't) man have we had one heck of a run or what? I could live with that.

So this article is not the "pull the plug" article, but it really is coming... it has to. I have to close the doors and surround myself with those who have faithfully followed us, understand the potential and teach them how to do it themselves. It's not only the final piece of our business plan, but if I get a bunch of you Emini Traders properly trained (not just to Day-Trade, but to compile your own Emini Signals) then if I do bump my head, I have somewhere to go to get reliable trades and I can continue on... following you. It's a 2-fer, I generate revenue teaching you and I also create an insurance policy for myself, my wife and my kids. 

So feel free to do your back testing (ask me on air someday how worthless back testing is) or your forward walk, or just go look at the results which speak for themselves. However, since the past doesn't predict the future or the Futures, your best bet is to fall in step for the days and weeks to come. However many of them are left. I've been open and honest all along. Way back there in those Tweets you'll find one that says "The Gandhi Years Are Over".  That's when Michael and I started the "Pay for Play" Day Trading School. We had been doing it for years, for free. 


Nasdaq Emini Trade Signal#Nasdaq - NQ Emini Trade Signal


Self Realization - A Fundamental Part Of Learning How To Trade 

I guess as I just wrote that, I realized... that is our business model. We give it away (for awhile) and then, like any other hard working, God fearing business, we have to pay the bills. You understand right? So make hay while the sun shines and when the word comes out, be prepared to make a decision. I can only teach so many at a time. There could be a waitng list. I really don't know. I'm sure when the sun rises on that day, Michael will have it all figured out. He's smart like that. 

All the Trade Alerts and Trade Signals are public knowledge so get after 'em. If you have any questions at all our contact info is below, all over the website, all over the internet for that matter. If you want to talk, give us a call. If you want to get on that "potential list" let us know. Our goal is to make money every day. An old mentor of mine "The Stock Whisperer" taught me that. It's pretty good advice quite frankly. 

These Trade Signals are like a Night Job. If you want to come hang out and trade with us while the sun is up, the Trial Info is below. Remember, we give it away, then we reel you in... that's our business model. Seriously if you've not been consistent with your day trading efforts, come see what we do. Take a bona-fide free look. No CC required. No obligation. It's so simple you won't believe it.  We found one thing that works and now we just do that one simple thing over and over in every market. We're willing to teach you what it is and how you can do it too.


Soybeans Trade Signal#Soybeans - Trade Signal - Click For Details


If you've used up your Free Trial already and need a Second Chance.. just ASK! Don't take. We like givers. You might say our mantra after "Make money daily", is "We keep what we have by giving it away". We're a peculiar people, no doubt. Come visit, maybe you are too.


Additional Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, tablet, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

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Emini Trade Signals Podcast


Emini Trade Alert Results For Friday 08/01/14



Bad Day For The 401K -
Bountiful Harvest For Nimble Intraday Traders


Friday August 1st 2014, will go down in history as a very rough day for almost all markets, across the board. From the S&P 500 Emini Futures, to Soybeans, Crude and everything in between... it was Red, Red and more Red. The only bright spot on my screen was Gold and Bonds (Granny get your Bonds). 


The December Gold Contract GGCZ4 ended up on the session posting an intraday high @ 1298.40, closing well off the high @ 1295.20 for the week. Bonds ZBU4, also posted an intraday high of 138.13 to close the week lower @ 138.05. While days like Friday are not helpful for the typical INVESTMENT portfolio or 401K, for those who invest short tern (think intra-day), it can be like Manna falling from the sky as the markets drop.


A common question is this - "Can I do both?"

In other words, can I invest bullishly for the long term and still take advantage of short term shorting opportunities as they turn up? The answer is "Absolutely YES!". You simply need to have your different accounts structured properly, each designed for it's individual purpose and you're good to go. Rarely can you have your cake and eat it too, but with a little forethought, you can not only have your cake and eat it now, you can take a slice to go in the doggie bag.


Structuring this properly is difficult and complex for mere mortals such as you and I. However, for men and women like Burt and Leslie, our recommended Brokers at Daniels Trading, it's just another day at the office, Or as we say... a piece of cake.


Even better (if possible), a no pressure, no obligation consultation is yours just for the asking. Simply ring them up @ 866-928-3310. They will explain the choices available to you based on your own personal financial situation, and with no pressure whatsoever, help you map out a game plan to meet both your long term investment goals as well as your shorter term intraday trading ideas. 


Just to clarify, we do not receive a kick-back if you become a client with Daniels Trading, nor do we receive a portion of any commissions you pay. Such an arrangement is not illegal, in fact it is quite common in the industry. However, when we tell you that we believe they are the absolute best in the business for a multitude of reasons, we want you to know we say it because we really believe it, not because we are paid to say it.


Friday's Trade Alert Results

In the Live Trading Room on Friday we reached our daily goal within the first 30 minutes of trading. It's not a race, we simply follow our business and trading plans exactly as they are written. No bias, no deviation, simply an assembly line, cookie cutter approach. If you realize that your emotions, from Greed to Fear and everything in between are having a negative impact on your daily trading results, it may be time to put the six-shooter back in the holster and step up to the conveyer belt.


The trade ideas we issue "most" evenings to the CFRN Community are a bit of a different approach. If you peruse the past years result on Google +  and the 3 years prior on Twtter @CFRN, you may find some rather startling results.
 Are we 100% correct? The Holy Grail? A Pot at the end of the Rainbow?  NO!


Results Are What Counts

However, the results do speak for themselves. For several years we posted exclusively on Twitter, then Facebook where we are Emini Futures Trading, and for most of the past year, almost exclusively on Google +. Our efforts there have not gone unnoticed. Recently Trader HQ put us on a very short list with some very prominent names.


Needless to say we were honored and humbled just as we were earlier this year when Futures Truth Magazine added us to their very short list of approved online trading rooms. Dr. Dean Handley has audited 514 online trading rooms in a very indepth manner. He looks for integrity, consistency, professionalism and of course profitability, among other things. As stated, we were humbled and honored to join the ultra-short list of just 13 Trading Rooms that made the cut. 


Thursday night we issued Trade Alerts for 8 markets.

#SP500  - 34 points total or $1,700 per contract. (only 2 points needed)
#Nasdaq  - 86 points total or $1,720.00 per contract. (5 pts = daily goal)
#Russell  - 20 points total or $1,000.00 per contract (1 pt - daily goal)
#Soybeans  - 13 cents or $650 per contract (2 cents = daily goal)
#Dow  - 290 points total or $1,450.00 per contract (20 points = daily goal)
#Crude  - 142 ticks total or $1,420.00 per contract (10 ticks = daily goal)
#Bonds  - 14 ticks (PLUS) or $375.00 per contract PLUS (3 ticks = daily goal)
#Gold  - 100 ticks X $10 per tick = $1,000.00 per contract (daily goal = 10 ticks)
To see the actual Alerts as they were issued and to view charts of each market that show the results, please visit and follow us on Google +.


Learn To Trade And Set Yourself Free!

If you would like to take our Free Trial for the first time visit
If you need a Second Chance, just ASK!  Send a brief email detailing your first experience and we will send you the link and password for the upcoming week. If you were on the Free Trial last week you were given a very SPECIAL offer to become a Partner. That offer has expired. However, if you contact me by email in the next 24 hours, we will still honor it. Act FAST!


If you have any questions at all, please call 949-42-EMINI. If you reach voice mail, please leave a message. Even though it is the weekend, someone will get back with you. During normal business hours call 866-928-3310 or you can always email us at


Have a great weekend and be sure to go check out those charts on Google Plus. 


ps/ our final Alert of the week was issued "live on air" during our daily radio broadcast. That chart is available as well. 



Additional Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, table, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Podcast for Friday 08/01/14


Should I Day Trade Or Swing Trade Futures?



Daytrade or Swingtrade For Maximum Return? 
It's About The Money Stupid!


It's not the first time I've asked this question, or been asked this question. I've asked myself, I've asked you, I've even asked a "Higher Authority" on occasion.  Turns out... it keeps turning up.  

What is Day Trading?

I wrote a series of articles (Important Day Trading Rules), 3 to be exact, which answer this question in great detail. Not only do we cover what it is, but we cover how to do it. 

What Is Swing Trading?

I've covered that in detail as well, both on the Blog and on the Web Site. If you Google "CFRN Swing Trading" you can spot them all in a jiffy. Some are short some are not. This one probably best answers the question of "What is Swing Trading?" and "How can I Swing Trade for Fun and Profit?" It's got a really catchy title:  Swing-Trading.

Now that you're well informed on how the two differ, let's revisit your original question - 

Should I Day Trade or Swing Trade Futures?

In a perfect world you would do both. As we demonstrate in the Live Trading Room each day, it is possible to earn $100 per contract, per day, inside of 2 hours on average. On our web site you will find several years of video recaps and we are in the process of getting the last few months posted. However, we do a complete recap of each and every trade taken, every day, during our daily Live Radio Broadcast as well.

We carefully discuss each trade taken, not simply a highlight of the trades that make us look terribly clever, but the good, the bad, the mediocre... we cover them all. Why? Because that's the truth about trading. Anyone can deal with a winning trade, it's learning to deal with the other ones that need to be discussed in the light of day. Only in this manner, via full disclosure, can you hope to become a Professional Trader. 

I'm going to share with you an email that went out to our general community last night. Not the Partners, but our community at large. This email and the one that preceded it, walk you through every Zone to Zone move we encountered (just in the S&P 500) since the Globex open last Sunday night. Some of these trades happen during RTH (regular trading hours) and others happen when you're fast asleep, based on where you live. In today's Global Marketplace (Globex), there's almost always someone trading something, somewhere. Markets open at 6PM EDT Sunday night, and outside of the "shift change" each day, trades happen. Here is the email in its entirety...


The Zone to Zone to Zone Email Futures Diary

Our last email contained a chart for the S&P500 Emini Futures. We highlighted the Zone to Zone moves which at that time were roughly 59 points since the Globex open last Sunday evening.  Tonight I will leave out the chart (save a tree) but give you a brief rundown of what has transpired.

A move from the 1967/1968 Zone to the 1975/1976 Zone. A reversal and a move back down to the 67/68 Zone. The move continued and reached down to the Zone below at 1959/1960. Reversed at the Zone and back up to 67/68. Back down to 59/60 and a continuation to the Zone 47/48. 

Price reversed and moved us back up to the Zone where we now sit @ 1953/1954 @ 3am EDT. Totaled up in a nice little package we have 50 points to tack onto the 59 from last night's email. We also discussed that the chance of any trader being sharp enough or skilled enough to capture all those points even
though the boundaries are clearly marked out, is simply a dream. Better yet a fantasy.

In the interest of reality vs. fantasy, we chopped the 59 points to just 1/3 and called it 19. If we do the same again, 1/3 of 50 = 16+. Fair enough. 19 + 16 = 35 and we still have one more trading day left in the week. I say, with a day yet to go... lets take the numbers which we've already reduced to 1/3 and whack them again, this time by 50%.

Hmmm.... that's a paltry 17.5 points for 4 days work. Is that a fair wage? The CME has determined that each of your points is worth $50 so 17.5 X $50 = $875.00 per contract. Wait a minute, we had more than that last evening and we added 50 points since yesterday. Correct?  You see... I have a theory, most traders who do not succeed in this business of trading have made a grievous error in attempting to build their business on a foundation of unrealistic expectations. That is a fatal error, the blue screen of Emini Death.

The actual numbers 59 + 50 = 119 points. However, in an attempt to infuse some harsh reality into the situation, we've not inflated, not exaggerated, but subtracted, divided, reduced. I suspect that most mail order courses promising to teach you how to write a "Killer Sales Letter", would have a good laugh at what I've done.

Price is currently at a Weekly Trading Zone as I type. By close of business today (Friday), I fully expect that price will either have risen to the Zone above, or slipped to the one below (take your pick). Either way, it's 5 points headed north or 5 points headed south. 

Putting math aside, let me ask you a question. Would you be content to earn $1k per contract on a weekly basis? Of course for the 10 or 20 contract trader that number changes by a factor of 10 or 20, but for now... focus on the one. The margin required to trade 1 contract intraday is $500. Hold it over the close and it jumps to $4758. Even at the higher price you are controlling almost $100k of equity in the best of breed S&P 500. Day rates ($500) apply at night as well, you just can't hold a position open as we shift from one session to the next. If you're trading 1 contract and have a $10k account it's not an issue. If you are working with less start up capital, you now know how to avoid it. Would $200 per day, per contract, satisfy the alligators nipping at your heels?

Of course with our 24/20 Blueprint the goal is to build your position size in a steady and controlled manner. However, no matter how clever the scheme, unless you can become consistently profitable in the simulator, you'll never trade live, not with us. 

At least not with our blessing.

We have a plan. We have a definable edge. It makes sense. If you would like to see it in action and ask a few questions, join us today from 9:30-11:30am EDT.

password =   opportunity

You will see rapid fire action across a variety of markets. I'll be there in the background. Let me know you want to know more about what you see and how it ties into what I've written about in this email. We'll arrange a private GoToMeeting or I'll invite you to a Webinar next week. 

See you at the Bell!


ps. Trading is risky and you really can lose all of your money (and then some). We utilize aggressive risk management on every trade, but past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Not here, not anywhere. Just because you may have stumbled in the past, don't lose hope. Take a free look at something that might just be your missing link. To find out, click the link above at the appointed time, enter the password... and let's see what happens.

Now let me share with you the email that was sent out roughly 24 hours prior to the one you just read - 


Our Weekly Trading Zones have changed trading forever for many of our CFRN Partners. The Zones are emailed to Partners every Monday morning before the market opens. Once they are published they become "carved in stone".

In other words, we do not change, massage, or manipulate the Zones based on how the market unfolds as the week progresses. This proprietary methodology is ideal for the Trader who wants to take a slightly "bigger bite" out of the market. It also serves the short term Trader who is simply looking to earn his Daily Bread ($100 per contract / per day) and finds the Zones useful as a back drop to keep their trade on the right side of the tracks.

Price is always seeking a Zone. As it comes to rest inside of a Zone, as it consolidates, the questions is quite simple - "Will price now move to the Zone overhead, or the Zone below?" It will always attempt to to do one or the other. 


S&P 500 Emini Futures - Hourly Globex Chart


Monday morning price began to consolidate just below the WTZ @ 1967/1968. For 3 hours price treaded water and then broke to the upside triggering an Alert that was sent out to our followers early Sunday evening to consider being long above 1968. The Alert was public and can be seen on our Google Plus Emini Community page. 

You can see the hourly candle which triggered our "trade of the day", did not consolidate inside the Zone. When that happens, we expect price to revisit the area, often before touching the next Zone above or below. The Swing high was 1974 creating the potential for a 6 point trade. A trained eye will spot weakness and potentially exit on the close of the bearish candle in hopes of revisiting the Zone below. 

The consolidation we did not get on the first pass through the Zone was achieved on the pullback Monday evening. Now, we are ready for the move that will take us all the way to the Zone overhead. So far we have 6 points up and 6 points down. It's a 3 hour cruise up and we tack on another 7 points. 

The Wall Street open brings a reversal "at the Zone 1975/1976" and we not only pick up 7 points on the way down, we also slice through the Zone @ 1967/1968. Which tells us what? That's right... "we'll be back". Sure enough, price turns on a dime at the 1959/1960 Weekly Zone and heads back for some nice long "consolidation and rest" at the 1967/1968 Zone. Let's not forget to add the 7 points down and the 7 back up. 

We now rest for 10 hours at the Zone inside of 2 point range. London opens and off we go back to the 1975/1976 Zone and STOP. In the process we add another 7 points. The second candle at the Zone is a Bearish Engulfing Candle and a tip-off that the next move may be to the downside. Indeed it is, yet it fails to make it all the way to the Zone. Did I mention Zones are an AREA? We become so accustomed to seeing price turn right at the Zone, we have to constantly remind ourselves to embrace the possibility that we might come up short, at least on the first attempt. 

The Swing Low is 1969.25. The chance of catching the exact low is slim to none, but the ability to walk away with 4-5 points on this move is very real. We have a faster time frame running at all times in the background on the Slingshot. The Slingshot would have alerted us that even though the Zone had not been reached to the downside, the Buyers (Bulls) were now back in control. Our proprietary indicator set allows us to know who is in control and at exactly what time and price possession of the ball takes place. 

This mid-field turn around creates a 4 point opportunity to the up-side, we run into the Zone again, rest for 3 hours and as I type tonight we are now on our way to the Zone below and have moved 4 points plus in the process. Let's stop for a moment and add up the numbers. Going back to the first move we highlighted, here we go...


59 points

No one's perfect and we all have to sleep. Right? So maybe you only caught half, maybe even 1/3. That's still over 19 points and we still have 2 days left in the week. Is this an unusual week? Not at all. Visit our blog going back years, or our Google Plus page going back months or our Twitter Feed again going back years. This is a typical, ordinary week. We also publish Zones for the Nasdaq, Dow and Russell. 

Custom Zones available upon request.

If this seems too good to be true, let me reassure you. Trading's not easy, but it can be simple! Having the numbers is only one part of the equation. Learning how price behaves around a Zone and learning the very important skill of reading a chart, are all equally important. You can't trade from a one-legged stool.

Let me invite you to pop in Thursday and Friday and see exactly what the other Zones look like for this week.  I will be happy to answer your questions and you can watch us trade live for 2 full hours. Send an email to and request the link and password for the Live Trading Room. If we get busy it might be slightly after the open before you receive your email with the link and password. Relax, we will get to you as quickly as we can. If you are already on a free trial and / or have recently finished a free trial, no need to apply.


ps/ on the math where we only captured 1/3 of the movement, that's still 19 X $50 or $950 per contract and we do still have 2 full trading days left. For the 1 contract Trader, $950 is in my mind, a handsome paycheck for 3 days work. For the 10 contract Trader, that's a paycheck with a comma (and we still have 2 days to go). 

Past performance does not guarantee future results. Trading is risky and you could lose all of your money and then some. However, if you just come to watch... you're safe.


You Have The Facts -
Now You Decide! Day Trade or Swing Trade or Both?

I would love to discuss this in greater detail, but there's soome guy on the phone with a funny accent, said his name was Guinness ( I thought that was a beer), hard to understand (maybe he's had a few), but he mumbled something about the longest blog post in history so let me take the call, find out where it is, and I'll share it with you all tomorrow.


Additional Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, table, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Podcast for Friday 07/18/14


Emini - Watch A Professional Emini Trader At Work



Watch Professional Emini Traders At Work -

        plus much more...

Learning to trade Emini Futures, or any commodity or stock from a book, is almost as difficult as learning to swim from a book. Watching a trading video is certainly a step up from simply reading about it, but to truly grasp what you really need to become a Professional E-mini Trader, you must move beyond both books and videos.


Historical Charts And The Genius Trader

While books and videos leave a trader at a significant disadvantage, they can also serve as props for deception. It is extremely easy to use a historical chart (found in both books and videos) to give ones ability and methodology an unfair advantage. They say it's easy to walk on water if you know where the rocks are.

Please don't get me wrong, I believe (I want to believe), that most Emini Teachers, Trading Coaches and Market Mentors, want to do a fair and honest job. Unfortunately, it is very easy for the instructor himself to become somewhat hypnotized by how beautifully it all lies out, after the music stops.


Live Markets Are The Deep End Of The Pool

One thing that can never be faked, is a Live Chart traded in Real-Time. Also, it is much more difficult for the Emini Trainer themselves, to fall under the illusion that he or she might have actually performed better than the reality which was churned out, tick, by tick... by tick.

I was a non-swimming 10 year old "husky" child who after an entire summer of daily visits to the pool, could still not swim. Yes it was depressing, but at least it was over, or so I thought... As the final whistle blew, I was busily exhaling a huge sigh of relief when my compadres(?) tossed my frightened look into the deep end of the pool and left. I'm talking, "got in the car and drove off - left". Luckily at the tender age of 10, the whole life flashing before your eyes business is over pretty quickly and survival mode kicks in.


How To Survive The Deep End Of The Market

There is only one way, get in. There's no problem with reading a book or two regarding the history of the markets you plan to trade and even some introductory information as to margin requirements, position sizing etc... Beyond that, it will serve no greater purpose than to confuse you. Most certainly you don't want to digest any material written or otherwise which creates a false illusion that the journey upon which you are about to embark is easy and / or a fast or lazy man's way to riches.

If you're going to survive the deep end of the market and actually learn how to trade for a living, you must steer clear of any and all unrealistic expectations. Together with your Emini Teacher it is important to define a clear set of goals based on realistic expectation before you stick so much as a toe in the water. Survival at the deep end (trading real money) is accomplished by learning proper techniques in the shallow end. A few basic market truths, coupled with realistic expectations and a set of goals you can actually achieve, are the proper foundation for building your very own Emini Trading Business.


Watch An Emini Professional Trade

This is how you truly learn. In the market with a Professional Trader as he calls out the trades and places them himself. No Trader is perfect. Along with profitable trades, you will be taught how to aggressively manage your risk, and how to deal with the "agony of defeat". You will learn more, on a deeper level, when your Mentor gets stopped out, than when knocks one out of the park. 

If you simply learn to handle the trades that don't work out mentally, keep your emotions at bay, and be prepared for the next textbook opportunity that comes down the pike... you yourself become a high probability opportunity. Based upon the software you use, trade entries and exits may be displayed on the screen for you "to the tick". 

An entry in the Emini Market or any other market for that matter, should never be nebulous. With a rules based system you either have a trade or you don't. If you understand the rules and apply them properly, your entries will be seamless. It's what happens next is why you need to watch the Professional Trader at work. Over time you will learn to think in probabilities and quickly learn to understand that no one trade, or series of trades, defines you as a Trader. Instead, you must learn to define the trade.


Emini Charts

Our first chart so far this week is the S&P 500 Emini Futures


SP500 Hourly Chart For Week Ending 07/18/14S&P 500 Emini Futures Hourly Chart - 07/13/14 through 07/14/14


Additional Charts and Trade Alerts are available at our Emini Google+ Community. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, table, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).





Trading's Not Easy - But It Can Be Simple!




Call us toll free @ 866-928-3310 during normal business hours.

After Dark - email or call 949-42-EMINI

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Emini Podcast for Monday 07/14/14


Are You An Emini Addict? Market Update 07/10/14



Emini Addiction -

Is There Hope Or Do We Really Have A Problem?


It's no shameful secret that the S&P 500 Emini Futures Contract is the most widely traded Emini in both the domestic and global markets as well. In fact, the E-mini Contract since its inception on September 9, 1997, has become the single most popular trading instrument of all time. Even though volume participation and volatility have waned greatly since the "almost" Great Depression, it remains the go to goal of practically every "put me in coach" fresh new starry eyed trader.

If baseball's your sport it's akin to making the move from a farm team to the majors. It's like being called up to "the show". I think I just heard a bat crack and a cricket chirp. When I first cast my shadow in the world of Futures circa 2005, on any given day ending in Y (except the two starting with S), it was a given that we would trade between 2-3 million contracts. As I recall the number was typically closer to to 3 than 2 and back in '05, the overnight Globex part of that equation was a mere shadow of what it has become today.

Doesn't matter. Every trader who throws in the towel on equities, or is guided by an old soul straight to futures, wants to trade the S&P. If you ask them why, the first answer is almost always - liquidity. Fair enough. Liquidity is absolutely a good thing. Then out of curiosity I ask "how many contracts do you trade?".  The answer more often than not is 1 (one). Here's my point, once you spend your time in the trenches and actually earn your way up to large positions, perhaps 50-100 contracts... you should be concerned about liquidity. For the sake of this conversation, you really do need to be concerned about it even at smaller numbers based on the instrument you've chosen to trade.


1st Step -Admitting You Have A Problem

The Dow, Russell, Nasdaq, even Nat Gas and many others can run into issues once you go over 10 contracts and ccertainly once you get above 20. However, until that happens, you have a lot more to be concerned about than liquidity. There are other markets to be traded that are perhaps somewhat more friendly to a novice than the S&P. Don't get me wrong, it's my favorite too. My point is this, if you're just getting started you should only be trading 1 contract. As you earn money in the market, you should never increase your position size by more than 1 contract at a time. Just because you earn enough to add another, is not a good enough reason. When you go from 1 to 2, you only need to earn $500 to add a 3rd for daytrading purposes. 2 contracts = $100 per point. If you're simply on the right side of one 5 point move you could be adding that 3rd contract before lunch.

Increasing your position size intelligently takes more than money. It takes maturity, increased patience, less emotion, greater focus and twice as much discipline. Our students are taught to increase their opening account balance by $2k before they consider increasing their size from 1 contract to 2. It's that important. It's about building your Emini Trading Business on a solid foundation. How many hot shot ball players have you seen get that first fat check and before you can blink, they're strung out on either drugs, booze, women, their own ego, or all of the above. It's a nasty business when it gets out of hand.


Recovery Is An Option But You Can't Trade It

Enough preaching, back to my point. You don't have to trade the S&P. Just because the "big boys" do, and writers love to pen articles about it, doesn't mean that's where you should start. If you're trading it and doing well, do not allow my words to get in your way. If you're new and struggling, take a look around, see what else is available. Have a look at the Dow, the Nasdaq, even Soybeans can be a fantastic alternative. Spend some time in the simulator and see what really fits. I will suggest you stay away from the Russell if you're new. When it comes to being an Emini Addict, we're talking the crack cocaine of futures trading. Just say NO!

I know... it's so very tempting with those $500 intra-day margins and the $100 per point pay-out. 

Just say NO!


S&P 500 Chart for Thursday 07/10/14


S&P 500 Emini Futures 07/10/14 - Hourly Chart


A somewhat simple day in hindsight. We spent 5 hours consolidating inside the Weekly Trading Zone at 1965/1966. The Bears won the coin toss and in 3 hours took price all the way down to the WTZ below at 1950/1951 (and then some). A 14 point Zone to Zone move with enough momentum to push price just below the Zone. It's like putting on the brakes in your car. If you're traveling "too fast for conditions" you might skid to a stop in the middle of the intersection, not the stop light you were shooting for.

After 4 hours of consolidation, the market reverses and we witness a 13 point return trip rally with a hint of weakness in its inability of to reach the Zone, missing it by just 4 ticks. Zones are an area and 4 ticks are certainly not a big issue after the day we just had, however, it's a hint... a clue if you will, of things to come.

CFRN Emini Google+ Community

We were honored and humled to announce earlier this year that Futures Truth Magazine had added us to their very short list of approved Live Trading Rooms. I admitted at the time, having Dr. Dean Handley on the digital premises for a month, monitoring our every move did take some getting used to. As he was investigsting us I also investigated him. This is a man who pulls no punches and calls it exactly as he sees it. Many disagree with his findings, but he is entitled to his opinion as we all are, and in the sometimes shadowy word of Trade Rooms, he shines an extremely bright light. 

I made peace with myself and the issue by deciding that no matter what he found (prior to his recent article only 10 Trading Rooms out of 514 made the cut) I could use his opinion to make CFRN the best Live Trading Room on the Internet. That has been our goal since our first day of broadcast in April 2005, so whatever he found, I would use it as my punch list. Wherever he found fault, if Michael and I agreed their was a problem, we would immediately move to fix it. Instead of seeing it as a pain in the rear, we chose to see it as hiring an efficiency expert except their would be no bill at the end of the iinspection. 

We both knew we had worked very hard from day one to do all the right things, even when it hurt. When our competitors made outlandish claims, or fudged on results, we lost no sleep. We knew that in the end, honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic would pay off and eventually it did. We were handed a clean bill of health from the Doc which encouraged us to work even harder and continue to be that safe place where traders could come to learn and also enjoy a sense of community. 

An article was published back in June by a different organization, Trader HQ,  recognizing the work we have done as pioneers on the Google+ Platform. We wish to thank the folks at Trader HQ for their recognition of our work and also their past recognition for our Blog and Twitter Feed. With only so many hours in a day, I admit our Blog and Twitter Feed have suffered the past 6 months as we have focused our energy primarily on Google+ as we believe it will become increasingly relevant to both traders and the entire internet community in the months and years to come. Facebook is for people you know, Google Plus is for people you should know. Come meet us...

Our most current Trade Alerts are now posted to our Emini Google+ Community in real time. Download the Google Plus App from iTunes or the Google Play Store (it's free) and make sure you get the latest Alert, live in real time delivered straight to your smart phone, table, phablet, or iWatch (coming soon).




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