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Trading is risky and not suitable for all people. Please read the CFTC Required Disclosure Page and the CFRN Disclaimer Page as part of our Terms of Service. 


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"A Community of Believers Who Trade For A Living"


With Traders around the globe, from Pomorskie Poland to Houston Texas, we have become an international Emini Trading Academy focused on equipping Partners with cutting edge proprietary technology and world class technical analysis. As we grow it is important that we never lose sight of our original goals, to nurture and train emerging E-mini Traders who themselves are equally dedicated to making the world a better place.

  • Our common bond - The Faith We Share
  • Our daily mantra - Innovation and Creativity
  • Our way of life - Discipline and Humility

It is in this spirit we have created the -

 Tuition Reimbursement Program


As a Certified CFRN Partner, you automatically qualify. There is nothing to purchase, no fee to pay. As a Partner you have access to technology that changes lives. As we continue to grow, our goal is to be involved with traders who are as passionate about their faith as they are about their work.

We want you to become more than a student, more than an alumni...

We want you to become a part of the company.

We want you to have a vested interest in CFRN. We begin by returning every tuition dollar paid, but that's just the beginning - as an Equity Partner you become an Ambassador to the Nations. The voice of who we are, as emini traders and believers.


A CFRN Equity Partner is a new kind of missionary.


Not defined by geography, but marked by the willingness to apply the parable of the Good Samaritan and "go and do likewise".

 Being a Christian Trader means being intentional with

  • your time
  • your money
  • your passions

Christianity should be a verb, not a noun.
It's a movement that requires us to live out our faith... not just talk about it.

As you share the good news of CFRN, your efforts will not go unrecognized or unrewarded. As an Equity Partner you receive a $500 reimbursement for each new trader you refer who becomes a CFRN Partner. Once your entire tuition has been refunded via your referrals, you can stop right there. Or, you can embark on a career path that allows you to both trade and share the good news of CFRN.

A dual income stream is always an intelligent business strategy. CFRN will compensate Equity Partners $500 for each and every CFRN Partner you bring onboard. Future plans include additional compensation packages, performance based bonuses, corporate retreats, and benefit packages ranging from health care to 401k's.

At CFRN, we believe every Partner has something important to say and that every Partner is integral to our success. As a CFRN Equity Partner you are our success, you are the future. Today marks the dawn of a new era. You could very well be standing in someone's garage.... circa 1974.


The time has come to put our money where our hearts are.


Together, we will grow the finest Trading Company the world has ever known.



ps/ Please direct all questions to equity@cfrn.net or call 415-857-5654.