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We're all very excited about this new journey we're embarking on. There are a couple of things that need to be done "ONE TIME" and a Step that needs to be done every week.

Step 1. (You only need to do this once.)
If you have NOT started the PayPal payments please click this link immediately to get them started.

Step 2. (You only need to do this once per device.)
Go to Telegram.org and from the home page, select the device you'll be using. You can start with your Desktop (PC/Linux/Mac), and then move on to your mobile device, or just go straight to your mobile device.

If you're starting with your mobile device (smart phone, tablet etc...) use a browser on that device and go to  Telegram.org Once you've installed your device, entered your telephone number, received the Access Code, you're done! Now Let's Play Ball!

Step 3. (Do this weekly)
Every Sunday night, you'll be sent a new Telegram Private Channel where you will access the Daily Double Trades. You must click that link every Sunday Night to access the channel where your trades will be sent.


To begin your service, you must (Click Here), read the legally binding document. Initial each page, Sign and Date, all electronically. A copy will be emailed to "The Company" and you.
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